Video Breakdown: Convenience Store Escape – Tosh.0


♪ ♪ Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta,
These two canuck-leheads got caught utilizing
It takes a ride-or-die chick
There you go. Her escape strategies fell through.

Officer going down! Asking for everybody give him
and the perp some alone time
in this week'' s Breakdown. [Applause] ♪ ♪ Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada– the Great White Trash North. House of Prime Minister
Josh Groban. These two canuck-leheads got caught using
a stolen charge card. Isn'' t whatever currently complimentary
up there? I'' m uncertain how Canada works. It takes a ride-or-die chick
to mount a Mountie so her sweetheart
can dash. Now he'' s breaking the shop ' s no t-shirt policy. Dead end! Keeping that door locked is a fire danger. He might sue. There you go. You'' re gon na try to bribe the cop with sunflower seeds. This might work.
They'' re extremely addictive. [Laughter] I can'' t hear what he'' s saying, He'' s a Canadian officer, so I presume he ' s apologizing.Oh, the Taser only made him stronger.'I ' m beginning to understand why American cops just shoot to eliminate. All right, let'' s examine back in on the tits of the operation. Hey! Bathrooms are for paying consumers only. Ladies can'' t go anywhere without stopping to pee. Any chance you can hold your motorist'' s license as much as the camera, you idiot? [Laughter] [Laughter] We might have a skank invasion in the attic. Her escape plans failed. Bet she wants she landed on a softer aisle. I think backup takes a bit longer when your squad cars and truck is a moose. They got the optimal sentence– 6 months in Winnipeg. [Laughs] That'' s a local burn.
I'' m joking.
It ' s simply a 2 minute minor, and for that, we thank you. As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

Originally posted 2020-05-23 18:32:25.