Stole Mom’s Credit Card to Buy N64 (ft. SomethingElseYT)


The Game Grumps played a couple episodes of Pokémon Snap while I was making my last video which jostled a memory from my youth. When I was a kid, I played video games. ADAM: Ha! You, and like 83 million millennials! REBECCA: I didn'' t request your input, Adam! Because, and this is about to age me considerably
my very first video game console was the Sega Genesis.ADAM: Ooo! Granny, tell us the story of classic Sonic.
You understand, the excellent Sonic. REBECCA: Adam, I swear to God– As I was saying, my first console was the Sega Genesis. And yes, that meant I didn'' t mature on Mario.
I matured on Sonic. My youth in video gaming was popping a video game cartridge
in and hearing that iconic [singing] Sega. While all the other kids on the street were like … [Beatboxing Super Mario Bros. style song] REBECCA: Wait a minute! I'' m getting ahead of myself! Nintendo didn ' t take over my life until intermediate school. My siblings and I matured on Sega. We even had that notoriously tough
Lion King Sega video game. We didn'' t beat it when we were kids, however in their adult years, my sibling and I dusted off the cartridge one night and finally completed the video game, without that famous cheat code, thank you quite! Get a ladder, kids, you ain'' t even near our level! ADAM: Aw, snap! Pokémon Snap! REBECCA: Speaking of that, in the sixth grade,
I got truly into Pokémon.For my birthday, my parents got me a Game Boy Color
and Pokémon Red and Blue. I keep in mind being so consumed with that game that I would put it away before bed, go to sleep, and dream that I got up in the middle of the night
and continued playing it. And when I actually awakened and started playing it, I would wonder why I wasn'' t further along. YOUNG REBECCA: Where the hell is my Dragonite? REBECCA: So yeah, Pokémon was a really big offer for me. And when Nintendo revealed that they were releasing the first Pokémon video game for the N64, Pokémon Snap, you know this little weeb was all over that. I went to my mommy and really delicately asked
, if she could purchase me Pokémon Snap.. I likewise didn'' t have an N64, I was gon na need one of those, too. And Mama, being the kind and doting mother that she is, said: MAMA PARHAM: All right, fine.I was thrilled! There was, nevertheless, a slight issue, and a few of you might even be too young to know what I'' m speaking about. REBECCA [old woman voice]: But back in my day we had this thing called REBECCA: dial-up. To put it bluntly, dial-up internet was slow with a capitalS. Websites would randomly quit working, you couldn'' t use your landline phone while someone was online, and … this: [dial-up sound] Ah, the sweet noises of youth. So, my mom got on our household computer and went to (RIP Geoffrey.) She tried purchasing the N64 in Pokémon Snap, however due to the fact that the internet was awful back then, the site wasn'' t working, and she couldn'' t get through. And at that time, there wasn'' t much you could do about that except shot again later on. She put away her credit card in the desk drawer and stated that she would attempt again tomorrow.But my little kid brain was having none of that. Nuh uh! Deep space was out of order until I had my Pokémon Snap and N64 in hand! Wrongs should be! About an hour later on, I went back to the computer system when no one was around. I got online and found Pokémon Snap and the N64. In fact, this is the first time I ever bought anything off the web by myself, so good task me for figuring it out. When I understood, I was about to examine out I'' d forgotten a small technicality. Things cost cash. YOUNG REBECCA: Ah, right. Economics. Where am I gon na get money? And then I remembered something unique had been left in the desk drawer. [gasp] Mom'' s charge card! You would think that a kid would be more hesitant about utilizing their parent'' s charge card without their permission. You know, possibly give it a reservation or work up a sweat at least, however nope! I was so laser-focused on Pokémon that I didn'' t reconsider it.It'' s for the greater great! What a jolly little burglar I was! ADAM: Wait, you stole your mama'' s charge card to purchase something she was already gon na purchase for you? REBECCA: Yeah. ADAM: Could you even actually call that taking? REBECCA: Listen, I was an excellent kid by this age. I followed the rules, I listened to my moms and dads, so I was operating under this same logic. It'' s not taking if she was gon na buy it anyways. To me, it felt more like problem-solving. No, go figure. Utilizing somebody'' s charge card without their consent under any scenarios, still considered stealing. And not to point out, when I scrolled down to choose a shipping choice. [gasp] Overnight delivery? I can have this tomorrow? Sign me up! The Internet is remarkable! I want to live there! And I went to sleep, pleased that I would quickly be playing the best game ever created, on the greatest console ever developed. The next early morning, I got up for school, and Mom met me in the kitchen.She told me that she would try once again to get Pokémon Snap later on that day. And me, being as naïve as I was, said: YOUNG REBECCA: Aha, don'' t worry, mom. I got you covered. I currently purchased it. MOTHER PARHAM: You did what? YOUNG REBECCA: Ordered it. Was really no issue.
… YOUNG REBECCA: Uh. … MAMA: Never … touch … my credit card … again. YOUNG REBECCA: Yes ma'' am.
And I'' ve never taken anything because. Anyways, that'' s it. Don'' t forget to like that smash button, uh, consume more liquids, and remain hydrated.

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REBECCA: I didn'' t ask for your input, Adam! Nintendo didn ' t take over my life till middle school. We didn'' t beat it when we were kids, however in their adult years, my sibling and I cleaned off the cartridge one night and finally finished the game, without that well-known cheat code, thank you very much! Get a ladder, kids, you ain'' t even close to our level! Don'' t forget to like that smash button, uh, drink more liquids, and remain hydrated.

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