NEWS! 2021 Discover It 5% Calendar Announced! (Discover Card 5% Reward Categories for Full Year)

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Hey i’m. Adam jusko from discover dropping its 2021 5 calendar on a sunday the day after halloween, and we are going to take a look at what exactly is going on with that calendar. But first i’m, going to ask you to please subscribe to this youtube channel.

If you have not already and if you have already. I thank you for doing so so unexpectedly discover on november 1st day after halloween a sunday plops, the whole 2021 uh 5 calendar for the discover it card on us.

So we’re, going to take a look at what is happening for each quarter. Pretty close to 2020., so if you liked the 2020 calendar, you’re, probably going to like the 2021 calendar. Remember that for these five percent uh categories you are going to get them on up to fifteen hundred dollars in purchases per calendar quarter.

So up to fifteen hundred dollars, you get five percent in these particular categories. Quarter, one grocery stores, walgreens cvs, that’s from january 1st through march 31st. Grocery store is always good for that five percent.

I think most people will be happy with that. This is exactly the same as what discover offered in 2020 for the first quarter. There have been more grocery store rewards over this past year because of covid, and you know a lot of travel cards and other things have increased their grocery rewards.

So this five percent – maybe not as exciting as it always would be, but if you don’t aren’t getting five percent elsewhere. This is obviously a good thing for me. I have the blue cash preferred. That gives me six percent on groceries.

However, last year i blew that six percent on groceries and if i had used the discover card earlier in the year, it is possible that what i should have done is gotten that five percent for that first calendar quarter at least up to the fifteen hundred dollars And then use the blue cash preferred and then i wouldn’t have just you know, blown the whole uh six thousand dollar limit on that six percent with the blue cash preferred.

So i think that might be the plan this year. Use discover in the first quarter and then the blue cash preferred for my groceries. Second quarter: gas stations, wholesale club select streaming services, five percent on gas, always a good thing.

Five percent of wholesale clubs, good for some people, you can’t use the discover card at every wholesale club in particular costco. So that is something that uh limits that a little bit you can use it on the costco website.

But you can’t use it in the costco stores and then the select streaming services includes most of the big ones, so netflix and hulu, and disney plus and hbo max and spotify and a bunch of others as well.

So if you’re really into the streaming services, you can get five percent back on those in that second quarter. I think that’s, a pretty nice uh second quarter, and that goes from april 1st through april may june.

June 30th quarter number three from july 1st through september 30th. Is restaurants and paypal purchases – restaurants, always popular, so getting five percent will make you happy. This is the same as it was in 2020, and you’ll, see that again in the quarter, uh three of 2021 paypal purchases.

Some people think that is a really great one. Some people, don’t really like to use paypal, so that’s, going to be sort of up to you as to whether that is something that you feel like is impactful and then quarter four of 2021 same as it was in 20, 25 at amazon.

com 5 at 5 at If you have the amazon visa and you’re, an amazon prime member, then you’re already getting five percent at amazon. So maybe that’s, not so exciting. But five percent at walmart.

com could be good because it also includes uh, pickup and delivery of groceries. So if you go through the walmart app, those things are going to count as as well the You know you can only use it online.

You can’t use it in the target stores. Just like you can’t use walmart in the target store. So that is a limitation. I don’t know i don’t ever use myself. I would go you know in the store. I would find that to be more appealing, but if you’re someone that uses target.

com online well, then that is something that you will appreciate, so that’s, it that’s. Your 2021 discover it five percent calendar not a whole lot different than the 2020 calendar. I would think that a lot of discover card holders, myself included, would like to see discover uh.

You know not only have this five percent calendar and let us see it all at once, which is nice but maybe think about doing a little bit of an upgrade to the discover it card, because at this point, discover is a little more of an uh comp At a competitive disadvantage with the chase freedom flex card where before they were, you know somewhat on a similar level because they’re.

Both five percent cards and they didn’t, really offer anything all that exciting beyond that. But now the chase freedom flex has enhanced some other spending categories as well. We we will see if discover, follows suit.

I’m, not counting on it discovered, does not change very often and they seem like they have kind of figured out their target. Customer and they just keep plowing ahead and don’t, make a whole lot of changes, but maybe if they are seeing their numbers go down with the you know, changes chase has made.

Maybe we’ll, see something different in 2021 from them anyway, that’s it for this video thanks for watching. If you have any comments about those five percent categories for 2021, put them in the comments section below otherwise, thanks for watching and as always, please go to proudmoney.

com where we do credit card reviews. We talk personal finance, we talk, deals and all sorts of other fun stuff too. Thanks for watching bye,

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