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I will talk about new credit card offers that are coming out. What really sets the Self card apart, there'' s no difficult credit questions, no additional in advance deposit, and you can use your card anywhere in the U.S.Visa is accepted. – If you'' re having a challenging time securing lines of credit, I would certainly look into getting a Self credit home builder loan and then, after three months, getting the Self Visa Secure Card. What'' s a great selling point with the Credit One American Express Card is that it does use security.
I went over 3 credit card uses, the Self Visa Secured Card, the new Credit One American Express Card, and the brand-new Walmart Capital One Card and Walmart Capital One Mastercard.

– Hello, you people. I'' m attempting something new. It ' s called Credit News with a new intro, so let'' s spin it. (funky music) Hi, people. You understand this is something different due to the fact that you see a various
intro to my channel and it'' s something I ' m. truly excited about'. I call it Credit News. I sanctuary ' t seen it on other. channels, perhaps it exists, however what I ' ve decided to do is when I learn about.
specific news about charge card, I'' m going to report it
. here on this channel. Credit News will cover a.
number of various things. I will talk about new credit card provides that are coming out. I will speak about changes.
in benefit programs. I will essentially discuss anything that is interesting and brand-new.
with credit cards. If you are a customer or routine viewer, thanks for coming back.If this is your very first time, welcome. If you like this brand-new style of video where I essentially tell.
you all the brand-new things that are including charge card, I'' d value it if you. If you like this new format, can strike the Like button and remark in the area below. These offers that I'' m. going to be talking about today are basically brand new and there are simply a limited quantity of people that have them. If you'' re one of them,.
please, in the comments below, tell us how these brand new.
offers are working for you. So the very first deal I'' m discussing', I ' m actually excited about, it actually connects into the.
really first video I published in 2018 about the Self.
Loan Provider Credit Builder Loan. Now, since then, recently,.
Self Lender has actually changed its name to Self.Along with that change,.
they are now introducing a new protected Visa card called Self. Now, the Self Visa Card is something that you can not compare to any.
other secured card out there. If you know of one, you can drop that down in the remarks section, but this is how it'' s entirely various. Nearly, basically, almost 100% of individuals can.
open a credit home builder loan from Self no matter how.
bad your credit report is. Now, this is an exceptional.
opportunity for people that have totally dreadful credit or if they have no credit at all, and this kind of loan is not.
a revolving line of credit like a charge card is.It is an installation loan, so it includes different type.
of credit trade account on your credit history, and when you integrate that.
with an actual credit card or revolving account, you now.
have what'' s called credit mix. Credit bureaus like to see people have various kinds of credit, so these type of loans not only assist you develop.
positive credit rating, it likewise gives you a slight advantage of giving you credit mix.Now, what they likewise let you do is open up a secured Visa card, and it'' s rather a
genius. on how they do that. Now, I might run through the entire thing and tell you the key.
points of how it works, however I believe they did a better task and I'' m going to show you the.
The Self Visa.
Charge card is the charge card that puts you in control How do you apply for a secured card? Usually, you need an.
upfront down payment to back your account and start. But unlike other protected cards, the Self Visa Card does not.
require an extra deposit. Simply utilize cost savings progress from.
your Credit Builder Account to secure your card instead. What truly sets the Self card apart, there'' s no hard credit inquiry, no extra in advance deposit, and you can utilize your card anywhere in the U.S.Visa is accepted. To end up being eligible for the card, first sign up for a Credit.
Home Builder Account with Self. Next, reach a minimum of $100.
in your cost savings progress and by making your last 3.
monthly payments on time, and have no exceptional fees. From there, choose how much of.
your cost savings you desire to use for your security deposit. How much you pick will.
likewise set your credit line. With Self, you can use your money and keep constructing that credit. For more, go to – If you'' re having a tough time securing lines of credit, I would certainly check out getting a Self credit builder loan and after that, after three months, getting the Self Visa Secure Card. These will be 2 solid.
credit trade accounts, a revolving line, and an installation loan, and this will look great.
on your credit report whether you have no credit.
and you'' re building credit', or if you ' re at the same time. of reconstructing your credit.This is truly something.
you ought to consider. If you wish to know more about credit contractor loans with Self, I have a short article that.
you can read about it. Anything related to what.
I'' m talking about today with these credit card provides, I will have links in.
the description below, whether they'' re articles or YouTube videos and you can discover more. The next credit card I'' m. going to be talking about is from Credit One. Just recently, I did an evaluation on.
the Credit One Visa Card, however this Credit One deal is not a Visa card or a Mastercard. It'' s actually an American Express card. Yes, Credit One and American.
Express have teamed up for the Credit One American Express Card. Now, this card is going to be for an individual with fair to good credit. The video I did in the past, and.
if you desire to see that, you need to examine it out,.
I have it linked above, but I examine the Credit One Visa Card, which is for people.
with bad to fair credit, so some Credit One Visa cards.
will offer you 1% money back on all purchases. , if you have a deal for.
less than ideal credit, then you'' re only offered 1% money.
back in certain categories.But with the American.
Express Credit One Card, you'' re getting 1% cash. back on all your purchases. What'' s a good selling point with the Credit One American Express Card is that it does provide protection.
on particular items you purchase for whether they get harmed or taken, so that is a really good.
perk with this card. So generally, what is.
occurring with charge card now is that lots of charge card.
companies are removing their defense strategies on.
items that a customer buys, however this Credit One.
American Express Card provides some of those features.
that have actually been eliminated from other cards. So it'' s absolutely worth checking out. So that'' s what I will be doing.
a lot more with my channel. I will be speaking about.
specific charge card that have these kind of benefits because that winds up being.
another type of benefit. Many times, we think of reward cards as getting 1% cash back or.
making frequent leaflet miles. So like I stated, I will be.
including a lot of these points with the different credit cards. I will be speaking about in the feature.If you wish to find out all about that, please subscribe to my channel which certainly.
will be a benefit to you if you'' re interested on getting more out of your charge card. So the last credit card.
I will be discussing in this video is the.
new Walmart charge card that is now being released by Capital One. They are offering a Walmart store card and a Walmart Mastercard. I did a video recently, 2 videos back, where I did an evaluation on this new deal and if you wan na inspect it out, absolutely either click the card above or the link will be in the description, but essentially, this is a brand name new deal. The total conversion.
is going to be done on October 11th. So here on this screen, I'' m. showing you some bottom lines on the brand-new Capital One Walmart Credit Card and Capital One Walmart Mastercard.These are the keys.
points, the essential advantages of having this credit card. , if you already have one of.
the Walmart credit cards, the shop card or the Mastercard, you require to do nothing. In time, they will send.
you a brand new card, possibly you'' ve got it already, however you will get it quickly, so there'' s no requirement to call. Okay, so I reviewed everything. Credit News, the first addition. I went over 3 credit card provides, the Self Visa Secured Card, the new Credit One American Express Card, and the new Walmart Capital One Card and Walmart Capital One Mastercard. So if you like this video today on how I gave you the most current,.
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