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– Hello, you guys. I'm trying something new. It's called Credit News with a new intro, so let's spin it. (funky music) Hi, guys. You know this is something different because you see a different
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certain news about credit cards, I'm going to report it
here on this channel. Credit News will cover a
number of different things. I will talk about new credit card offers that are coming out. I will talk about changes
in reward programs. I will basically talk about anything that is new and interesting
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offers are working for you. So the very first offer I'm talking about, I'm really excited about, it actually ties into the
very first video I uploaded in 2018 about the Self
Lender Credit Builder Loan. Now, since then, recently,
Self Lender has changed its name to Self.

Along with that change,
they are now introducing a new secured Visa card called Self. Now, the Self Visa Card is something that you cannot compare to any
other secured card out there. If you know of one, you can drop that down in the comments section, but this is how it's completely different. Almost, basically, nearly 100% of people can
open a credit builder loan from Self no matter how
bad your credit history is. Now, this is an excellent
opportunity for people that have completely horrible credit or if they have no credit at all, and this type of loan is not
a revolving line of credit like a credit card is.

It is an installment loan, so it adds different type
of credit trade account on your credit history, and when you combine that
with an actual credit card or revolving account, you now
have what's called credit mix. Credit bureaus like to see people have different types of credit, so these type of loans not only help you build
positive credit history, it also gives you a slight advantage of giving you credit mix.

Now, what they also let you do is open up a secured Visa card, and it's quite a genius
on how they do that. Now, I could run through the whole thing and tell you the key
points of how it works, but I think they did a better job and I'm going to show you the
video directly from their site on how it exactly works.

– [Narrator] The Self Visa
Credit Card is the credit card that puts you in control How do you apply for a secured card? Usually, you need an
upfront security deposit to back your account and get started. But unlike other secured cards, the Self Visa Card does not
require an extra deposit. Just use savings progress from
your Credit Builder Account to secure your card instead. What really sets the Self card apart, there's no hard credit inquiry, no additional upfront deposit, and you can use your card anywhere in the U.S.

New Credit Cards - Self Visa - Credit One American Express - Walmart Credit Card

Visa is accepted. To become eligible for the card, first sign up for a Credit
Builder Account with Self. Next, reach at least $100
in your savings progress and by making your last three
monthly payments on time, and have no outstanding fees. From there, choose how much of
your savings you want to use for your security deposit. How much you choose will
also set your credit limit. With Self, you can use your money and keep building that credit. For more, visit – If you're having a difficult time securing lines of credit, I would definitely look into getting a Self credit builder loan and then, after three months, getting the Self Visa Secure Card. These will be two solid
credit trade accounts, a revolving line, and an installment loan, and this will look great
on your credit report whether you have no credit
and you're building credit, or if you're in the process
of rebuilding your credit.

This is really something
you should consider. If you want to know more about credit builder loans with Self, I have an article that
you can read about it. So anything related to what
I'm talking about today with these credit card offers, I will have links in
the description below, whether they're articles or YouTube videos and you can learn more. So the next credit card I'm
going to be talking about is from Credit One. Recently, I did a review on
the Credit One Visa Card, but this Credit One offer is not a Visa card or a Mastercard. It's actually an American Express card. Yes, Credit One and American
Express have teamed up for the Credit One American Express Card. Now, this card is going to be for a person with fair to good credit. The video I did before, and
if you want to see that, you should check it out,
I have it linked up above, but I review the Credit One Visa Card, which is for people
with bad to fair credit, so some Credit One Visa cards
will give you 1% cash back on all purchases. If you have an offer for
less than perfect credit, then you're only given 1% cash
back in certain categories.

But with the American
Express Credit One Card, you're getting 1% cash
back on all your purchases. So what's a good selling point with the Credit One American Express Card is that it does offer protection
on certain items you buy for whether they get damaged or stolen, so that is a really good
perk with this card. So basically, what is
happening with credit cards now is that many credit card
companies are removing their protection plans on
items that a consumer buys, but this Credit One
American Express Card offers some of those features
that have been removed from other cards. So it's definitely worth looking into. So that's what I will be doing
a lot more with my channel. I will be talking about
specific credit cards that have these type of perks because that ends up being
another type of reward. Often times, we think of reward cards as getting 1% cash back or
earning frequent flyer miles. So like I said, I will be
including a lot of these points with the different credit cards. I will be talking about in the feature.

If you want to learn all about that, please subscribe to my channel and that definitely
will be a benefit to you if you're interested on getting more out of your credit cards. So the last credit card
I will be talking about in this video is the
new Walmart credit card that is now being issued by Capital One. They are offering a Walmart store card and a Walmart Mastercard. I did a video recently, two videos back, where I did a review on this new offer and if you wanna check it out, definitely either click on the card above or the link will be in the description, but basically, this is a brand new offer. So the complete conversion
is going to be done on October 11th. So here on this screen, I'm
showing you some key points on the new Capital One Walmart Credit Card and Capital One Walmart Mastercard.

These are the keys
points, the key benefits of having this credit card. If you already have one of
the Walmart credit cards, the store card or the Mastercard, you need to do nothing. In time, they will send
you a brand new card, maybe you've received it already, but you will receive it soon, so there's no need to call. Okay, so I went over everything. Credit News, the first addition. I went over three credit card offers, the Self Visa Secured Card, the new Credit One American Express Card, and the new Walmart Capital One Card and Walmart Capital One Mastercard. So if you like this video today on how I gave you the latest,
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