“If I could only have one credit card …” | 6 Travel & Personal Finance YouTubers Share Their Picks


The concept of having one credit card is
When I was, hard to picture for those of us and the points of mouse pastime so
asked this question it took me a while to pick a response part of its
since every card has its strengths and weaknesses and part of what makes an automobile
strategy so effective is combining cards to take full advantage of various classifications of
spend what'' s going on everybody its Ernest from Trip Astute. Today I'' m going to share the charge card that I would choose if I could just have one card and more importantly what some of my preferred travel and individual finance developers on YouTube would choose as their charge card of option picking only one credit card is a hard choice it'' s like asking a watch collector to select one watch in their collection in fact there is a concept in watch collecting called the one watch collection and you'' ll often hear watch lovers go over which one they would keep and where for all occasions having just one credit card may appear like a.
silly prime-minister those people in the points of miles pastime what has to do with. concerns not everyone wants a wallet full of credit cards or even to remember.
which cars opt for certain kinds of spending in their life so I presented.
this question to several of my fellow youtubers in the travel and personal.
finance area to weigh in on their pick for a one card everyone will explain.
their choice and why they selected their specific card after we hear from them.
I'' ll share my choice for the one card these are remarkable developers who really.
understand their stuff so if you haven'' t had a look at their channels make sure to.
do so I'' ll include their channel info in the video description.
alright let'' s get going what ' s up people my name is David founder. of wise flies a YouTube channel that teaches you about charge card and.
travel points so you could take a trip throughout the world nearly complimentary.
thank you a lot for having me on earnest if I had to choose just one card.
only one card it would need to be the cars and truck that gave me a bunch of luxurious.
travel upgraded my airport experience and even offered my better half and I a trip to.
South Africa for our 1 year anniversary with an indication of bonus I know.
I'' m teasing this card but it will absolutely need to be the Chase Sapphire.
Reserve card so this card I got just when it came out I got the hundred.
thousand points and a benefit with it my favorite things about this card is a.
three points per dollar invested in dining establishments and travel which is quite.
much all I invest my money on anyhow and I like love like the airport lounge.
gain access to with top priority pass this completely changed my life in airports.
I'' ve gotten complimentary sushi in lounges in Japan and probably my preferred airport.
lounge experience remained in London where my child got to view motion pictures all the time in.
the London Heathrow Airport in their special movie room was just for.
kids chase after altmer war points used through the chase fi scheduled website are.
worth 1.5 cents her point so I actually used this last.
When I went to the Bahamas for one of my flights I put 10 thousand chase, month.
all the benefit points which provided me $150 towards that flight and if you'' re tired.
of being stuck in the security line waiting hours Global Entry and TSA.
PreCheck allows you to cut that entire security line right to the front saving.
you hours in the airport and it'' s due to the fact that of all these remarkable advantages
. which is why I'' m choosing the Chase Sapphire Reserve card as my one card of.
option hi I'' m Ian le also referred to as Miss be handy.
that'' s my youtube channel and on my channel I like to post videos to assist.
young individuals browse individual finance um however in an easy method cuz I understand it was.
hard for me to find videos about individual financing that I believed were.
simple to comprehend which I thought you understand we'' re published by a relatable.
host like someone who was young like me and even someone who was like a lady.
like it was really tough to discover women in individual financing so that'' s why I chose.
to simply start my own YouTube channel to help talk about everything like credit.
cards and investing and conserving and budgeting and it'' s now kind of hard for. me to say one charge card that I would choose affect chrony has one because I.
have five various cards but I'' m gon na talk about the 4 or 5 things that.
I enjoy about the card that I utilize the most so that'' s the Chase Freedom credit. card not the Chase freedom endless card the routine Chase Freedom.
Card that came out first and the reason that I like that card is since it has.
5% cash back which'' s a truly high money back percentage which I really like
. the categories Roth hello every quarter so every three months you get an email.
showing you the categories for the next 90 days it'' s truly simple it simply tells.
you you need to activate this cashback if you wish to utilize it so you simply have.
to click the button and it'' ll state the classifications like supermarket or film.
theaters or dining establishments so I like to attempt to invest up to the five thousand 5.
hundred dollars in the category but in some cases I wear'' t for instance like'with. groceries I ' m not gon na spend a thousand 5 hundred dollars in 90 days I. normally just invest like 800 or 900 so often I'' ll take my cousins or my. moms and dads they do a huge grocery and I'' ll simply swipe my credit card.
and take their money or have them cash up me or venmo me to assist me get a little.
Due to the fact that if you struck the $1500 of costs in that category, closer to the $1500.
then you get $300 it has a money reward back each year so that'' s something that. I actually like and I try to kind of usage that as a reward for me to try to.
chase after the quantity in each classification but I'' m not gon na go like costs crazy.
like shopping spree and groceries due to the fact that it'' s simply to get the money back. to me it doesn ' t make sense so I just like offer to spend for other individuals ' s. things and have them Vendela me for instance for like group dinner and the.
classifications dining establishments such that but another reason that I truly like is.
because the APR is truly low for me a lot of the other credit cards I got when.
I was a lot more youthful like 19 20 years old we'' re like 20% or 19 % interest however this.
one was just seventeen point 2 5 percent interest for me which I really.
like and after that the last thing I'' ll say that I really like is
when I obtained. the Chase Freedom Card they immediately approved me for like over ten thousand.
dollars I think it was possibly twelve thousand 5 hundred or near to.
fifteen thousand however it was over 10 thousand dollars for sure I keep in mind.
that which'' s very rare for a charge card to give you such a big quantity of.
offered credit when you'' re young and my credit had actually enhanced a bit at.
that point so I was probably close to a seven hundred credit report when I.
applied so yeah the point is if you have an excellent credit history this is a good.
credit card to a five-four since you can get a big credit limitation available to.
Because, you which can really assist enhance your credit score even more you know.
it assists your the element of your credit rating called usage which I talked.
a lot about on my youtube channel um and it really helps your financial obligation to credit.
ratio so that as soon as I did that and got that credit card um it helped improve my.
credit history laughs so yeah that'' s the card that I would have because I use it.
a lot that'' s all I have for you men delight in the remainder of the video peace hi what'' s up everyone I'' m Dustin from. Wohlers wallet and my channel is all about charge card charge card rewards.
and showing you how to use your miles and points to take a trip for less and if I.
could just have one charge card I would actually choose the u.s.Bank.
altitude reserve and while the elevation reserve comes with a 4 hundred dollar.
yearly fee I travel enough that the $325 travel credit brings my efficient yearly.
cost down to simply $75 and even though the lounge access isn'' t the greatest for a.
premium credit card I'' m a huge fan of the Triple Point earning rate on travel.
and when you pay with a mobile wallet and that'' s since we ' re simply. seeing many locations accept mobile wallet payments not just in stores but.
they'' re accepting it more in their apps also making it just so easy to earn.
triple points just by utilizing your phone plus the altitude reserve points or.
worth one point 5 cents per point so I'' m making four-and-a-half percent.
back on my travel which is a quite strong return plus the elevation reserve.
has terrific travel protection benefits which I feel are essential for a travel.
credit card and the u.s. Bank elevation reserve offers an advantage to other cards.
simply wear'' t have and that is actual time mobile benefits which give me more.
flexibility to reserve my travel straight through an airline company or hotel and after that.
redeem my points at one point 5 cents per point there'' s no need to go through. a specific portal to get that redemption rate and as an individual who mostly flies.
in coach this in fact works out pretty perfectly for me so yeah.
the altitude reserve is the one card I would keep if I might only keep one.
charge card hi thanks earnest for needing to be part.
of this cooperation I actually value it and as always safe travels.
and take care everybody hey people it'' s a bastion I have a youtube. channel called ask CB as well as writing on SME comm if you choose reading it'' s a. day we are going to talk about what cart I would select if I might just choose one.
card for me I think the no-brainer response is going to be the American.
Express hilts an aim card due to a great deal of.
various reasons it'' s the best no-brainer card out there today for.
a great deal of people yearly costs wind up getting pretty frightening and here you'' re. paying 450 off the bats with that though you do get a 250 dollar Travel.
incidental credit which is really easy to use of something like Southwest also.
as Delta and after that a 250 dollar Hilton Resort credit which works for a lot of.
their resorts this suggests that right off the bat if you value the travel credits.
as they are you'' re earning money $50 to get the card on top of that you get a.
free week during the night that operates at most of their homes and you can use this at.
a great deal of places that are otherwise prohibitively pricey if you have actually a.
gamer too if you have other points that you can integrate with this you can take.
aspirational and pretty interesting trips that you otherwise wouldn'' t desire. to spend money on top of that this card has extremely strong multipliers for.
Hilton'' s so if you are'someone who ' s an expert if you do take a trip a lot then.
you'' re going to rack up those points pretty rapidly making the next journey a.
lot simpler the final cherry on top of this is that you get Hilton Diamond.
status which is going to be their top tier status there'' s no other hotel card
. right now that offers you to talk to your status simply by having the card on the.
surface this might not sound that interesting however there'' s a
lot of locations. where you ' re going to get upgraded to the most significant most costly room on the.
residential or commercial property in addition to that you'' re going to get totally free breakfasts so it'' s a. win-win because it turns your typical trip to New York into one where you have.
the top four Suites to me I truly like this card because you get treated like a.
VIP when you'' re simply a pea thank you Ernest for having me on this video and.
hope you guys liked it see you people next time hi everyone my name is Jason and I'' m
the. Travel Awards coach for those of you not familiar with me you can inspect me out.
here on YouTube Facebook and Instagram as well as Travel Awards coach comm.
actually what I'' m everything about is teaching people how to do absolutely incredible.
things with their points at miles things like business class flights superior.
flights actually costly hotel rooms and things that you just generally couldn'' t. do as a normal individual who is not extremely rich I share all sorts of.
suggestions on my youtube along with through personal coaching programs I likewise talk.
about on my channel my experiences as a digital business owner where I'' m able to. work from anywhere on the world on my digital marketing agency and how I.
basically connected all of my organisation costs into methods to earn loads of.
travel points and miles which enable me to take a trip as well so I'' ve really. linked an entire elements of my life into travel rewards when Ernest asked me.
what card I would keep if I was only able to keep one I swear it'' s one of the. hardest concerns anyone has actually ever asked me I'' m gon na do my best to keep this. short so I'' m gon na do a more comprehensive evaluation of why I picked this card on my.
If you desire to inspect that out but as pointed out prior to I run a digital, channel.
marketing agency we do a great deal of Facebook advertising I also spend a great deal of money.
on travel and not truly a lot on airplane tickets but I do invest a great deal of money on.
Airbnb s and with the chase business Inc preferred the card just has a $95 annual.
cost but it has a substantial punch so I can spend up to a hundred and fifty.
thousand dollars a year on Facebook advertising along with travel expenses.
and they have some other classifications that are not rather as essential to me such as.
internet shipping cable and phone services so if you might invest a hundred.
and fifty thousand dollars on these classifications annually that'' s four hundred.
and fifty thousand points by that alone after that you can continue to invest an.
limitless quantity of money and get one point per dollar invested so this card is a.
chase supreme benefits making card meaning that you make chase ultimate.
rewards which you can do a of different things with the very best method to.
redeem their chase ultimate words are either moving to one of their.
hotel or airline company transfer partners as well as utilizing the chase supreme benefit.
system and with this card you would get one point two five cents per mile this.
card also offers mobile phone defense and a variety of different purchase.
protection rental car crash and journey cancellation so in general this card has a.
lot of various incredible functions on it methods to earn tons and lots of points and.
miles with just a $95 annual fee and while it doesn'' t have every single.
feature out one a card by far this car would make the most points and miles for.
me if I only needed to pick one so men thanks once again for watching and I can'' t. wait to see what everybody else would keep as their one card thank you guys I.
truly needed to analyze which card would be my go-to card if I might only.
have one for me it boiled down to either a flat rate money back card or vehicle that.
earns valuable points and since we like to take a trip the vehicle that truly appears to.
fulfill our requirements more than any other card is a Chase Sapphire reserve the Sapphire.
Reserve does have a significant yearly charge of $450 but you get a great deal of advantages some.
of which can actually help to offset the yearly charge the very first is the $300 travel.
credit which I know I'' ve spoke about in a great deal of other videos 2nd the.
Sapphire Reserve does have terrific travel advantages like trip hold-up and lost.
luggage protection and main automobile leasing insurance coverage the card likewise has note.
kind deal costs and is extensively accepted because it'' s a Visa card I ' ve. also had terrific experiences with chases after customer care when disputing a charge.
it'' s giving me a lot of confidence and use the card whenever we travel third.
the card offers three points per dollar on travel and dining expenses regardless.
of whether the charge remains in the US or abroad another advantage that I discover very.
beneficial is the lounge axis this is a bit ironic since I utilized to think that lounge.
access was an excessive benefit for high-maintenance tourists but given that.
getting lounge gain access to I found that we'' ve had the ability to save a great deal of cash in food.
and drink costs at the airports given that the lounges generally offer complimentary food and.
refresh we'' ll typically consume there instead of purchasing.
a meal at the airport the last element that I personally worth is the concept that.
I'' m making points towards my travels when I utilize my card I know that may.
sound ridiculous considering that I could likewise make cash back and assigned towards a travel.
budget plan however there is something satisfying about seeing points develop up in your.
account and thinking of methods that you could utilize it for a future journey I understand.
it'' s not a tangible advantage however it'' s more of a psychological thing that I value.
when I consider points versus cash back combined all of this with a range.
of redemption choices and you have a vehicle that is a keeper in my wallet and for.
those of you that are interested in the Sapphire reserve however can'' t stomach the. annual cost there is a Sapphire Preferred for just $95.00 a year which likewise.
consists of a hefty welcome deal in fact it'' s the card that I typically recommend.
for folks who are getting going in the Hobby what would be your one card if you.
might just have one credit card what do you think about the selections in this.
video likewise let us know if you'' d like the format of this partnership I'' d love to. do more of these considering that I think they'' re fun and a terrific method to learn more about other.
channels thanks again to everyone who assisted make this video possible make.
If, sure you check out their channels and show your assistance by subscribing.
you'' re thinking about any of the cards included I'' ll include our charge card.
offers linked below thank you all for viewing and up until next time travel safe.
and take a trip smartAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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