How to Have High Limit Credit Cards in 2021

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[, Music ] all right guys welcome to the credit game. My name is mike. I come to you every single day. So before we get started, i need a three favorites from you. One subscribe hit the subscribe button.

Please! Thank you. Um! I’m. The only one who comes to you every day, because i want to give you real life stuff. I want to give you what people are asking for. I want to give you the knowledge and the tips and the tricks you need for your credit journey along the way and how i went from a 505 to an 827 was by the credit game by learning the game.

Okay, so today’s. Topic is phenomenal. You guys are gonna love it. I’m gonna drop, some serious bombs and some gems on you, okay, so be prepared, because what i’m gonna share with you is some ways to increase your credit limits to get higher limits, how to get more credit Cards in 2021, okay, so uncertainty in 2020.

We all know that 2021 different picture different, different ball game. Okay, we’re gonna get past the past and we’re going to get into what we need to do: okay in 2021 or into 2020, even and even into 2021.

So you can start focusing on how to get and how the rich get richer and how the poor stay poorer is because the rich are just getting more credit cards. They’re, getting more credit cards and how to leverage cash.

They just know the game right where people that don’t have the education they don’t, know the game: okay, that’s. Why i built this, i built it for me now. I just share with you, okay, but i built a system for myself, because i was tired of having a bad score.

So what are some things we can do? Well, first of all, if you’re tired of the 300, the 500, the 1 000 bs credit cards. Okay, you got to make a decision. Okay, if you want to live with no credit cards, and you want to live with the old capital, one platinum card, the old credit one bank – you guys know who i’m.

Talking to i’m talking to you, the credit one bank, the little the little baby, little capital, one card gold, star: 300 500: you’re, pushing if you get a thousand bucks, maybe the credit one bank right here’S the deal.

Okay, if you’re tired of little baby boys – and you want to play with the big boys you need, you need to tighten up here’s. What you need to do, i’ll. Give you a couple tricks: okay, so go back to this video as many times you need to, because it is going to be important to write this stuff down.

First thing is this, and this is only for financially stable people, because if you’re, not financially stable, i don’t recommend this tip number one. This is for people that have money. Okay, because what i’m, asking you to do – is actually put about 75 to 80 on your credit cards.

Okay, so let’s say you got a 300 to 500 or a thousand dollar card. Okay, i want you to put on about 75 to 80 percent of your total credit limit. If your thousand dollar credit, let me put 800 bucks on it.

Okay, now, contrary to everything, i tell you, which is the utilization. I want you to eventually get to two percent, which is the magic number, which means you’ll have the highest credit score. I want you to put 80 on.

Let me tell you why for financially stable people only if you put 80 on okay, what i want you to do from there is. I want you to once you get your 80 on okay immediately, you need to figure out what your closing statement date.

Is you guys need to write this down? My closing statement date is this for this card because, if you put 80 on and it reports 80 it’s. Gon na take your score okay, but what we want to do is we want to put 80 on of the credit limit, total credit limit thousand.

We want to pay 800., so figure out whatever card your credit card is figure out about 75 to 80. Put it on the card and then i want you to pay it down to 2 prior to the closing statement date. Each credit card has a different closing statement date.

If you do this, you will show the banks that you are responsible. You should bank, so you can make payments in large payment. The key guys to higher credit limits is larger payments. Okay, how i raised my credit score.

I mean from my credit cards i was you know like, for example, last one i did was from 30 000 to 45, with my barclays. Okay, i put a lot of it on there used it like almost like a debit card, and then i paid it off before the statement date down to two percent.

So there’s a little bit of math. You got ta do, but this is the key to getting higher credit limits. Okay, that’s tip number one tip number two: is this if you had a 300 500 1 000 credit card? Okay – and these are just examples of your credit cards – okay, because i know most, you on hearing don’t have a 30 000 credit limit, but maybe you do but probably not, but i’m gonna get you there.

Let’s say you have a 300 a 500 and a 1 000 okay. What could we do? Well? The first thing is: when you apply for a credit card, the bank looks at what they call your high limit. So, in that case, your your high limit is only a thousand bucks.

So could you tip number two? I told you i’m dropping bombs. Could you add a authorized user with twenty thousand dollar credit limit? If you add an authorized user account with twenty thousand dollar credit limit, guess what happens? What is your high credit now? Is it one thousand or is it twenty thousand? It’s, twenty thousand.

So when you apply for another credit card, guess what your high limit is: 20 000, not 1. 000, because banks, aren’t going to go from 1 000 to literally 20 000. Okay, they just don’t. Go that far. Okay.

There are certain banks that are a little bit more lenient online increases, and i’m, going to talk about what a co-worker did here in a few minutes. But for the most part they’re, not going. They’re.

Not taking you from from from 1000 to 20, but if you had an authorized user on there that had a high limit of 20 000. Now when you apply well, you get 20. Who knows, but could you get 10 possible right? That’s? Tip number two put an authorized user on with a higher limit.

Okay. So that way, your high limit is raised. When you apply now that’s, the high limit they’re, going off, if not off, of the low okay. The other thing is this: you guys want to make two payments. This is another way to increase credit limits.

This works for over 60 of america’s. The studies show that if you make two payments in one month, two payments one month: okay – and you do this for 90 days – so let’s say you’re brand new to credit, or maybe you’ve.

Had a credit card for a long time, if you can make two payments in one month, okay, you have a 60 chance of getting a much higher credit limit than you already have just by making two payments in the same month make sure the two payments are Again before the closing statement date, so you want to know the state and date of all your credit cards.

It’s that important, like you need to have a spreadsheet or even a piece of paper. Capital one discover credit one bank, whatever you got boom closing statement date is the most important date that you will ever know in credit cards and because you want to get your payments done before that date.

If you can get two in the same month before that date, you are golden. When you go to ask now, what are people missing tip number four? What are people missing? They are missing the simplest thing if you guys are making payments for three months to even six months.

Okay, most people think they can’t get a credit line increase, but you know what they’re missing. They’re, not asking you have to ask call up, and here’s. The key. This is the part where most people fail, think about credit card companies and the people they deal with.

Angry people upset people. If you could be nice, ask about the weather, the small talk, the family, the kids, where they’re from and say look i really really really love your credit card. I love the benefits.

I love the. I want to stay in the family with this type of credit card. Depending on what card yours, you’re. Trying to raise, i’ve made two payments on time for the last 90 days. I made two payments in each month and i’m.

I’m. I’m, looking to redo my kitchen and do some. You know: uh granite countertops and some nice stainless steel, refrigerator and beautiful. You know slate floor and you know my credit limit’s. Only a thousand right now and i’m.

You know i needed about 10.. Okay, do banks make money when they increase your credit limit, yes or no, put in comments below do banks make money when they increase your credit limit? Yes or no? You should know that answer.

Okay, if you’ve been following me for any point in time or if it’s even your first time. You should know that answer. If you don’t, you guys got to get in the credit game. Okay, so the higher the credit limit.

That means guess what the more money that america is look more likely to spend on that credit card, which equates to what more interest banks make money off of interest? Okay. So if you can get a higher limit, the bank says: okay, he’s, going to put money on it.

He’s, going to do his kitchen guess what that means. For us we make more money surprise, but when you call up you got to be nice right, so you got to be nice. You got to be gentle. When you talk to him, you got to do the small talk and then you got ta.

Tell them don’t say: look i’m, not gonna go on vacation. Okay, they don’t want your vacation, so i always use the analogy to update my kitchen because it’s, something that is, you know it is uh, something that you’re, doing as an improvement to your life.

They like that kind of stuff. Okay, now i’m going to vacation to tahiti for the next three weeks and i need a credit line increase generally, not good, okay, tip number five is this 99 of banks or relationship banks? What i mean by that is this: you got to start somewhere.

If you don’t have any lines of credit right now, when i say your lines of credit, i mean revolving credit cards, you need to start somewhere. Okay, remember i told you, 99 of people get uh continue to get lower and the one percent get richer.

It’s because they’re. Getting more cards see the old days they used to say you get more credit cards. It was actually bad today it’s, the opposite. Actually, the more credit cards you have is actually better and here’s.

Why? If you had one credit card? Okay, are you more likely to max that out than if you have 15 credit cards? Yes, so if you have 15 credit cards, you’re, less likely to put a lot of money on the credit cards.

Okay, therefore, your score is higher. If you have a credit card for a thousand dollars and you go out, you need one big purchase. You need to make spend 600 bucks to get a new tv boom. You got a 60 utilization, but what, if you had 15 credit cards, and it all had five grand on them right? Could you be smart and say: okay, cool? I want to put a thousand bucks on this card or 500 bucks on this card.

300. Bucks on this card to whatever you need to get to to basically spread out the utilization over a bunch of cards, as opposed to only having one credit card where now your score is going to tank. This is the key.

Getting more credit cards is easy. Okay, most people, just don’t, ask okay: thou shall who ask shall receive? Ask call the bank okay make a couple payments on time two times in one month for at least 90 days, and you will be surprised with the line increase.

But when i say relationship bank here’s, what i mean let’s say you have a discover card right now and you’re like it’s, a thousand bucks. Okay, like i want a line increase. Okay, you have a 99 better chance of getting a credit line, increase on that card than applying for another card right away so start with the family.

You’re in so when you call up you can use that same scenario. Hey! Look! I’m looking to redo my kitchen, very nice, okay, you already have a relationship with discover so now think about it. They want you to stay with them.

Instead of you know, trying to apply for a different credit card. Just keep the card. You already have right and just raise that credit limit up you’ll, be surprised what people get. In fact, i have a coworker who had a 3 000 credit limit.

Let me show you a way that he went from 80 utilization. All the way down to six percent by doing one thing, you’d – be surprised what it was he asked. How do you go from 80 utilization down to three percent utilization? If you guys all know this auntie, you need to get in the credit game right here’s here’s.

Another way! Okay, if you were a three percent uh three, you were a three thousand dollar credit limit and you asked and they said: hey you’ve, been making your payments on time for the last six months.

We really appreciate you, okay, by the way. This is a synchrony bank; okay, they’re, probably one of the most lenient banks for crying line increases. Okay check this out. I go from three thousand to twenty seven thousand twenty five thousand.

What happens is now you have twenty seven thousand dollars of credit so where your utilization was at eighty percent now by adding in that credit line increase, they gave you. They just gave you all this brand new credit.

So what that does? Is it pushes your utilization down and in his case it went from 80 utilization, which his score was probably tanked to now six percent utilization by getting a credit line, increase it pushes down the utilization down to six percent and guess what happens to score score goes Up lower utilization higher the score and obviously he paid off a very small amount of the credit card to get it down, but more credit cards better score because you can leverage, because that means you’re, not going to use as much credit line Increase you’re, not going to use as much credit cards.

Okay, i got 43 credit cards, so even if i went and spent 5 000 okay, is it gonna do anything? But what if you only had a five thousand dollar credit card and you had to make some purchases now you’re 100 utilization cards.

If i wanted to take 1 000 and put it across five cards, it does nothing to my score. Get more credit cards, use the tips and tricks i just gave you guys literally go through what i just told you go through this video as many times you need to, because there is really game.

Changer life-changing people that have changed your life and it’s all done. I teach us all how to do this. This credit game again was built for me. I was tired of having a bad score. So here’s. What i’m gonna, do, for you guys, okay, get in the game today, because number one! I’m in a good mood.

Number: two: okay: it’s friday; okay, so when it’s, when i’m in a good mood and it’s friday, i’m, giving some stuff away. What i’m gonna do, for you guys. Is you guys get into the program, so you can learn what you need to learn.

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A promise i’ll, make to you. I give you everything that you need, so you, don’t have to pay another company number one number two, i’m gonna give you remember, i talked about tip number two. We’re trade lines.

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