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' Five, 6 ' ' a-five, 6, 7, 8 ' Okay, I ' m not getting this! I ' m absolutely getting it. I ' m so sorry I ' m late. I ' m Monica. It ' s Dutch.

Video Transcript:

– Hey.
Hi. Hi.
I'' m going to tap class. This lady'' s got my life. I need to get to see who she is.
I'' m sure her picture'' s up! Okay. Monica, you understand?
You'' re kinda losing it here. I suggest, this is truly ending up being like an odd obsession thing. This is insanity.
It'' s madness, I inform you! Monica, put on'' t do it! What do you think?
You wear ' t observe a dance class. ' Five, 6 ' ' a-five, six, seven, 8 ' Okay, I ' m not getting this! I ' m totally getting it.
Now everyone get a partner. Um, alright. – I'' m with Rachel.
– Great. It'' s health club class all over again. – Oh.
– Oh. Well, that'' s alright, you can come up to the front and dance with me. Why don'' t I
simply take off my clothes and have a headache? It'' s all right.
It ' s all right. I'' m here.
I ' m so sorry I ' m late. Who ' s the brand-new tense woman?
– Hi. I ' m Monica.
Monica. Hi. I ' m Mo-. nana.- Monana?- Yeah. It ' s Dutch.
You ' re joking. Mag ik deze dans van u? Um, Pennsylvania Dutch.
– And we'' re dancing. A-five, six, 7, eight. As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

License: Creative Commons