Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Kya hai | Kaise Milega | Apply Online | Uses Benifits | Fee & Charges


Friends, if you shop at Flipkart, then you must have seen Flipkart these banners So, Do you know What is the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Where and how can we use this Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it How can we make this credit card by applying Online? To make this, What documentation do we have and what terms and conditions we have to follow to be eligible in this credit card And the most important thing here is that friends If we make use of this credit card, then What are the extra charges we have to pay? And how can we avoid that extra charge Let's know Unlocking Something Flipkart has launched a Co-branded credit card together with Axis Bank and MasterCard.

Which is called Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card These credit cards will be provided for all new-to-credits i.e. new credit customer By using this credit card, you can shop on Flipkart Myntra & 2Gud.com with Unlimited Cashback Offers If you make this credit card you can get many more benefits Just like you will make this credit card First you will get Welcome Benefits. Under which you will get a discount of 3300 rupees So how will this Friends,As soon as you make this credit card First of all within Wellcome Benefits A mail will be mailed to you, Which will have a voucher of Flipkart Which will be of the full 500 rupees By using that voucher, you can buy any product with Flipkart 500-rupee discount And the second offeris that, if you shopping at myntra.com And if you pay with this credit card then So on the first transit you will get a discount of 15% that can be Maximum amount of 500 rupees And the third discount is on Makemytrip If you make a booking on Makemytrip, which is upto Rs.2000 And if you pay with this credit card, You will also get a discount of 500 rupees.

If we talk about the fourth offer, then the fourth offer is on Music App Ganna 6 Month Subscriptions of Music App Ganna Will Be given for Free And the fifth offer is on Urban Clap Urban Clap is a lifestyle Service Provider If you hire a service from there, then you will get a discount of Rs.400 If you have paid using this credit card Same friends if we talk about 6th offer then the 6th offer is on Goibibo there will you also get Rs.500 discount if you use this credit crad for payment So in a similar way, you get the benefit of 3300 rupees within the welcome benefits SO,this happens about Welcome benifits Now it comes to Second Benefit Second Benefits is On Your Transaction If you use this card and shop at Flipkart Myntra and 2GUD.com Then you will get a cashback of 5% on each transaction Is there a limit to this cashback No friends have no limit on cashback.

As you may know, a discount of 15% is given the maximum limit is on any amount There is nothing like this here Here it is that if there is a discount of 5% So if you are buying 1000 goods, then you will get 50 rupees And if you are purchasing Rs.100,000 goods, you will still get 5000 There is no limit that you will get only up to 500 rupees which you will get. There is nothing like this So here you get unlimited cashback Under the same offers And the second offer is that That's it, if you're interested in Fliport Prefront Merchant Preferred merchant is what he choose Flipkart So the list has not yet come Which of the Website will be considered as Flipkart Preferred Merchant When the list arrives, if there will pay by using this credit card You will also get a discount of 4% That too is not the maximum limit Whichever product you buy, it will get 4% cashback So now the rest of the remaining merchants So if you pay at remaining merchants using this credit card That too you will get cashback of 1.5% The same friends if we talk about third benefits The third benefit is the Fuel Surcharge Waver Fuel surcharge wave is Whenever you get petrol from any petrol pump and there will you paid using your ATM/Credit card So you have to paid 1% extra there that's called fuel surcharge So this is what is paying 1% If you use this credit card, for Payment there Then the fuel surcharge which will be forgiven That 1% will not take you So here are benefits too You guys are going to taking petrol every day So 1% of your friends will survive Likewise this credit card has many benefits and many more benefits If you have to know more benefits then I will give you a link in the description By clicking on that, you can learn about all the benefits So now we know that if we want to make this Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card So what are the documents we should have And what other terms and conditions have to follow There are mainly two terms and conditions First Condition is of yours Age Limit Whose name would you like to make this credit card His/Her Age shouls be minimum 18 Years And Maximum Age is of 17 Years If His/her age is lower than 18 year Then he/she is not eligible for making thsi credit card If we talk about the second condition Then the second terms & Condition is Whose name you want to make this credit card They should be Residence in India Otherwise Non-Resident Indian So if you follow these two terms and conditions Then you are eligible for making this Credit Card So now it comes to the documents The first document that is mentioned here is Your color photograph You have to give a photograph here The second document is Identy Proof In the third document, you will have to give you a residence proof And in the fourth Document you will have to give your PAN card And if you do not have a PAN card then You can submit by filling Form 60 Now it comes to the fifth document and the most important document Which is your income proof You have to show an income proof here What can you give in the income proof If you do a job then you give Salary slips here If you do not have a job, then you are self employed then you must paying an income tax return You can give a copy of IT Returns And if your are not doing Job Or, not a self employed Then a Form 16 You have to give form 16 by filling here So this is what happened to the documents.

Now matters comes that How can we make this credit card by Applying Friends do not have to do anything to make this You will find a link in this video's description you have to click on that As soon as you click on it, you will be redirected to that page of Axis Bank's website From the page you can apply to this credit card As soon as you enter that credit card, you have to slide that page downwards Then you will see a form there With 4-5 columns There is a question in the top to look carefully there would have written that You are existing customer of axis bank And two options will be YES and NO If you have an account already in Axis Bank the select YES and if not, select no.

After that friends have to fill your names in the first column In the second column, you have to fill your mobile no. And in third column You have to select your profession So when you click on that, the cursiorwill not go Friends will be seen in that column there will be a down arrow in the last click on that s you click on that Then there will be openingthree options Salarie, Self Employed Or Not Earning In which you will get a salary if you are a job So you have to select the salaried if you are not doing job you are self employed Then you have to select self employed And if you are not doing job and not self-employed Then you have top select not earning And after that in Next Column you have to fill your monthly Income Then once again you have to click on down arrow as soon as you click on down arrow you will get 4 options the accourding to your income amunt you have to select if you are a not earning person then you can select fiirst option Below 25000 After selecting that Which is the last column That is your pincode Whichever PIN code you have in your address,.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Kya hai | Kaise Milega | Apply Online | Uses Benifits | Fee & Charges

Fill it there After filling the PIN code, friends will see another column Which will have some codes written in left side The code you have to fill in that column is the way you fill any captcha So when you fill that verification code Then there is a "call me" button below it you have to click on that as soon as you click on that then you have to redirect to a new page where will be written that You will get a call shortly from and a contact no. is given From that Contact no. you will get a call from Axis Bank Accourding to your PINCode which you have fill From Nearest branch you will get a call and they ask from you which credit card do you want to make then you have to tell him that you want to make flipkart axis bank credit card Then he give you all info.

About Flipkart axis bank credit card After that if you want to make that credit card Then he will send an agent of Axis Bank to you Which will come to you and will verify your entire document And after that, he will ask for a photocopy of all of your documents So you have to keep in mind that you already have to take one photocopy of all your documents. So when he came then no time is to waste of you and you give him the photocopy Then You have to give photocopy to him, he will take it and go to the bank. and in bank he process all your documents In these process you will have to spend 21 days After Process he will check your CIBIL Score And if your CIBIL Score is good Then 90% chance to be approved your Card And after 21 days After that your credit card will be shipped from Which will reach you in a few days and after that you can use it So,Many people aapplication are rejected here So,why many peoples application rejected? Reject is happening because his CIBIL score is not good So if you have to know about Cibill score or to improve it You will find CIBIL Score video link in our Description box Otherwise by Clicking on our Card you can view our video Find out what is Cibill score is and how it can improve So,In this way friend If your Credit Card is Rejected then view our video and improve you CIBIL Score And after some day again Apply once again Otherwise you can apply on your Parents name Can make it again So it's been a matter of how we make this credit card Now it comes that If we use it by making it, then we will have to pay extra charges The first Extra Charges you will pay on this are Jointing Free When you are making this credit card, then you will have to pay a Joining fee of Rs 500 And the other which is the Extra charge is your Annual Fee Annual fee also friends you will have to pay per year 500 The first year you do not have to pay an annual fee Second year you must pay an annual fee But if you want to avoid Annual Fees of Second Year There is also a solution for her friends if you transit.

2 lakh i one year Then the Annual fee is 500 rupees, it will be forgiven. In the same way if we talk about the third extra charges Third, who is extra charge, is Cash withdrawal fee Here you have to pay a lot of pay cash withdrawal fee Which will be your 2.5% If you take cash from any ATM machine using this credit card So you have to pay a 2.5% extra charge there But here it is not that if you get 100 rupees then you have to pay 102.5 rupees Here's so friends You will have to pay a minimum of rupees 500 as Extra charge If you get 100 rupees, then you have to pay 500 rupees If you get 200 rupees then you have to pay 500 rupees Unless you take out the amount of money whose 2.5% is 500 rupees or more By the time you go out, you will have to pay 500 rupees only Friends, you have to pay a lot more on late payment fees So if you want to know about the late payment fee, you will see a tabla on our screen You can pause the video and read that table Then you will know what extra credit charge you have to pay on this credit card And how much will I have to pay Together you will also know in this credit card has many credit card charges which have been forgiven He is also told to you in this table And if you want to know more about this Extra Charge So the Link of this table is given in our description box.

By clicking on it you can learn more about this table And you can also know how to avoid Pay extra credit charges of this credit card Friends, now you may have known what is Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card How to make Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Which extra charges do you have to pay? If you still have a problem, in this credit card, you can comment in the comment box Your comment will be answered there. And if you have anything bad in this video, then you can comment in this video's comment box.

So that we can improve our next video.

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