Discover Releases 5% Cash Back Calendar for 2021!

Video Transcript:

Hey credit warriors welcome to the show and yes discover, has just released its five percent rotating quarterly cash back calendar for 2021, and this is for the cards where you earn five percent in rotating quarterly categories, such as the discover it cashback card and also the student Version of it now, if you don’t know those cards enable you to earn five percent cashback on fifteen hundred dollars worth of spending per quarter in different categories that change each quarter now, unlike chase, which, for its five percent rotating category cards releases.

The next quarters categories halfway through the final month of the preceding quarter, okay, so you don’t, get a whole year in a row. You just get. You know each quarter. You find out about 15 days before the quarter.

What it’s, going to be chase. Does that discover? Doesn’t discover releases it’s, uh full calendar for the entire year uh in full the year before? Okay, so 2021, they’re, releasing it now in full 2020.

. So let ‘ S actually go through and take a look at all of the categories for next year, so in quarter, one which is january to march, we have grocery stores, walgreens and cvs in quarter two eight ports of june.

We have gas stations, wholesale clubs and select streaming services in quarter, three, which is july to september. We have restaurants and paypal and quarter four, which is october to december. We have amazon.

com and, and just to note they’re. The websites of walmart and target not in store and in fact that cashback calendar is almost the same as they did for 2020, with just a few changes to quarter two so uber and lyft were taken out.

We had that in quarter two of 2020 and streaming services select streaming. Services have been added. In now i’ll, put a list on screen of all the streaming services that it applies to. There are actually quite a lot of them.

I think netflix is on there youtube tv is on there all of the usual ones, and so yeah. I’m, really pleased to see that in every quarter there is a category that i’m, confident that i could max out. If i was, you know, using this card and also don’t forget, if you are a new card member, you get a cashback match in the first year, which means they will match all the cashback you earned in your first year.

So if you max out these quarters under normal circumstances, it’s worth 300 in cashback or first year that’s, going to be worth 600 in cashback. If you do manage to max them all out, how is chase going to compete with this because chase freedom? Obviously it’s.

Also a 5 rotating category card. Well, you know they ‘ Ve already got a 5 grocery bonus uh with the chase freedom and freedom unlimited for the first year of card membership; okay, so that lasts for a whole year.

It’s. Twelve thousand dollars worth of spending chase sapphire cards are also getting grocery bonuses, and so i think we’re gonna see uh, probably in chase’s. Cashback calendar next year, um a lot more of the so-called covid spending categories: okay, where people are spending less on travel and they’re spending more on sort of things like grocery stores and chase freedom.

You can see walmart they’ve got this quarter called a four of 2024 um, sorry, 2024 or in the future quarter four of 2020. So i’m. Guessing next year. Uh you’re, probably not going to see any travel or anything like that.

It’s still going to be things like grocery, like perhaps uh, maybe streaming uh. Also uh gas as well. Uh streaming is also a little bit of tricky one, because you don’t actually spend that much on streaming.

Even if you’re, a avid streamer you’re, probably only gonna spend around 100 a month maximum. I spend about 20 a month, so yeah a great set of categories. Now, if you like, earning cashback or also amex membership, rewards points because you can earn those in the method that i’m about to show you.

Why not check out rakuten? It is a website it’s, one of those online cashback malls, where just through clicking through their website to some of your favorite retailers and shopping directly on their sites.

You can earn additional cashback in addition to what you would earn already. On your credit card, okay and then cash have cashback rates like three four five, six, seven percent at some major retailers i’ve, even seen 10 even 15 cashback.

Now we have a special deal for you below if you sign up through our link. After you spend 30 dollars through their platform, they actually give you 30 okay, so it’s 30 for 30., pretty easy! It’s kind of a no-brainer check it out in the link below, as always guys.

Thank you so much for watching. Please leave your comments about this set of discover categories. Do you think they’re good? Do you think they’re? Not i’d love to hear what you think and we’ll, see you next time.


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