Detroit rapper accused of funding up-and-coming career with 3,000 stolen credit cards


a rapper is accused of stealing 3000 credit cards to fund his trip we'' re talking about Albert Hill likewise known as shred gang boobs who you see here back in April of 2017 he'' ll tweeted quote at the end of the day as long as the cash right I'' m great the tweet coming just six weeks before the prospective rap star was arraigned on charge card scams and identity theft charges now feds state the rapper had access to as much as fifteen million dollars in credit and was jet-setting throughout the nation promoting himself as the next huge music act out of Detroit Kevin Dietz joins us live from federal at the federal courthouse and Kevin walk us through how this was able to take place yeah you understand for this guy buying pricey recording equipment and flying around for conferences in LA or New York with music officers it was no issue since he had gone on the dark web and purchased all these charge card so all his expenditures were actually at your expense this is Albert Hill he desired to be a rap star and required a name he chose shred gang bugs he likewise wanted to tape-record and go on tour but that takes cash so he got some illegally the feds state Albert Hill used three thousand stolen charge card to fund his fledging music profession regional 4 legal expert Keith Corbett they were able to develop that this is a gentleman who chose that he was in a position to take somebody else'' s identity and underwrite a blossoming career as a rap star according to federal files he'' ll utilize the taken accounts to purchase pricey electronics take a trip throughout the country to pursue his music profession and he wired cash to himself the feds say Hill belonged to bang gang crew who rather of dealing drugs in Detroit offers in taken credit cards the losses to card holders in the millions then they would boast on social networks the competing gangs will see that and they will end up being upset because they'' re not making sufficient cash and after that there'' s crossfire Albert Hill was shot in the face at one of his own performances in Portage Michigan the feds say the violence associated with credit card and identity theft is leaving all it must be handled roughly when you see that when you see that man who looks like he'' s rich look due to the fact that he'' s made his cash off of illegal activities you won'' t be seeing him excessive longer that'' s that ' s the message Hill ' s household wrote letters to the judge requesting for leniency saying that he is a great sibling which he has a great deal of possible particularly in the music service however the judge he put the potential rap star on ice for the next 7 years sentencing him to 84 months in prison Kevin deeds defendersAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License