Credit One Credit Card Review – Platinum Credit One Visa


– If your credit score
ranges from bad to fair, you're probably looking
for a new credit card to help you build your
credit score higher. If you are, today I will be reviewing the Credit One Visa card,
a card especially designed for someone in your
situation, so stick around. (dramatic music) Today I will be talking about
the Credit One Visa card.

This has been a longtime
request by my subscribers and viewers, to do a
review of this credit card, and it is a very interesting
credit card to talk about. And the reason being is that it is a card especially designed for people
that have bad to fair credit, and it is also one of the few cards that will earn cashback rewards. So I'm gonna get into the
review of this credit card. If you already have the
Credit One Visa card, let us know what you think about it, because there are a lot of
people watching this video that are thinking about
applying and you should let them know whether they should or not. And if you've had good
experiences or bad experiences, please leave them in
the comments, thank you. So let's get started and this card is pretty decent in many ways. It's a lower fee option, if
you need to rebuild credit.

There are a lot of cards out there that offer a line of credit that reports to the credit bureaus,
but the fees associated with these cards are so high. You can oftentimes see that
these cards will require that you pay a monthly service fee. You might have to put down
a hefty security deposit in order to get a card, but
with the Credit One Visa card, this is a card that tends
to be a lower fee option and the better your credit score, the better your credit history,
the less you will be paying. You actually have the ability to pay
absolutely no annual fee. So, this card will range
anywhere from a zero annual fee up to $90, and that depends
on your credit score. I do have a full-length
pros and cons review article on the Credit One Visa
card, and you should definitely check it out.

The reason for that is that
it goes into even more detail about this credit card and you
can make an informed decision whether this card is right for you. And if you want, you can also
compare to other credit cards in the rebuilding credit category. When it comes to credit cards in the bad and fair credit category,
the Credit One Visa card tends to be middle of the road. It's not gonna have the highest fees, but it is not the lowest fee card either. And one surprising benefit
with this credit card is that it is a cashback
earning credit card. So this makes it a very interesting option when you're looking to
rebuild your credit. Today, I'm gonna go over the differences between the different cards
that Credit One offers, and basically, the process on what to do and how to apply for it. Now… So the good thing about
the Credit One Visa card, this is not a secured credit card, however, how much you pay in fees is all dependent on what
your credit score is.

If you have a bad credit
score, then you will see a higher set of fees
associated with this card. If you have a really
good, fair credit score, you can actually qualify
for an no annual fee, cashback credit card. Now I said that all the
credit cards do earn cashback rewards, but it
all depends on what type of cashback rewards you will be earning and that depends on your credit score. This chart over here shows
you the different structures. Now, so if you're
somebody with bad credit, you are only going to earn cashback in some categories, not all. But if you have fair
credit, then you can get the best option and earn 1%
cashback on all your purchases. Now, I think for people with bad credit, even the 1% cashback on your gas, groceries and your
monthly services purchases, I think that's pretty good considering you can't get that with
any other credit card, maybe with the exception of
the Discover Secured card. So, this is one of the reasons why the Credit One Visa card stands out. And it doesn't only stop
there because you have the option to get even more rewards.

You can earn up to 10%
cashback from purchase at participating merchants. I review a lot of different credit cards from bad to excellent credit, but I focus a lot of my time on credit card offers that range in the bad to fair categories. And my goal in that is to help you find the lowest fee options available for you to rebuild your credit. I also have a Facebook group that shows all the different credit
card offers I talk about, just to help you rebuild your credit. If you're interested in that, the link is in the description below this video. Otherwise, if you found
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videos, you will be notified. I'm not gonna get… I won't say that I absolutely
love this credit card, but I think it is a better option than most of these rebuilding credit cards that are out on the market today.

Credit One Credit Card Review - Platinum Credit One Visa

And one thing to start off with, this is not a secured credit card. So, you don't have to put
down a security deposit. And that can be a little problematic because sometimes with some secured cards, it's a little difficult to actually get your
security deposit back. Last year I did a video on secured cards, talking about five different
secured credit options and what might work best for
people in certain situations, and it does go into a little bit about how deposits are collected with
these credit card companies. So if you were thinking about
getting a secured credit card, I would look into that video. It'll help you find the right
secured credit card for you. But with Credit One, this
is not a secured line of credit, which is great. So the Credit One Visa application process is pretty interesting because basically, there's only one application. So you really never know what
you will be applying for. So your annual fee will be
anywhere from zero to $95, and you don't find this out until after your application
has been processed.

So as you can imagine, this
credit card for helping people rebuild credit will come
with high interest fees. This is to be expected with
credit cards in this category. But the main advice here is to always pay your credit card balances in
full, each and every month. And you should actually keep
the amount of credit you have, the amount of credit you use
to the lowest amount possible, because that ends up
being a really good signal to the credit bureaus that,
if you use a small amount of your credit line,
somewhere between nine and 20% each month and that you pay your balances in full each month, you
will find that you will be building a higher credit
score faster and sooner.

A really great feature
of this credit card is that it is an actual credit
card that will help you rebuild credit, this is
not a prepaid credit card. Oftentimes prepaid credit
cards charge more fees than the Credit One Visa,
and it does you no good because it won't help
you rebuild your credit. But Credit One will. So with the Credit One Visa, you can enjoy on-the-go account access. Credit One has invested
time and energy to offer you a very helpful, useful online experience, so you can really monitor your account as closely as you want, just
by downloading their app. Another feature I really like
that Credit One offers is that you do receive free
credit monitoring services with this card, so that
can be really helpful in seeing where your progress is with rebuilding your credit. This comes in really handy
when it comes time to decide when you want to apply
for new lines of credit.

The Credit One Bank
believes in giving back and community involvement,
they are involved in a variety of different charities. What makes Credit One Visa fun is that you can choose your
own credit card design. If you just want something plain, you can pick a solid color like these. Or you can get a little bit more colorful. So I went over a lot today
about the Credit One Visa card and all the benefits of having
the Credit One Visa card when you are rebuilding your credit score. This is a quick recap of
the different benefits you have available to you. This is definitely a better
option in rebuilding credit, and you should still compare
it to other credit card offers. This credit card can be a
pretty good option for people, depending how good their credit score is. The better your credit score, the less fees your going to pay. You actually have the
ability to actually have no annual fee, and at the same
time, earn cashback rewards.

So this ends up being a very
competitive credit card offer in the bad to fair credit categories. So if you're looking
for something different, you should definitely check
out the Credit One Visa card and check out that review article I have with the link in the description below. I go into even more details outlining the clear benefits and
drawbacks of having this card. And in the end, you'll be able to decide if this card is right for you. Not only that, if you've had this card, please leave comments below. Let everybody know whether
it's worth having or not. And also, don't forget
to hit the like button and subscribe if you want to
see more videos like this. Thank you, and until next time..

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