Credit Cards For Beginners || How to Pay No Interest Until 2021

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[, Music ]: what’s up? You guys it’s Matt here! So in this video I wanted to go over how you can pay zero interest until 2021. So if you have a huge purchase in mind, you can pay zero interest until 2021, a year from now that’s, absolutely amazing, so we’ll, get into that in just a second before I start make sure you hit the like Button also hit the subscribe button for more videos.

Just like this one remember that I do a giveaway every single week. So if you want to know about that, giveaway stick around to the end of the video to hear all about it. Alright, so let’s, go ahead and get into this.

This is something that was really interesting to me when I thought about it. I was just like you’re gonna pay, nothing for a whole year, and this is what a lot of people look for, because when you have a large purchase like cameras, you know like computers, like refrigerators like couches, whatever you want, that’s, a large purchase, you can find a way to pay zero interest for a whole year at minimum.

That’s. What’s? Absolutely amazing? So I’m gonna give you a bunch of cards to where you can pay zero interest for the next. You know twelve months at least so let’s, go ahead and get into it. So the first card that I have here is the Capital One Quicksilver card.

This card gives you 0 % interest for 15 months. That’s 15 months. I mean that’s over a year’s time. So you’re gonna be able to you know, pay not only the minimum balance I wouldn’t, say pay the minimum balance, but I would say you would pay a smaller portion than paying off the whole thing.

So if you have a thousand dollar purchase, you can go from there and then you ‘ Ll also get the 1.5 % cash back that this card offers you so that’s, absolutely amazing to be able to get rewards and not have to pay interest for a long time.

The next one that I have on this list is the Wells. Fargo propel card by American Express this is a card that I’ve talked about recently and I ‘ Ve talked about a lot because I love this card. I absolutely love this card, it gives you you know when it comes to Apr wise when it comes to 0 % interest for a certain amount of months.

It gives you 0 % interest for 12 months, but then it also gives you you know standard rewards. It’ll, give you three times so many different areas. You know three times on gas three times on when dining eating in and eating out.

You know three times on streaming. You’ll, get a bunch of categories to where you get. You know three times back and that’s. Absolutely amazing, so check out that card zero dollar annual fee, and so is the capital in Quicksilver zero dollar annual fee.

I’m. The next card that I have on here is the Bank of America cash rewards card. This is a really good card as well, and you’re. Basically, gonna get fifteen months of no interest, and every time I say this, it just blows my mind.

I mean if I understand that you want to pay off your balance every single month, so you don’t have to pay interest, but what happens when you do not have the interest charge? Do you physically have to pay it off every single month? I would recommend that you do so that you don’t, you know get in debt, but do you really have to that’s, the thing? So if you have a huge purchase, you can plan it out over 15 months time, and you can basically say you know I’m gonna get this couch.

It’s $ 1,000. I’m gonna pay. It off in ten months I’m. Only gonna pay be paying $ 100 every single month, and then you could actually go months to where you know. You only pay the minimum payment if you wanted to.

But this is the thing you have to actually budget these things, so this is a form of budgeting and it’s, a form of like a layaway. I guess, because what you’re gonna do is basically take that product and instead of laying it away at a store, you’re, laying it away at your house and then you can pay.

You know the bills as you go from there, so I mean it just makes it very easy for you now. What I’m saying is: if you want to, it, would be easier if you had a plan, if you had something in place right from the start, you said I’m, paying this off in three months.

No, if ands or buts about it, that’s, what budgeting is and you budget the amount of money in order to pay that off in three months, so that’s. What is golden about this whole setup here? The next part that you have on here is the Amex cash magnet card, which can give you 0 % APR for 15 months, and you’ll, get the standard 1.

5 % cash back with that car. So I mean there’s. Nothing more that needs to be said there, 1.5 % cash back 15 months of free interest, and then the last card that I have on here is the Chase Freedom Card 15 months that you’re.

Getting on that as well and then the Chase Freedom Card you’re, also getting you know the 5 % we’re evolving categories, which absolutely helps you in the long run, because it’s. Gon na teach you about using these rewards and that’s.

What I wanted to go over how you can pay zero interest until 2021 until next year. Now I want to sit here and stress – and I said it already, but I want to stress the fact that you do not pay the minimum payment because it’s.

Gon na take you. You know 20 years to pay off that minimum payment, depending how much you spent on the card. But what I’m saying is: if you have a budgeting plan like say: if you’re really good at budgeting, and you have that thousand dollar couch and you wanted to split it over two months or three months or five months.

Then you could do that with a credit card that’s gonna basically make you pay 0 % interest it’s. Just you need to have discipline here. You can’t say: oh, you know what I have 15 months. So I’m gonna wait 15 months, no set your plan and then pay it off when you can.

That would be the ideal way to do it. So I don’t want to make it seem. Like I’m, saying no one needs to pay off their balance. You need to pay off your balance, but I’m saying this will help you in the long run, especially for the people that actually have like you know, debt somewhere else.

Balance transfers would be an option as well, but not with these cards. You can look at the city double cash card and that’s, actually a couple of cards that I had on here, so I had some some options for balance transfers.

So I have the city double cash card, which will give you 0 % APR on balance transfers for 21 months. So if you have a balance, transfer it over to that card and then you know you can go from there, but you do have to worry about a balance transfer fee.

I’m and then I have the city simplicity card, which will give you 21 months of free interest, no interest so that’s. Absolutely amazing but, like I said, pay off your balances. If you can set a plan budget that’s, what will put you in the right spot when it comes to your financial situation, so go ahead and budget and do all that stuff check out these cards? If you’re looking for a big purchase, but that’s, the idea is never pay interest and if you’re doing it this way, you will never pay interest so that’s.

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