Tricky Credit Card Bonus Categories & Charges | How to Avoid Losing Points!


Often the dining establishment will charge through.
I wasnt 100% sure it would count, but I.
thought I d give offer a try.Sure enough, I did not get the points. Ive noticed sometimes that charges that were.
If you have a charge that you believe should have.
Number 4: Consider combining charges.

Video Transcript: Hey, its Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, were covering tricky benefit
charges and classifications where you can quickly lose out on charge card points. (light chiming music) Credit card perk categories might seem like
an uncomplicated subject, however as many of you understand, it can be irritating to think that
you are getting a big reward just to discover that the charge was coded incorrectly. Before we begin, if youre new here,
I desire to invite you to our channel. Journey Astute is a travel channel that is focused
on sharing methods to make travel much easier, budget friendly, and more pleasurable. Traveling can be costly and stressful,
Were looking for methods to help you maximize your experience through travel suggestions, points
and miles, and ingenious equipment. If thats sounds intriguing to you, please
consider subscribing. Today I wish to concentrate on 2 typical classifications
where individuals typically lose out on points. This consists of dining out and travel, which
are common perk categories for travel benefits cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and
Preferred card. A typical factor why a few of these charges
do not qualify is that the charge is coded poorly by the vendor.Whenever a charge is made by charge card,
the charge has a code that is defined by the vendor and processor to recognize the type
of charge. Sometimes, you might think you are making
a purchase that certifies for perk points, however its really coded incorrectly. Another way is that the provider might not acknowledge
the charge. This can be the case of newer services that
arent well known to the issuer, and might not be right away recognizable as a travel
charge. This scenario is a lot much easier to resolve,
and well cover it later on in the video. So, lets dive straight into dining out
charges. The eating in restaurants classification generally includes
sit-down restaurants, junk food dining establishments, and coffee shops.However, most of the times, you should receive
bonus offer points at bars, cafes, juiceries, vending devices, and food shipment services like
Eat24 and GrubHub. There are a number of locations where Ive.
personally not received dining out reward points. This includes:.
Number 1: Food trucks. The majority of them need to offer you bonus points,.
however Ive had a couple of circumstances where I didnt get my bonus offer points. I know a few food trucks in LA that.
usage QR code payment system through a separate app. This is where you sign up a credit card with.
an app then utilize that app to pay using a distinct QR code. This has certainly been struck or miss out on with.
me. Most times, these apps sign up as an online.
Number 2: Restaurant and coffee shops in airports. In some cases the dining establishment will charge through.
the main airport charge card system, which may or might not be recognized as dining out.
or travel bonus expense.Number 3: Cafes or restaurant within another.
store. Like the airport charges, this is likewise very.
irregular for me. I often have bought from a cafe.
or junk food location inside of another store (like a Walmart or Target) and the charge.
was not coded as dining out. Also, this can be a problem with restaurants.
inside of a big gas station.For travel, the list normally consists of: Airfare.
reserved directly with the airlines, Hotels and motels booked straight, Travel booked.
through discount rate website, Airbnb stays, Commuter transportation, Gift cards bought straight from airline companies or hotel brand names.
Campgrounds, Cruise lines, Buses, Car rentals, Ride sharing services,.
Parking garages and lots, Parking meters, Ferries, Tolls bridges and highways, Passenger.
trains, Limousines, Timeshares Though in my experience, things get a little.
bit complicated with the following charges: Number 1: Parking meters and lots. I appear to have this problem in LA. For some reason, some lots and meters are.
coded as parking, while others are coded as part of a shopping center or city. My parking meter charges in Santa.
Monica never ever get coded with reward points, which makes no sense to me because the description.
has the word “parking” in it. Number 2: Truck rentals. If youre planning a relocation and believing that.
your U-Haul leasing will make you points, unfortunately, it probably wont. When we leased, I attempted this a couple of months ago.
I wasnt 100% sure it would count, however I.
thought I d give offer a try.Sure enough, I did not get the points. Number 3: Boutique bed and breakfast accommodations.
locations that came through as an shopping or online charge, instead of a hotel charge. Its normally smaller hotels and inns that.
have this issue, however just know when inspecting your declaration or account activity. Number 4: Tour business. This can be struck or miss. Ive had a few in the past that coded as.
an online charge, while others certainly came through as travel, such as G Adventures.
and Intrepid. These can be huge charges, so its nice knowing.
that youre getting the extra points.In addition, here are a number of suggestions to.
bear in mind when handling reward charges: Number 1: Know that the rules change all the time. In this scenario, this typically works to our benefit. Ive observed often that charges that were.
formerly non-bonus now certify as a bonus. This includes Postmates, which did not code.
as eating in restaurants in the past for me. When I recently utilized it, I noticed.
that I did receive the points. I believe it might be because people have actually called in.
to complain and request the points from the providers, which might have resulted in them including.
the vendor to their systems. Number 2: Contact your issuer. , if you have a charge that you believe should have.
benefit points, you should not be reluctant to ask and get in touch with the issuer for the bonus offer,.
specifically if its a big charge. I did that when I didnt get the complete bonus.
points for my hotel stay in Sedona, and Chase offered me the points when they verified that.
it was a hotel. Number 3: Look for tipping invoices. A basic guideline when making a dining.
out purchase at a place where the coding might be uncertain, like at an airport or a large.
department store such as Target or Walmart, is to see whether you are asked to consist of.
a tip.I dont know if this holds true across.
the board, however in my experience, anytime that I have been asked to specify a suggestion, the charge.
has come through as dining out, which indicates that I got the bonus points. Number 4: Consider consolidating charges. There are ways to make the most of all this.
confusion and unpredictability. When youre staying and traveling at a hotel,.
youre frequently allowed to make charges to your room. This is typical for beverages or meals. However, your hotel may be able to book.
a trip for you also, which is what I did when I remained in Costa Rica. By having the charge come through the hotel,.
I had the ability to get all my travel benefit points on my Chase Sapphire card given that it came through.
as one big hotel charge. Its if I had reserved the trip separately.
possible that it would have not been coded as a travel charge, especially considering that it was.
a smaller sized day trip company.Have you ever missed out on out on points because.
it was coded incorrectly? Please share your experience so others can.
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