The Points Guy: This Is The Best No-Fee Credit Card 2021


It provides 1.5 points on everything you. So for starters, if you” re. dead set on a no annual cost card, I.
would suggest the Chase Freedom Unlimited. It offers 1.5 points on everything you.
invest, so you don” t need to stress over.
all these categories and that” s a decent earn. Here” s the trick:.
when you see the light down the roadway of.
getting a card with an annual charge, if.
you have Chase Freedom Unlimited points and after that later on.
on you get a Sapphire, you” ll be able. to transfer those money back points into.
your Sapphire points, which can then move.
out to airlines and you can get a.
lots of value. It” s great to build.
a relationship with the huge banks and then.
later have those points that you can then.
upgrade to the better points program.
within that same bank. When it comes to no.
cost cards, I understand they” re easy to get, however there ‘ s. a saying, “” Cheap is pricey.”” And what I mean.
by that is the no annual fee cards.
usually offer less benefits and less.
valuable earning. Often you have to.
take a look at your spend and just how much you” re going. to invest in a year and take a look at the yearly.
cost and see if you” re gon na get value.
from those perks.And there” s no easy method.
to do it, however take a look at the card and.
there” s a great deal of unadvertised perks that
can. conserve you lots of money. So whether that” s. conserving cash on checked bags, complimentary in-flight.
Wi-Fi and likewise purchase defense, usage a.
card that uses purchase security. I purchased an expensive winter season.
coat and lost it in Iceland. Long story, it was.
a mishap, however AMEX, since I utilized an.
AMEX platinum card, immediately took the.
two thousand dollars right off of.
my declaration. Often it might make good sense.
to use cards for big purchases that.
offer purchase defense over earning a couple.
additional points per dollar.So it takes a.
little bit of time to take a look at what your objectives.
are and what you” re going to invest cash on.
and make certain you” re aligning it to cards that.
deal you the most worth back. I” m not saying that cards.
without any yearly fee are bad. I” m simply saying they may.
not be the most profitable in the.
long term. As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.