Dave Ramsey vs Credit Card Rewards: My Thoughts


You ' re delusional. You want to discuss to me how that'' s a wealth. It ' s not worth his time mathematically. It doesn'' t requirement to be 10 ' s of thousands of. It'' s something that requires to be believed about.

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/Fcz7dSNpTLY Hey guys it'' s Andy from Magooinvesting. Today I'' m going to be talking about Dave Ramsey
and his take on credit cards. I wasn'' t going to be making a video today, I was putting along on a yard mower today at work, minding my own business, listening to his podcast. And he was speaking about credit cards. To this point, I'' ve been absolutely on board with everything he'' s discussed. This was the very first time that I went back and did not agree with that whatsoever. So in this clip that I'' m about to show, really it'' s an audio clip, the concern was basically, the audience was talking about how he'' s accountable with credit cards.He was asking why Dave has such a strong position that no one must be using charge card and that they'' re bad overall. I think that Dave Ramsey has actually done an unbelievable thing for countless people assisting them get debt complimentary. I disagree with him on this one. Let'' s roll the clip. “” Why shouldn'' t responsible individuals such as myself use charge card?” “” “Because you'' re not. You ' re delusional. You are more accountable than the average cat, I'' ll offer you that. But 90,000 dollars doesn'' t make you rich and those point. I'' ve met countless millionaires, I'' ve. never fulfilled somebody that stated he house maid all his money off my airline miles. I got 1 percent back on discover, let''
s do. the math on that. You run 100,000 dollars worth of expenditures.
through your Discover card, you know what you'' re getting? 1,000 dollars. You desire to describe to me how that'' s a wealth. structure method? That'' s dumber than a rock.”” While Dave is 1000% more certified to be talking.
about this than me, I actually disagree with him on the 1% not mattering.You can certainly enter into arguments about.
charge card threatening. They absolutely get abused a lot and they.
can put people in dreadful scenarios, but this 1 percent thing not mattering is something.
that I entire heartily disagree with. Due to the fact that this question, it was actually interesting.
came right after an audience that he advised that she take a part time job in addition.
to working complete time to assist make some additional money to settle her financial obligation. It was kinda complicated how he just informed this.
female to work harder to get some extra cash but this person that'' s been accountable with.
his credit cards is getting 1-3 percent cash back on his cards and he simply kind of brushes.
this off as not mattering. While I agree that a great deal of individuals abuse.
credit cards and can put them into awful scenarios, the 1-3 percent of anything whether.
it be a financial investment or cashback, that money is absolutely nothing to scoff about. He even discusses how he'' s never ever talked.
to a very person and heard them talk about how they got rich off of cashback.But there'' s this famous story about Warren.
They have a coin on the ground and they'' re. It ' s not worth his time mathematically.
and apparently he turns around and states that it'' s going to be the start to his next million. dollars. If this is true, which I think holds true, taking.
cash from anywhere you can get it is constantly an excellent idea. And scoffing and rolling your eyes at 1-3.
percent cashback on all of your costs really puzzled me on Dave Ramsey'' s Take on this.The whole point of this channel in the very first.
place was to reveal that you could start investing or conserving for a safeguard with just a little.
little money. It doesn'' t requirement to be 10 ' s of thousands of. dollars to begin. And this 1-3 percent cashback, while I'' m
not. investing 100,000 each year, that money is something I can even more invest to make more money and.
ideally make me more wealthy in the future. I think charge card are a fantastic topic.
for the future. I am presently in the process of composing a.
script for that. I really desire to stop, slow down my thought,.
and think of all the different scenarios not simply my own circumstance for credit cards.Because from what you can see online, people.
abuse credit cards and lots of people have a bad relationship with their charge card. It'' s something that needs to be thought about. Let me know what you consider charge card,.
have they been a great experience for you? If you have any questions or topics you'' d. like me to go over in the future, please leave them in the comments section down below. Thanks for viewing guys and I'' ll see you.
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