caption I also today I'' m going to present you an 26 began from the bottom now we'' re here I understand it given that the start when it was called number 26 by the way and I already reviewed this long period of time ago on my friends blog I pretty understand much the service due to the fact that I am what we called a digital normal so over the previous 8 months I was circumnavigating Asia and operating at the exact same time and now I am doing it in Europe and from the majority of this bank really interests us I will reveal you the app at the end and say what so and 26 it'' s available in many countries in Europe and expanding practically every 3 months so it is readily available in France Spain Germany and many others you can put it in come and I will try to construct a list however yep adding a nation almost every 2 or 3 months how to up in the neck it'' s pretty easy you just have to click the link listed below or it will be here around here somewhere and it will speed up the procedure or give you provide if they any I constantly try to put the link with the very best offer how do you did that you put your e-mail your name and they will send you a link by mail to download the app with the app downloaded you can begin to open you action so you simply have to fill a fast kind about your address and whatever then the brita submit your identity and this is where it blow my guy because to validate the identity they simply do a video call and you simply have to reveal your passport or any other file that is accepted and boom that app it'' s verified so then after one or 2 weeks you will receive your vital you put it in the app do reserve at least 20 euros something like that and boom activate it likewise and you can use everywhere your vital you have a savings account that you can read your phone on it send phone on it like doing basically everything it took me around 8 minutes yes that'' s quite quick you just have to do it now they wear ' t ask you your earnings or anything else what about the services well a great deal of services and it'' s likewise depend of the nation for example in Germany dia cash – anything which lets you withdraw and do cash deposits in lots of shops absolutely for free you have the overdraft so for example if you don'' t have adequate cash to end up the quantity or to purchase something you can do overdraft on the charges are 8 point 7 or something like this likewise depend of the country and you have a various admin there'' s also brand-new services almost every 6 months however among my favorites and I use the most if they did is partnership with 20-wide that lets you move cash worldwide with minimal cost thus much various than all the old banks of whatever I used it produces all of this one and yes the part of the fee well the fields are a little bit different for each nations but for most of them it can go from no joules per pound to 2.9 and then for the black card you have 5 restore that are free per month then you require to pay two euros for each other Widow you would do the payment by card in every nation is totally free so for instance you are in Europe like me you are purchasing something online in dollars I wear'' t know what it can be you will have peace with your bank with this one you will have no fees and the very best exchange rate and that'' s the very same if you are abroad you enter the store you pay with your card it will be free however for the reader in the majority of the country they do one point seven percent rate it'' s not that costly since typical banks have like 2 percent plus a fixed rate so here is still less expensive which leads me to the black vehicle what does she provide more well first you have the free withdraw in every nation for example envision you are in Southeast Asia there they don'' t take the car everywhere trust me you have to bridge the front each time so if you state 1000 euros in the mouth you will have roughly 20 euros charges with n 26 however if you take the black card it will be zero well the black card cost five point nine euros each month but all with the black card you get theft protection taking a trip to run ATM test security and other prolonged guarantee I like the travel insurance personally the app seriously I checked mini bag and this is one of the very best so far you can do whatever and likewise you get instant alert for every money that enters your account or heads out your icrons– so it'' s best to keep track the app is seriously truly smooth I can check out try app which I had if it was that day it or something like this I can also handle my card which'' s what I love like I can activate a trigger the payment abroad lock the automobile imaging you lost your card you wear'' t understand where is this you are frightened that you lost it absolutely are you might believe perhaps I put it somewhere where I don'' t remember where the user your case is you call your bank and a trigger your card to be sure well here you just plug the car and see in two days if you'' re finally back or if you don'' t that ' s pretty cool I can also set the limit for the recurring for the payment to have all the security on the app I can also send cash to other individuals that have infinity just by email like as I was sending the stakes or something like that totally free in conclusion yes it'' s a great vehicle if you take a trip or not there'' s some particular is to every country however if you click the billing below you simply alter at the top your nation and you will see the particularly yes I would encourage antoinette ik now it have a good future it'' s one of the fastest-growing bank in Europe that'' s why often they close the opening of brand-new icon so if they are still open as normally specify individuals yeah do it quickly when you get the card do the bring back directly to be sure you do it under twenty days or 30 days to have it trigger and don'' t have a bad surprise imagine if they make the most of the costs in the future I wear'' t understand I hope not I hope you liked this video the blue terms that is air to be clicked as the subscribe button if you have any question about it you can ask increment our radians or more than and ways of concern of my French blog site about and to anything so I practically know it so I'' m here to help and I see you next time ciaoAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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