I got the Apple Card!


https://www.youtube.com/embed/BfhZ7AO0cJA it'' s here my Apple credit cards we will do an unboxing in case you haven'' t seen one yet on the Internet I was joking about unpacking my charge card when they first originally revealed this and now here I am really unpacking a charge card definitely something that I never thought that it would be unboxing but here we are we'' re doing it I currently registered on the app and I have actually utilized it for one transaction but this is the actual titanium card laser-etched name a gorgeous matte white all-metal vehicle just what I never ever knew that I thought that I desired or needed would you have a look at that this looks like an actually great present card a present card that you have to repay in traditional Apple fashion they'' ve got this little cutout Apple logo design and when you open it up you are greeted with your lovely credit card and this fantastic gradient pattern which actually turns out to mean something so these gradients really our classifications of things that you'' re acquiring so the very first thing that I bought was at a grocery shop so my card is like this color today in the Apple wallet in the actual Apple wallet this is the orange which is my one buy from Airwalk everyone is so dangerous it'' s type of like Whole Foods or Target and you enter there and you believe you'' re gon na purchase one thing and after that you wind up buying the entire freakin shop this is the most exciting thing trigger your card wake your iPhone and hold here you believe I'' d have a great down shot of this however I wear'' t so go see somebody else'' s video this is not gon na be as fantastic let'' s trigger my card I'' m gon na attempt to screen record this they'' re not gon na work oh it has currently taken place do you see that this works so smooth with iOS it'' s essentially like you'' re pairing your air pods I put on'' t ever desire to take it out of here I mean I guess I can put it back in however I wear'' t really understand the point is of that begun get out be my good friend get in my wallet this looks actually great there'' s the charge card there ' s my complete name if you didn ' t know I have a last name stunning I know you ' ve got our laser-etched name here leaves like chip reader for chip reader cards and you'' ve got Apple logo and on the back you have the Goldman Sachs and MasterCard logo and after that you have your little stripe here for moving this looks actually excellent I simply feel like it'' s gon na get a little bit dirty or scratched particularly when you'' re sliding it through different card readers there is clearly more of a benefit when you do use the Apple wallet since you'' ll get 2% cash back however if you use this you'' ll get 1% money back and you would 3% money back when you acquire things from the Apple shop which I absolutely do quite regularly let'' s do a drop test I get them to my table truthfully I might even have the ability to fly with this like this feels like it might be well it anything can be a weapon to be honest with you weapon let'' s go through the app a little bit more if you guys sanctuary'' t seen this currently this absolutely is something that is for Apple users if you have an iPhone this works so best with your phone and what I enjoy about it is since you actually do get the information of where you made your purchase and the app simply incorporates so well with your phone Apple card is all set to use get 2% day-to-day money on every purchase money is added to your Apple cash one of the factors that it was a little bit concerned of getting this it'' s even if I truthfully did not require another charge card the manner in which I have things establish right now it works extremely seamless with my company and after that my personal credit cards but what I do like about this is I feel like this is something that I'' m going to use for myself personally not as Justine as in company the money back aspect is also sort of cool due to the fact that you'' ve actually simply get the cash right into your money wallet you actually get the money back the next day like it goes right into your Apple cash wallet which is quite awesome a great deal of times with a great deal of credit cards you have to points and then you need to redeem them you can redeem them for cash however then they give you a better offer if you redeem it for other things like flights or hotels or things like that I would it by any means say that I have a credit card professional and you ought to not probably be taking any recommendations for me on what you must perform in your financial future however I believe if this is something that you are going to get it'' s something that you ought to keep an eye on and try to pay off on a monthly basis since that'' s something that I found out very early on even in college I simply kept really high credit card balances I didn'' t pay any attention to it at all I was late on payments for a great deal of various things and that truly does affect you down the line when I went to buy my very first cars and truck and the first time that I needed to inspect my credit rating they'' re like we can ' t do anything to help you ' re just you ' re a mess so for me what I have actually done over the past I feel like 10 or two years is if I am going to purchase something on a charge card it'' s something that I understand that I can a minimum of pay for to share of each month and if I can'' t that ' s okay things definitely take place so that ' s something that is actually cool here when you click pay early this will reveal you your existing balance and it states my balance is due September 30th this will reveal you what your interest is if you don'' t choose to pay all of it so now let'' s go out to a shop I ' m gon na go shopping go buy something it ' s over my very first match I ' m going to use oh that ' s our needs it currently did it that was so quick my 2nd soup I ' m going to buy it on the action car fine this is my very first purchase that'' ll reveal up four dollars and four cents for my suit actually you said cashback lower the credit card there it is appeared again here'' s the dish well you can see the 1% for that a person where I use the real card 2% for this I would state my favorite aspect of this credit card is that there'' s no credit card numbers on it at all if you really wish to get your charge card numbers you have to go into the app you need to unlock it with face ID so you can'' t think do anything without your face so even if I lose this credit card there'' s no charge card numbers on it so they can'' t just take this and start going shopping online utilizing my charge card number I can also go in and put a hold of my charge card in case I did lose it so everything is extremely simple and ideal within your reaches which certainly is very classic of Apple well thank you men so much for watching every man'' s enjoyed this video there ' s gon na be so much more apple enjoyable turning up since the new iPhone is gon na be out soon I'' d envision they ' re probably gon na release a new Apple enjoy the Mac Pro was gon na be out so much things is happening and naturally as constantly I'' ll be bringing guys for the trip I'' ll see you guys soon wear'' t forget to like this video and be sure to subscribe and strike the bell so you'' ll be informed when I publish new videos I'' ll see you later on [Music] As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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