How to Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards Points | 2 Ways to Maximize Your Points for Free Travel


(light chiming music) One of the concerns that I seem to get asked a.
lot is, “” what'' s the best finest to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points. “Can I utilize my Chase points to book this flight? It ' s incredibly easy and the points transfer instantly.
While it'' s. completely all right to leave your points spread out between your different.
In the occasion that you want to transfer a big sum of points to a.
travel partner, you may might forced to consolidate combine points anywayAnyhow Hi there, it'' s Ernest from Trip Astute.
(light chiming music) One of the questions that I seem to get asked a.
lot is, “” what'' s the best finest method redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points. When you look.
at the Chase Ultimate Rewards account page, you'' ll see that there are so numerous.
different redemption alternatives listed. When talking to good friends who are getting.
started in the points hobby, a lot of them were not knowledgeable about the other.
redemption techniques other than the Chase Travel Portal. This isn'' t unexpected,.
particularly because Chase highlights their Travel Portal as the main methods for.
redeeming points. So in this video, I thought I would examine the two main ways.
that I schedule travel utilizing my Chase Ultimate Rewards points. This might be a refresher.
for some of you, however for others, I'' m hoping that this will be a practical.
breakdown of your alternatives so you can get the most worth from your points. The.
very first way is to use the Chase Travel Portal.This is comparable to what you would.
discover on sites like Expedia or Travelocity. You can look for all sorts.
of travel-related reservations, like flights hotels, vehicles, activities, and cruises. For.
this example, we'' re going to look up a round-trip nonstop flight from Los.
Angeles to Tokyo leaving May 2nd and returning on May 9th. In this example,.
you'' ll notice that the expense for the United flight is $659.81, or if I wish to utilize points, that will cost me.
43,987 points.This equates to a.
per point value of 1.5 cents per point. When you book your travel, you.
might see that the per point worth might be 1.25 cents.
rather of 1.5 cents. The factor I'' m getting 1.5 cents.
Because I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve which makes redemptions, per point is.
1.5 cents on the website. If you have the Sapphire Preferred rather, you'' ll be. Getting 1.25 or 1.5 cents is not bad at all.
listed for the same rate, but if I wish to utilize the United.
Mileage points, then I can reserve the flight for 35,000 points and a $5.60 fee. That'' s almost 9,000 points less than scheduling it utilizing the.
Chase Travel Portal. And if you calculate the per point worth, you'' re looking at.
When using United mileage points, 1.9 cents per point. So in this.
case, it'' s much better to book through the United website. You may be wondering,.
” “Can I use my Chase points to book this flight? Don'' t I require United miles or. points? The response is “” yes””, and this brings me to the second way to schedule your travel.
with your Chase Ultimate Rewards points.Luckily, United is one of 9 airlines.
that is partnered with Chase, so you can move points out of Chase and into.
their program. To do it, all you require to do is go to Use Points, then choose.
Transfer to Travel Partners. From here, select the airline that you want the.
transfer points to, then enter your frequent leaflet program details.
You'' ll then need to choose the amount of points in 1000 point increments. Struck.
Continue to examine the information, then select Confirm and Submit to finish.
the transfer. And that'' s it. It ' s extremely easy and the points transfer immediately.
over to the travel partner so you can finish the booking. In addition to.
these two methods of redeeming points, here are some tips to bear in mind.
Number 1: Log out and back in if a points balance isn'' t upgraded. If you.
transfer indicate a travel partner, it should be instantaneous.However, there.
are times when the balance does not update instantly, which prevents me.
from finishing the reservation. To force the points balance to update,.
I advise logging out of your account then log back in. This seems to do the.
trick every time. Number 2: Consolidate points into one Chase card. While it'' s. perfectly all right to leave your points expanded between your various.
Ultimate Rewards making Chase cards, you might wish to consider combining your.
points under your main travel card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or.
Preferred. In the occasion that you wish to move a big amount of indicate a.
travel partner, you might be forced to combine the points anyhow..
consolidating ahead of time will save you some time and effort. Number 3: Sharing points. Chase will allow you to share points with others in your.
family. I won'' t go through all the details, but if you plan to share points,.
check out our video on the subject to find out more about the policies and.
nuances.Number 4: Save your favorite travel partners. Chase will allow you to.
conserve your favorite regular travel programs. This means that you won'' t have. to enter your details again for the program, and makes the procedure simpler and.
When making future bookings, faster. Number 5: Booking seats when utilizing the.
travel website. I'' ve observed that a couple of times when I reserved a flight through the.
Chase Travel Portal, I wasn'' t provided the option to choose my seat. And when I.
would go to the airline company'' s website, I couldn ' t retrieve my reservation. If you end up in.
this situation, I suggest calling the airline company directly.
and requesting for the confirmation code on their side, and whether you can pick.
your seat rather than waiting until you inspect in or you get to the airport.
And finally, number 6: You can adjust the amount of points used when reserving.
through the Chase Travel Portal.Suppose you wish to book that flight but you.
wear'' t wish to consume all your points. You can in fact adjust how many points you.
wish to use. It'' s similar to the cash and points redemption programs used.
This can also be useful if you put on'' t have. And those are our pointers when.
utilizing Chase Ultimate Rewards points for reserving your travel.
Do you choose booking through the Chase Travel website, or transferring to a.
travel partner. What'' s the finest per point worth that you'' ve been able to get
. when using your Chase points? If you'' re interested in requesting any of the.
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