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https://www.youtube.com/embed/GFqYgwRTCIs Hey I'' m Adam Jusko from ProudMoney.com and in this video I'' m going to review the Disney Visa credit cards.
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if you have not currently and if you have currently I thank you for doing so. So,
there are 2 Disney Visa credit cards to pick from, both of these cards are
issued in partnership with Chase and they allow you to make Disney Reward
Dollars on your card purchases.Now Disney Reward Dollars are essentially
the like routine old dollars other than for the reality that for the most part you
can only use them at Disney, so they have that constraint to them. The number
one card … or the very first card I shouldn'' t state the top … the very first is the Disney
visa that has no annual charge. This is a card that offers you 1% back in Disney
Reward Dollars on all your purchases, so essentially 1% back in those benefit
dollars that you can use and redeem at Disney parks and for Disney films and
Disney product, all that sort of thing. You can make a $50 benefit on this
card after you use it for the very first time– you put on'' t need to meet any limit,
simply as long as you utilize the card you'' ll get that$ 50 bonus. It provides you 10% off
on Disney product and also Disney meals when you go to Disney parks. You get some unique meet-and-greet opportunities with Disney characters
that are for cardholders just. Otherwise there'' s not a lot going on. You can get some discounts on funding for Disney trips if you do that, however financing a Disney trip doesn'' t truly sound like the best concept anyhow so I'' m not truly going to go too hard into that.Now in order to redeem these dollars you actually need to earn 20 of them and then you generally request for a redemption card, which is a $20 gift card that you can usage either at Disney shops or online or at Disney parks. So there'' s not a load to like here. You'' re essentially getting a 1% cash back card. There are a zillion reward cards on the market that are going to give you considerably more than 1% cash back, there'' s even 2 percent flat money back cards– you get 2% on everything. There'' s not a whole lot of value here. If you ' re somebody that wants, is searching for additional Disney benefits, there aren'' t a great deal of them, there truly aren ' t.
You ' ve got that fulfill and greet with the characters, so if you have youngsters that are really into Disney and wishing to meet a few of the characters while you'' re at one
of the parks, that might be something that is attractive, however otherwise there'' s not a. lot here that is actually so Disney specific or Disney.
distinct that you couldn'' t simply purchase with routine cash when you were.
making more benefits off a various credit card.So that is something to.
certainly think about. Now there is a 2nd Disney reward card that does have a yearly fee. Let'' s see if that a person is any better.
That is the Disney. Premier Visa, which has a$ 49 annual charge for this one. You get 2% back in.
Disney Reward Dollars on filling station purchases, grocery store purchases,.
restaurant purchases, and then your Disney purchases as well. You'' ll get 1% back on whatever else that you buy with the card. There'' s a little more versatility in regards to utilizing these benefits, you can use them towards airline company flights, but there'' s not a great deal more. Otherwise, you'' re. still just using them for Disney dollars here. In essence you'' re paying a$ 49. annual charge for not truly a great deal more than you are getting for the no.
annual fee card. Yes, you'' re getting more in benefits however you'' re not getting higher Disney perks and, once again, you'' re now paying $49 for a credit card.
that gives you less than many other no yearly charge card on the market. You can get 2 percent charge card that give you 2 percent flat.
throughout whatever you purchase and you put on'' t need to pay an annual fee.If this card.
or the other card were offering such terrific Disney-specific features.
then you can make a case for it, however it'' s very hard to make a case for either.
one of these cards really. As far as we take a look at it, if you'' re somebody. that truly really loves Disney, perhaps it makes sense for you to get that no.
annual cost Disney card, keep it around, you don'' t truly have to use it.
really frequently, however keep it around so when you really go to a Disney park you can.
get those meet and welcomes, you can get your 10% off your meals which sort of thing, however otherwise there'' s no factor to be utilizing.
this card on an everyday basis.Many people may seem like Disney is a.
wonderful place but regrettably their charge card are not especially.
wonderful when compared to other cards out on the marketplace today. That'' s it. Thanks.
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You'' re essentially getting a 1% money back card. There'' s not an entire lot of value here. Let'' s see if that one is any better.
You'' ll get 1% back on whatever else that you buy with the card. There'' s slightly more versatility in terms of using these benefits, you can use them towards airline flights, however there'' s not a whole lot more.

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