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caption check out the city secured MasterCard it has no yearly cost [Music] today I'' ll be speaking about the city protected MasterCard I'' ll be discussing the benefits and the drawbacks of having this card by the'end of this video you ' ll understand if the city protected card is the one you desire to get this video started I ' m going to note some quick pros and cons fine so there is no yearly charge you put on ' t need a savings account you only need to put down a 200 dollar deposit and there ' s complimentary credit monitoring when it comes to the cons when you use you will get a tough credit inquiry you will make no benefits and they do charge foreign deal charges if you choose to go outside the country for a lot more pros and more cons examine out the credit quick review article on the city secured card the link to that remains in the description listed below this video ok so just recently I did a poll asking everyone I provided 4 options what is their favorite safe card and oddly enough the city secured card only got one vote I could hardly believe it has a lot to use and I simply believe it'' s something that'it ' s not also understood as the Capital One secured card or the find it'' s protected card so today I am going to review this charge card offer more carefully and you may really like it much better than either the find it protected card or the Capital One protected card I was surprised that the city'' s protected card wasn ' t more popular it ' s extremely similar to the Capital One secured card one of the essential distinctions is that the city secured card actually finishes so after you have your account for 18 months there'' s a decision made whether you get your deposit back if you have good payment history they will refund your deposit and your account remains open and now has it on protected status and you can also then update to something else maybe like the city double money card that might be available to you after having actually the secured card deal for a while however with the capital one protected card it doesn'' t rather work like that in order to get your down payment back you need to cancel your account and in order to get an unsecured card you also need to look for a brand-new unsecured card you can'' t keep your secured account open however in order to get an unsecured capital one card with rewards you'' re going to have to request a brand name brand-new offer so the fact that city makes it easy where you can transition your card to unsecured and after that do a product modification to something like double money a no annual fee benefits card that seems like a huge plus to me and I believe that maybe not everybody understands about this essential difference I think for many individuals they presume they can do the exact same thing with Capital One and it isn'' t that'easy so if that'' s something that ' s essential to you should definitely consider the city secured card over the Capital One secured card basically with all city charge card you do have the option of doing an item modification but you require to call your customer support representative and see if that option is offered to you all right so if you'' re finding this review video on the city protected MasterCard valuable hit that like button and if you'' re in the procedure of constructing your credit either because you have bad credit no credit or reasonable credit sign up for credit fast I evaluate different credit card uses that will assist you develop your credit report greater now obviously there'' s also the discover in protected card and people actually like that a person that was the highest ranked card on my on my survey are my survey and for good factor since with the discovery it'' s protected card if you pay on time you do get your down payment back and you'' ve made benefits the whole entire time that you'' ve had this charge card you wear'' t have to do an item change you already have a rewards credit so certainly the find it card is popular for that reason some individuals have discovered it a little difficult to get approved for if you'' re wondering if you have a likelihood of getting into the find it'' s a treated card I did an evaluation video on it and in the remark areas individuals composed a lot about whether they could get approved for this offer or not the same thing with my Capital One review video people composed in the comment section everything about how what their specific scenario is and if you check out that you can sort of judge based on what you'' re going through today whether you have a likelihood of getting this card so absolutely examine out those videos and a while back I did an evaluation video discussing 5 different protected credit card uses you absolutely ought to check that one out whatever having to do with secured credit cards all those videos you'' ll discover in the description below and absolutely inspect it out today I'' m going to appear this chart these are the 5 protected credit deals I spoke about and you can compare and contrast the features the advantages the downsides comparing and looking in between these five offers you can find the one that'' s best for you so possibly in this secured credit card is harder to get approved for so in the remarks listed below if you obtain the city'' s secured card let us understand if you got approved or not and how you felt about the card if you really did get it do you really like it and were you pleased that you began a credit card relationship with sitting so did you get this city secured card due to the fact that you wished to restore credit or possibly it was your extremely first charge card when you turned 18 tell all of us the good and the bad and whether you think that viewers of this videos need to really get it so this is a pro idea it'' s especially important for people that are opening a city protected card without a checking account just recently two years ago I'' d state they altered their policy that the only way you can make a payment at a branch location is through the ATM and you do require a pin for that so if that'' s how you prepare to make your payments on this account I recommend that as soon as you perhaps can get your PIN number that way you'' ll be set up to make your payments at City branch areas all right so I desire to state some of you a difficult credit inquiry fine so the secure card is not for everybody if you have had an insolvency in the past two years do not look for the city secured card they will not approve you all right so is the city secured card the ideal secured charge card for you if you'' re still unsure compare it to different contending deals there are a great deal of great ones out there and make a choice on whether this card is ultimately going to be the finest offer for you up until next time discover from my ideas and techniques by striking subscribe and the bail notificationAs discovered on YouTube – Creative 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