Chase Ultimate Rewards vs American Express Membership Rewards | Which Points Program is Better?


Hope you all are having a terrific week. Its Ernest from Trip Astute.
start this video, given that today we are reviewing a questionable and heated subject. Ill be comparing Chase Ultimate Rewards
to American Express Membership Rewards, and sharing which one I think is better. (light chiming music) The 2 greatest players in the points and
miles video game are Chase and American Express. I understand Citi is also in the video game with their
ThankYou Rewards program, however for the sake of simpleness, Im going to compare the
Chase Ultimate Rewards program to the American Express Membership Rewards program.I understand this concern comes up a lot during
my charge card assessments. A lot of individuals would like to know whether I believe
Chase is much better than American Express, and whether they need to wait until they are under
5/24 to pursue more Chase cards or build out their American Express cards. So today, Im going to share my personal
opinion on both programs. Obviously, its simply my opinion, and you
might feel totally different about it. For those of you who are brand-new to the points
and miles hobby, and even new to one of these benefits programs, Im hoping my analysis
If youre a knowledgeable points and, is helpful.And
miles geek, I would enjoy to hear your thoughts on which program you prefer and why. Prior to we start, if youre new here,
welcome to our channel. Trip Astute is a travel channel that is focused
on sharing ways to make travel easier, cost effective, and more enjoyable. Traveling can be costly and stressful,
Were looking for methods to assist you maximize your experience through travel suggestions, points
and miles, and innovative equipment. Please if that sounds fascinating to you
consider subscribing. To be fair, I desire to compare both programs
in a couple of different classifications and share the benefits and drawbacks of each. Ill be taking a look at point earnings, point
redemptions, advantages, approval, client service, downgrade options, and approval and
welcome deal rules.So, lets jump in. For points earnings, its a bit of blended
bag. For both Chase and American Express, there
are several personal and service credit cards that earn in different benefits classifications. I will state that Chase lacks a card
that uses a bonus category in groceries, which is typically a huge costs category for
individuals. Chase does have the Freedom card which generally
has at least one quarter where you can earn 5 points per dollar on grocery costs. I do wish that Chase would include a.
grocery category classification one of their cards, as I think believes an area location American Express.
has the upper hand.On the flip side, I dislike how American Express.
has more limiting benefit categories. While the American Express Gold.
makes 4 points per dollar on eating in restaurants and groceries, its only valid for United States merchants. While the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve.
When outside the United States, make benefit points on dining out even. Given that travel is a reward classification for.
the Chase Sapphire cards too, you dont have to reconsider making a reward.
at a hotel restaurant because it may code as a hotel instead of a real dining establishment. In summary, both have fairly equivalent earning.
capacities, particularly if you get several cards that provide various bonus offer classifications. Chase is certainly doing not have when.
For me, its a tie for both programs. Moving on to point redemptions, I personally.
discover Chase Ultimate Rewards points to be a lot easier to redeem. Chase may not have as many airline travel.
partners as American Express, however they seem to have the ones that I personally use the.
most, like Southwest and United. We typically use our points toward Hyatt.
and have actually had the ability to get some incredible redemptions, even at a few of Hyatts more budget plan hotels. I likewise like that I can use the Chase Travel.
Website to redeem points. It might not be the greatest redemption worth,.
however getting 1.25 or 1.5 cents per point isnt terrible either. Plus, it offers me the chance to redeem.
for boutique hotels or perhaps trips, which I think is very handy. In reality, inspect out our video on how and when.
to use the Chase Travel Portal for additional information. I do have buddies that definitely enjoy and.
prefer American Express points. A buddy of mine loves to fly ANA to Japan.
and she finds the point transfers to be really financially rewarding, specifically for organisation class travel.Its certainly possible to get a lot of.
worth from American Express points, but I think youre mainly limited to air travel.
redemptions. And I d even argue that the very best worth redemptions.
are for business and first-rate travel, which might or might not be your design. I know personally that while I like the concept.
of high-end aspirational travel, I personally would rather be able to travel further and more.
typically with my points, which indicates that Im more likely to fly on budget plan airlines or economy. Again, this is going to be a really individual.
choice and will truly depend on your travel design, destinations, and personal costs. American Express does provide rewards sometimes.
on their points transfers, which is something I wish Chase would offer.However, while I love this aspect of Membership.
Rewards points, I do not like that they charge a fee to transfer points to domestic travel.
partners. Redeeming points on the American Express.
Travel Portal yields you a much lower redemption rate, so I do not suggest using it unless.
youre figured out to use your points at whatever worth you can get. For the sake of simpleness, Im.
not going to cover American Express versus Chase money back redemptions. I understand there are American Express cards that.
can help you get to get a greater cash back redemption rate, but thats an entire another.
subject and video. So, in summary, Chase has more flexible redemption.
types and alternatives with hotel and travel portal bookings.Though they do not have extra bonuses and have.
less airline company travel partners to select from. American Express, on the other hand, has more.
airline travel partners and offers rewards particular times of the year on transfers, however.
likewise charges a charge to transfer indicate domestic carriers. I personally choose Chase points, so Im.
going to provide this category to them. Once again, your travel choices and design.
will dictate which program is a much better suitable for you. Next up are benefits.This is likewise a mixed bag. Both Chase and American Express offer benefits.
on their cards. I think youll discover that American Express.
does offer credits on more of their cards, though the catch is that they tend to be a.
bit more limiting. For example, the Gold and Platinum card both.
have an airline incidental charge credit, however you cant use it toward paying for flights. I know you buy gift cards, but even that is.
type of a workaround option considering that its not officially supported by American Express.Also, American Express typically requires you.
to redeem your credits over the period of a year. The dining credit on the Gold.
card is $120, however you can only redeem $10 each month at select dining establishments and ordering.
services. You wont discover as numerous credits on Chases.
cards. Nevertheless, if we look at the Chase Sapphire.
Reserve, it has a $300 yearly travel credit, which you can basically redeem at one time. Plus, considering that Chase is relatively liberal with what.
they qualify as travel, its so easy to redeem the credit. I typically inform people that though the.
Chase Sapphire Reserves annual cost is $450, its really more like $150 because its.
so simple to get the travel credit.Even for me, Ill typically see parking costs.
get credited on my account, which is, unfortunately, a common expenditure for me given that we live in LA. The American if we compare lounge gain access to.
Express certainly wins given that their Platinum card offers access to Centurion lounges. Both Chase and American Express do have concierge.
services, though I need to confess that Ive never ever utilized it. Also, when taking a look at things like main.
automobile rental insurance coverage and trip hold-ups, the Chase Sapphire cards offer a lot more security.
as part of their subscription. On the other hand, purchase security is.
more smooth on American Express cards considering that you submit a claim with American Express and.
not a 3rd party. This is not the case with Chase. Im not saying that it doesnt work.
my experience is that it'' s typically easier when its processed by the very same business as the.
card provider. American Express card members also get a free.
subscription to ShopRunner, which resembles Amazon Prime for other sellers. Also, I truly like the manner in which American.
Express does their offers.All you need to do is activate the deal,.
instead of going through a portal. This suggests that you can potentially double.
up on benefits by utilizing a cash back portal or a discount voucher with your purchase. I know that Chase recently started to do offers.
But I believe that American Express is way ahead in this regard. In summary, American Express provides credits.
on more of their cards, though they are more restrictive to redeem. American Express likewise tends to have much better.
lounge gain access to, concierge service, and purchase security. They likewise have an unbelievable offers program.
as part of their membership. Chase has much simpler to redeem credits.
and much better vehicle leasing and trip postpone coverages. Its a bit of a toss-up because they both use substantial worth, though in different ways.But if youre some who can take full advantage of the.
benefits of your American Express cards, there is probably more there to make the most of. Even with higher yearly costs on their cards,.
there is a great deal of benefits included. So, Im offering this classification to American.
Express. Next up is approval. This is one is pretty simple. Youre going to have more approval with.
a Visa or Mastercard over American Express. Its very little of a concern here in the United States,.
but when traveling abroad, it can be challenging to discover locations that will accept American Express.
cards.So, Chase takes this category. In regards to consumer service, Ive had terrific experiences with both the service associates from Chase and American Express. Though I would most likely provide the edge to American.
Express, primarily because they have a fantastic chat functionality on their website. Ive asked the reps to downgrade cards over.
chat, and theyve been able to do it without any issues. Mentioning downgrade options, this is an.
location where Chase certainly has the advantage. If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve or.
Preferred card, you can constantly downgrade your card to a Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and even.
a standard Sapphire, which isnt even noted on the Chase website. American Express, on the other hand, is a bit.
more complex. , if you have an American Express Platinum or.
Gold card, and you desire to downgrade, your only option is the Green Card, which still.
has a yearly charge. You cant downgrade to an Everyday card,.
despite the fact that it likewise makes Membership Rewards points, given that the Everyday card is a credit.
card and the Platinum, Gold, and Green card are charge cards.This presents some issues for those of you.
that do not wish to cancel cards considering that it can temporarily harm your credit rating. So, in this category, I have to say that Chase.
definitely has the advantage. While American Express does have a great deal of.
cards, consisting of a mix of charge and charge card, it isnt simple to downgrade their.
charge cards since there isnt a no-annual-fee credit card in their lineup. Last but not least, approval and welcome deal rules! Chase is notorious for a few of their strict.
approval rules like 5/24 and 2/30. See our if youre not familiar with them.
videos on the topic. Nevertheless, these rules usually result in people.
wanting to develop their Chase portfolio before American Express. I advise that technique as well considering that you.
If you get too lots of other cards, can basically disqualify yourself from getting Chase cards.
within a 24 month period.Also, a great deal of individuals will go the little organisation.
card path in order to get around the 5/24 rule. Generally, you require to be listed below 5/24 to get.
a service charge card, once you get one, it does not count versus your 5/24 total. If you receive a business card, its.
absolutely a great method to go. Service cards offer some of the finest welcome.
offers and bonus categories.If youre interested in small company cards.
or wish to comprehend whether you may certify, inspect out our video on the topic. When, American Express has fewer restrictions.
it concerns getting approvals. Nevertheless, they do have a when in a life time.
rule for their welcome offers. For instance, if you had the American Express.
Platinum card in the past and received the welcome deal, but then devalued or canceled.
the card, you will not be able to get the welcome offer again if you obtain the card. In, this classification, I have to provide the upper.
hand to American Express. Though, if you do have any interest in building.
a Chase card portfolio, then you ought to begin with them given that their cards are far more tough.
to get due to these guidelines. When we tally up the points, you can see that.
its tied, which is what I expected. Both programs offer a lot of value, particularly.
, if youre able to take advantage of the benefits.. Though if I might only make one points program,.
I would say that I choose to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points. That should not be a surprise to those of.
you that have actually been viewing my channel for a while.I simply find that the program seems to meet.
my travel requires, and I feel like I have the ability to get a lot of value from the points. And I dont think Im the only one that feels.
this way either. When I asked the question on my Community.
tab a couple of months back, I noticed that about 60% of you felt the very same method. That being stated, I still believe its a good.
idea to diversify and build multiple points programs.Things alter all the time in this pastime,.
If Im focused on another program within the next three years, and I wouldnt be shocked. I kind of hope not, specifically considering that.
I like my collection of Chase Ultimate Rewards making cards. I was going to state sixfecta, however Im pretty.
sure thats not the best terminology. If you understand that the equivalent of.
” trifecta” is for 6 cards, let me understand. Which versatile points program do you choose? Do you make multiple currencies, or do you.
focus on simply one? Let me understand in the comment section below. If youre interested in requesting a new.
credit card, we would like it if you utilized our link in the video description or on our.
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community. Till next time, travel safe and travel wise. As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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Both Chase and American Express deal benefits.
Express. In terms of client service, Ive had great experiences with both the service associates from Chase and American Express. I would probably provide the edge to American.
” trifecta” is for 6 cards, let me understand.

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