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Im going to leap in the computer system so I can reveal you men just how much cash that I have actually earned considering that Ive been utilizing this card for the last ten months hey whats up the upper class as it going the chase company unrestricted card lets discuss it this is a rapidly evaluation of my individual experience with the chase unlimited business credit cards so utilizing this card over the last 10 months I liked it so much now I have not only one however I was 2nd one Im not gon na reveal you people my card numbers so let me provide you the quick backstory about this card look for this card back in may in 2019 prior to then I solely use at the American Express service card for all my business use so just so you guys know this video is not sponsored by Chase this is based on my individual experience of utilizing this card over the last ten months and in my viewpoint which is in company card is among the very best card that you can have right now if you have an organisation any type of company any size any size of company medium to large businesses the card is simple and uncomplicated $500 money back on the very first 90 days when you invest $3,000 no yearly fee 12 months no interest 1/2 money back on every purchase the only con in my opinion this cars and truck really has is the 3% foreign deal fee thats if you travel a lot whatever else is a plus about this card and if you wan na sign up for this card and get the $500 money back I have the link down in the description at the time of this recording January 2020 the $500 benefit is still going on so Im going to leap in the computer so I can reveal you men how much money that I have earned given that Ive been using this card for the last 10 months so in November in 2015 I had some expenses showing up for among my other organisations however what I did was I had my existing company sponsored my second company and then I had the ability to get an another $500 for that organisation not one hundred and fifty dollars recommendation so here it is guys this is card top for the last 10 months on this card I made 8 hundred and forty two dollars and ninety 9 cents okay people so this is rather number one this is the first one that I so this is the first card that I received from go after best so far in hundred and forty two dollars and ninety 9 cents thats practically that I made on this card remember absolutely no zero interest for the next 12 and even if this cars and truck had an interest remember we have a great deal of videos on this channel mentor you guys how to make cash using your card without paying a rates of interest if you paying an interest the cash that youre returning is not worth it so this is 842.99 so far this is card primary so now let me job to let me leap to card number 2 the one that I get in November for my for among my other businesses let me go in and leap to it and reveal you this is the second card anything you people do me a favor hit the thumbs up on this video if youre discovering any worths all activities fine so this is the 2nd card fine so the second card so far November we got into a 3-4 months so 5 thousand and fifty three ninety 9 cents alright so as you can see and then this is no interest being no interest being paid in here five hundred fifty 3 ninety nine cents and again men we have a great deal of videos on this channel revealing you how to use your card to make money without paying a rate of interest and like we constantly stated if you can not afford to pay them in complete at the end of each billing cycle or at the end of every month the one in half money back or whatever they giving you is not worth it due to the fact that youre gon na end up discomfort mode there no organisation of making cash and to keep you in financial obligation so thats why if you cant you need to stay away from this is also another factor why we talk about credit a lot on this channels these are all the benefits that you can take when you have a great decent 2 great credit and if you have a service every costs every thing in there that I utilize those cards for these are costs thats already been budgeted and the cash is there to pay for them Im not using my card simply to utilize it those are real expenses for my organisations the end of each billing cycle these cards they get paid in full even if we had a rate of interest we still wouldnt pay a cent on interest because we dont use it if somethings showing up the cash is not there to pay for it were bad its not gon na occur since I refused to pay a penny on interest as always men thank you thank you once again for enjoying my name is Paul with Sunset Realty and State Insurance please subscribe so you dont miss out on any of our next videos Ill see you in the next one.

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