ABOC Platinum Rewards Credit Card


You don ' t miss a thing.Okay so the ABOC Platinum rewards credit card is a. new credit card from this Bank in Chicago.
I hope that ' s best I have no. I. clicked on that it'' s gon na open this page here and on this page as you can. It'' s extremely really new I ' ll really click on this to show you find out
. I'' m not sure if that ' s you know a huge offer right now.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/NNLlnE7BQeo Okay so there'' s a brand-new charge card called the ABOC Platinum rewards charge card this credit card is from a bank in Chicago so we'' re gon na be speaking about this particular credit card in this video but prior to we get going I have a fast message. Invite to another video if you'' re new here my name is Duane with how to develop credit tv.com and on this channel we discussed everything you need to understand about credit, charge card and how to earn money utilizing credit cards. If this sounds like something which you'' re. interested make sure to register for our channel and click that alert bell. You put on ' t miss out on a thing.Okay so the ABOC Platinum rewards credit card is a. brand-new credit card from this Bank in Chicago.
Now that a in the ABOC stands. for Amalgamated Bank of Chicago now I really wear ' t desire to state that a lot more. due to the fact that I ' m not exactly sure if that'' s proper however that ' s what I ' m gon na choose. I utilize. my Hooked on Phonics skills and that ' s what I developed. We'' re gon na have. an appearance at that specific credit card the ABOC Platinum rewards charge card.
So this particular charge card is a charge card that has no annual charge. It.
in fact has a quite sweet initial deal where you pay no interest at all.
for the first 12 months and this consists of on your purchases in addition to.
your balance transfer. And you actually have the capability to get $150 statement.
credit as soon as you invest $1200 within the very first 3 months of having this.
particular card.Now what I believe is pretty cool about this card is it.
actually permits you the capability to make 5 times points or 5% back on specific.
categories. So it'' s a quarterly card where basically you can earn five times.
or 5% back based on particular categories throughout the year. So me personally I.
love 5% cash back cards and I like charge card that have you know the.
classifications that you can select and get 5% on particular purchases. I'' m a huge. find it card fan I'' m a substantial chase liberty fan.As a matter of reality I made.
over $1700 on my Discover card because of course Discover does provide cashback.
match. Now this particular charge card from ABOC does not have cashback.
matching which is fine. It'' s a quite decent credit card so what I'' m gon na
do.' since I don ' t desire to screw up any of the details is I ' m gon na jump on over to. my laptop computer so we can have an appearance at the site to make certain
I give you all the. information that you need in regards to the ABOC platinum rewards charge card. So provide me one second I'' ll see you over on the laptop.Okay so as you can see.
we'' re at the website here to take a look at. the'ABOC Platinum rewards credit card so I'' m actually at the bank ' s site. and I ' m just gon na attempt to state
this when the name of the name or the website'of.
I hope that ' s right I have no. ABOC platinum benefits credit card.So this bank has been in business for a long. I'' m at the site because I desired.
to show you that this is a protected site as you can see on top left here. This.
little lock ways that this is a guaranteed website so you can trust it if you'' re. interested in coming here and getting your credit card from ABOC bank..
Because I want to, anyhow let me go ahead and click on the platinum card here.
show you all the details I desire to make sure that I wear'' t miss anything. I. clicked on that it'' s gon na open this page here and on this page as you can. see it states ABOC Platinum rewards credit card. When, you get $150 declaration credit.
you open the card and you spend $1,200 within the first 90 days. You likewise have.
0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers. That is a quite sweet offer.
and of course there'' s no annual fee.I like the truth that there'' s no yearly cost. because that'' s right up my alley no yearly cost is perfect for me. Another.
thing that I desire to show you people here so after you have the 0% introductory.
APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months after that your rates.
gon na be 15.15% to 25.15% This APR will differ with the.
market based on the prime rate you should transfer your balance within 90 days of.
your account open date for the promotional APR to apply, so that'' s. pretty straightforward in common sense.Another thing that'' s really cool about. this card is the truth that this card in fact enables you the ability to make.
five times rewards as much as $1,500 in combined purchases each quarter in.
popular categories such as dining, groceries travel and vehicle. Now this.
card is really brand-new. It'' s very brand-new I ' ll actually click on this to show you find out
. more just to show you how brand-new it is so I click on.
find out more therefore as you can see it says right here. The 2019 five-time reward.
calendar get five times points throughout the year on your favorite.
kinds of purchases and so as you can see here it states that this is valid right.
now from the month of January February March the first quarter of 2019. You can.
get five times points on dining and groceries and this card is so brand-new that I.
wear'' t think you can register on the site simply yet so it states offer.
activation coming quickly if you click here it states register now June through.
January if you click on that it just sort of brings you back to this page and.
I'' m not sure if that ' s you understand a huge offer today. I'' m sure you can most likely. you understand enter that particular classification by contacting client service.
however I certainly want to proceed and make a video and reveal you guys that this.
particular card that ABOC Platinum rewards charge card is it'' s a quite. decent card. They have two various cards here as you can see.They have this.
Union strong card and I that card I think you need to have better credit.
since the APR is lower than the ABOC Platinum rewards charge card. Let me.
go on and just leap back real rapidly here to this other page that I was on so.
that I can go to the bottom and sort of program you what we generally currently.
talked about but I just wish to make certain that I wear'' t miss out on anything so as.
Once again the initial APR is gon na be 0% on your purchases as, you can see.
well as balance transfers for the first 12 months and then after that it'' s gon na. go to 15 point 15 percent to 25 point 15 percent based on your credit value.
of course. And then of course you'' re gon na get the$ 150 statement credit as soon as.
you spend $1,200 within the very first 3 months.
There'' s mobile banking which is truly great obviously so there'' s an app there ' s. no yearly charge. And obviously you can get 5 times punctuate to $ 1,500 for each.
category in each quarter.So that'' s quite cool and obviously they'' re. talking about MasterCard absolutely no liability then of course there'' s unlimited points.
that you can earn that do not end. It in fact discusses here at the bottom.
of the screen where your late payment will not raise your APR which is quite.
excellent. And after that of course you'' re gon na earn. every purchase you'' re gon na be able to earn at least one point right so.
generally if you'' re not getting 5 times back on your purchases you'' re. gon na get 1% on whatever else.So it'' s practically like the discover it card.
other than they wear'' t do cashback match which is all right. It'' s another alternative.
that you can have if you'' re thinking about having a another credit card that you.
can get five times back so that'' s quite cool thank you for seeing this part.
of the video I'' ll see you people back in just one 2nd. Thank you so much for.
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