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caption most Americans have currently gotten their stimulus checks after payments began publishing to savings account in March and now countless debit cards are being sent by mail out nationwide to Americans who are unable to get their payments digitally and there are some things that you require to learn about this card so that you don'' t inadvertently believe it'' s a spam offer and toss it away transport 2s expense Spencer has been at the leading edge of strolling you through this crucial financial information during this financial crisis he'' s live in Tomball tonight with what you need to understand if you receive among these government-issued debit cards bill Chris and Lauren this is something we have received countless e-mails about from our concerned viewers and they have a right to be concerned after all they were anticipating to get a stimulus check in the mail not a stimulus debit card so now we have got all the info you require to know to make sure the card you get in the mail is the real deal when David Starr of Tombaugh first opened his long-awaited stimulus payment from the Treasury Department he practically tossed it out well it looks like a piece of scrap mail so I practically threw it in the trash that'' s because like countless other Americans david was expecting his main financial impact payment would come in the type of a check instead over the last few weeks the government has actually been sending 4 million stimulus payments in the form of a prepaid debit card that looks like this and I ended up being baffled due to the fact that it so how do you know what the card you get in the mail is legitimate there are clear markers to search for the card will arrive in a plain white envelope sent out from money network cardholder services the letter will specify that this is a financial effect payment card and finally the card is blue with Visa on the front and on the back it states Medibank I would just go ahead and utilize it similar to you would a charge card or a debit card monetary adviser Richard Rosso says the simplest method to utilize the card is to just use it to buy daily items because if you attempt to turn this into money there will be charges involved for instance if you utilize an out-of-network ATM device the very first time it'' s totally free but after that it'' s $ 2.00 whenever if you check your balance on the card that will cost you 25 cents whenever if you would draw cash from a bank teller the very first time it'' s free after that five dollars every time and lastly if you lose that card you'' ll need to pay 7 dollars and fifty cents now to utilize that debit card in the very best possible way and to avoid all the charges that we simply talked about the best thing for you to do is to have a look at the official VIP site and we'' re going to reveal that to you today it just go to e I p-card com that'' s a I P card dot-com there you can check your cash balance free of charge you can likewise get a map of all of the in network ATM makers in your location where obviously you can use that debit card without paying all those costs reporting reside in Tomball costs spencer KPRC channel 2 news important informationAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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