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Hi everyone Welcome back to my channel So today I’m really proud to make this video for you, because it’s all about embracing zero waste and saving money on fashion. We were actually at the Salvation Army, tempie store – and I’m here, with the delightful and extremely chic and fashionable Fade DeLatte, who explained to me and show me how to shop second hand and how to save a huge amount of money.

Now I personally love to buy things secondhand.

A lot of my handbags are second hand.

One of my dresses, even this is shirt – is actually a secondhand, especially, but I bought a lot of my secondhand stuff online.

I’m a little bit overwhelmed or nervous about shopping in a store like this.

I’d love for you to explain to everyone what you do and I will link.

Obviously, all your social media handles up in the video description box below Explain to you what you do and why you’re so passionate about this.

I literally have the best job and if you’d said to me ten years ago that I would be doing this, so I would have actually said to you what is an eco stylist.

I definitely in my 20s.

I was a product of maximalism. I had, lots, of clothes and I think I, kind of partly funded brands like sass and Bide because I was, always buying thing yeah and then I kind.

Of had this as Oprah’s, there’s a bit of an aha moment and I was kind of questioning.

Why am I buying all this stuff? It’s, not making me feel better.

It’s not helping me progress or evolve.

So I just really kind of looked at what I was doing and then I was traveling a lot, so I was forced in a way to really reduce So it just started to unfold.

Then I grew up with a mom who is very crafty and she came from quite a poor upbringing, so she didn’t have a lot.

She had this incredible knack to make everything fabulous, Very resourceful, very resourceful, so that get got in by osmosis and then when I was living overseas it came into play for me.

You know I grew up, op shopping and that kind of thing, but when I was overseas we went from pastime to practicality.

I really had to be smart about things and I was on a tight budget Moving around with stuff, so the moderate harder it’s.

Gon na be and the more draining all your resources Totally Vogue for me is like my fashion bible. So I would read that all the time and I would take photos in – and I would say right – I’ve got ten quid when I was living in London.

How can I recreate this Gucci look Challenging myself and then I could see well, okay, people kept asking me about my outfits and then I could see this was going somewhere.

So when I came back to Australia, I started talking to The Salvation Army and it all kind of grew from there.

My job is to really show everybody, the incredible stock that we have here.

I have just gone through the store with a and actually feel nauseous by the amount of stuff that’s here, The amount of stuff that’s brand new Tags still on so much great stuff.

This has been a bigger heart moment for me.

Seeing the amount of wastage here I know, and it’s – obviously, you’re doing your best to make sure it goes to new homes and yeah it’s.


Can you talk about why it’s so important that we all are open, minded about shopping here and supporting the Salvation Army? I think, as you say, the first thing is just the enormity at which we’re consuming.

We really need to take stock of that and be more mindful about how much we’re using. You know.

Why do we really need this? Do we need to buy that? Can we use it? Can we find it secondhand? So when you shop at a store like salvos stores, you’re empowering local community, because all of the profits that are made in our retail stores go straight into the mission and we help over million people every year.

So that’s people who are going through homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, So this fashion they’re little changemakers.

This is a powerful flow on effect.

How much money do you really raise Like what we’re talking about here, Millions and millions of dollars, and you know, and it’s and it’s fantastic, because each store is is profiting and we’re getting donations all the time Yeah Like At this store alone, I believe, makes over three million dollars a year and that’s all going back into the mission Okay.

So when you donate to the Salvation Army – and when you come in here and shop here, you are supporting millions of other people.

You’re helping people get back up on their feet again and it’s really important, and I have to say coming here even for a spiritual experience is, I feel, ill at the thought of going to my local shopping center and by yourself buying you Just don’t need to you know there is just so much good stuff here and I think that’s, what I’m really passionate about too, is just changing perception.

It’s not old it’s not more fully.

We’re really quite picky, with what we put on the floor.

So there are some beautiful capturing classic pieces here, yeah. On that note, this is actually gon na be.

This is part of a series, so make sure you subscribed and you switch on the nose system, because PHA has actually put together a fantastic new wardrobe for me, which comes to less than 250 dollars for the whole entire wardrobe.

I’m also going to be sharing with you, the top seven things that are actually amazing that I have literally discovered within 20 minutes of walking into this store.

So you have to come and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

You will be blown away.

HOW TO: Shop-Second Hand for Frugal Fashion & Zero Waste Eco Style (Video 1 of 3) || SugarMamma.TV

Can we just quickly touch on the environmental impact of shopping like the especially for my mutual friend, Anita Van Dyke? We’re at zero waste, yeah being incredibly mindful of reducing a consumption, the wastage, the environmental impact? Not just you know our wallets and also being a bit of a minimalist that I am.

Can we do that like what how this works? This is this very fact, but every 10 minutes in Australia we throw out 6 000 kilos of clothes That’s every 10 minutes.

Oh my gosh, So that’s textile waste, doesn’t bring into consideration furniture or home wares or anything like that.

The textile industry has a huge impact on damaging the environment, designer colors running through the waters Yeah the factories, making items, labor conditions and circles When we stop supporting that.

We stop encouraging this destructive and action towards our society, and I like what you say about when you stop supporting that, because once you wake up – and you have that moment of, like one pair of jeans – uses something like over 8 000 liters of water. Because, as you say, you know there’s the energy there’s the water, there’s the dye, There’s just so much.

That goes into making one pair of jeans and a quick look around this store.

We have a whole rack of incredible denim and brands as well, and they’ve never been bought or they’ve been worn.

Once you know, I mean half the time when you go into a new store.

Those things have been tried on anyway.

As I explained like, I would buy a lot of my secondhand stuff online In my mind before I even think about going to a store like this, I would assume that it’s disorganised, good smells it’s a mishmash of like stuff, and it was Completely overwhelming, Obviously I’ve come here and perceive it.

That is not the case whatsoever.

But what are your top tips for the moment you walk in, so that you, don’t get overwhelmed.

You don’t go nuts um by everything you know by mindfully, as you say, and you get great value for money.

Definitely having that awareness, because you don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff because that just becomes eco hoarding. You can buy too much because it’s inexpensive, So start simply by really what you love, what you need be discerning look at the fabric.

Hold it up, touch it think outside the box.

So I always look in the men.’s section.

I love men.’s clothing.

I quite often steal my hobby’s, collared shirts, t shirts or roll up the sleeves or aware them off the shoulder of getting to know fashion yeah.

So I’m, always looking at websites like Vogue runway.

I’m reading vogue.

I’m just taking an interest to get to know your brand’s.

Take this bag, for example, it’s such a goody bag.

It cost me 10. It’s Italian leather, those little accents that hardware.

That kind of is quite traditional to the Gucci brand and so bamboo feel.

I knew that because I’d been sort of looking at those ads and getting to know the DNA of the roads.

I knew your stuff last question before we show you the designer boutique, which I am so excited, I’m showing every bit.

I was really unbelievable, Who shops here, Everyone and anyone which is so fantastic.

I see such diversity every time I’m up.

I’m at one of our stores and I think it’s all budgets As well.

It’s, not just people who are on low budget.

There’s, people who are discerning, they’re.

Looking for brands collectors stylists come through here, vintage dealers. I love that because shopping at the flea markets is so incredibly chic and fashionable yeah, and this is a flea market that’s open 7 days a week and incredible value for money and it is so organized and everyone here is so helpful and friendly.

The staff are amazing, we just could not do it without them, and so many of us are volunteer years as well, and I have to say, if, for anyone who’s looking to hustle up some extra cash, maybe you’re doing the thousand dollar project.

I am fairly confident you could come here and find some incredible buys that you could then go and on sell on either eBay high end or even let your local Facebook groups – and I have to say I’ve – actually seen people on Instagram do this and Make quite a lot of cash go 2000 origin.

The beauty of that side hustle, is that you’re keeping it in the loop.

You’re reusing.

You’re, reducing your recycling and eco hustle yeah yeah.

It’s a little.

We’re gon na now show you the designer boutique section, which is where all the beautiful bags yeah Chris’s and your more high end pieces that you can find Here in the store.


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