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Here’s the Video Transcript: ** (248) 499-2422 Hey everybody this is gentle but global consulting resources our web addresses Wwl credit now um what I wanted to talk to you guys today real quick about was the CPM numbers and There’s a lot of things going around saying that you can’t use them no more. They’re no good and People are getting approved and their day which is very untrue What is true is that if they’re not correct? You’ll have a lot of issues And that’s what seems to be the problem nowadays because a lot of the times like it cause that’s usually what it is I had this I had that it didn’t work and That seems to be what the major issue is We still got out the algorithm on how to do too used to actually match them to the person’s exact birthday and state of choice, so This here is one of my this is my personal from one of mine This is a Georgian over issued to me in nineteen eighty-two were created for me, but issued in 1982 I Don’t want to hold you guys up too long, but what I want to get to the bread and butter is that this number here has to match with this number here if it doesn’t we’re going to have a whole bunch of problems and in that case you’re you’re never going to get anywhere and the problem with everything Is going to just be one big giant headache? so Let’s let’s switch screens here Hold on one second Okay, we switch the screens here all right.

This is my Credit, Karma login. I’m gonna show you guys real quick I’m gonna log in here I Don’t know if you remember I just showed you my address if you guys Had any attention to it and all I want to show used to say I’m on a credit report so you can compare everything What I would really like to see is you know people start to regain their faith in these numbers and Know actually going back to giving them opportunity, but it’s more solo You know having trust in the people you’re dealing with all right as you can see right here I have no credit score and autos. No nothing anything on here There’s absolutely zero on this thing.

Okay, so I’m gonna go tackle factual book And I’m gonna show you guys a few things All right this here Shows no score credit report There is nothing on here we have zero, but there’s that address again, which is what I showed you prior to Me logging in today’s there’s no credit changes on this credit report there are also Very little credit factors on here There’s no nothing else just one inquiry on here. That’s it okay All right, hopefully this screen will switch without any issues um I’m pretty much hoping it.

Will I don’t know what happened the last video all right. Here’s Capital One We’re gonna do this I kind of prefilled this in real quick because I don’t want like to video too long. I hate typing All right, so here. It is our click on this really fast. Okay there. It is. There’s my number. I’m gonna blare out possible Okay, but if not I guess I have to take that chance all right. We’re gonna do Not sure let’s do that Okay, I understand this isn’t a credit app. This is all the same info that you’ve got seen I’m just gonna Go ahead and submit this real quick, but before I do that. I want to go in here the validator This is today February 18 2018 you can see the time you’re on my screen saying all right Date of issue is Georgia. Here’s the number here. We’re gonna do quick Steve Morris okay, just to show you two five two is a Georgia is your number in between these years, okay, and It’s more specifically right here that is this Alright, so we’re gonna go over here again That number is in here, but that’s mine, so it’s personal Alright, but as you can see this is really coupled on one side You know I can even click on this to show you you know I’m not playing around or nothing like that This is all I can do this in real time.

See so this is all Rios not home screen each others on Alright, let’s see this car offers And what we get with this no, this is that same number all we want to do is see SUCCESS!!! I Don’t know if I’ll be able to put a link in this video below (248) 499-2422 Jim Sr ** You can call or text me my cell phone number is the same has always been its area code two four eight four nine nine two four two two You can guys can email me also Do my business Email which is Jim senior ji m, sr at real credit now Calm or you, can you know go to the website look over it see what you want to do And you can also leave a message of little documents, which we do a lot of other different things to You can leave me a message through the website as well, but I just wanted to show you guys that The number that I just showed you is Georgia issue number you can see here is not from two thousand anything is between 1936 and 1997 Steve Morris is a trusted website for a lot of people to cross-reference things I have no problem sharing any information with you that you can possibly get free so free through a Google search with the correct keywords this number here specifically shows you that it was issued to nineteen – This is all secure.

I can’t duplicate this in any way shape or form This is the actual Capital One website, okay? I can’t do anything about this. This is the real deal here This is also Capital One This is all real time. This is my credit report real time secure connection There’s no more proof that I can actually give you guys than this What we’re going to do though in the meantime is that this profile here? I’m going to add some primaries on to it and then once I do that We’ll do another video show that they post it. Then will you compare them to the list of? primaries that we have You’ll know to take post because you’ve seen that before so we’re gonna do that after as soon as everything uploads on here and Hopefully you know we can win some guys back over in Harrison Trust because we do this among other things we do credit repair we do a bunch of stuff here We do document stuff.

Do you name it? driver’s license issues But what we want what our ultimate goal here is just to see you guys win and succeed And I do this for a living This is my business, and I’m in it to make money and at the same time I want to see you and so you can make money too, so Hopefully. I hope this has been very helpful to you guys, and I hope that in the future you know we can do some business together so What I’m gonna. Do here is only in this video, and I want you guys to you know Make a comment. You know feel free to contact me Again, you know I left you guys my information (248) 499-2422 It’s ** (248) 499-2422 ** And we’ll have some credit scores on here, and we’ll do some actual Car apps where you guys can see the actual approval go through and then when they come in the middle I’ll show you guys the cars – so into the next video Be safe Succeed financially and manage your credit.

This is Jim with global consulting, and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace.

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