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caption a lot has been occurring and it'' s been impacting our personal lives and our financial lives that is what I'' ll be talking about today in credit news [Music] you all right so welcome to credit news where I'' m going to be talking about credit news I will be discussing whatever that has actually been going on and how it'' s all been affecting us however I'' m going to be speaking about what I think is going to take place to credit cards and I have a respectable concept what will given that I'' m going to base this on a similar scenario that has taken place so if you want to hear all of that stay and see the whole video hi there I hope you are all succeeding anywhere you are in this nation I know it'' s been extremely difficult extremely rough for a lot of you and I hope that you can continue to hold on for myself I am doing alright I have actually been impacted by everything however it hasn ' t been so bad as you can see I'' m in a various location shooting I have for the time being decided to be situated someplace else with family and I believed that was more vital than where I was remaining in the past and this is why my whole studio setup is different I'' m still attempting to work around everything but for me it'' s crucial to be in one place with my household I have actually been quarantined in my house for 10 days now I will be leaving tomorrow due to the fact that I need to get some materials however besides that I have been staying in which is crucial to me because in my life I am in contact with 2 individuals that are over the age of 65 so I want to make sure I remain healthy for them so that they remain healthy and that'' s the choice that I ' m making they re I live in today they are asking non-essential employees to remain home which'' s what I ' m doing and I believe for me that is a crucial choice I do have a part-time job where I'' ve lost many of my hours and there'' s an excellent reason why I will be working some hours today which'' s good but for one of the most part I'' ve been impacted with this whole scenario so I believed it was very important today to talk about how these things are impacting everybody when it comes to myself I consider myself very lucky because I actually lost about half of my income but I emailed a friend recently and I said well I'' m alright with that due to the fact that at least I have something can be found in and I understand a great deal of Americans don'' t have that today so I consider myself fortunate and I'' ve just been attempting to cut tongue my expenses right now to make up for that but I understand that I'' ll have the ability to simply scrape by and I'' m really happy that I'' ll be able to scrape by because there was a time in my life where it was very tough for me which was around the time of the real estate crisis and I really at the very end closed on a home closing on my very first house was something I was excited about I worked really hard I spent years saving cash for a down payment I had a 10% down payment and I was ready to move in and after I relocated and I would say it was most likely 2 weeks after I relocated I lost my primary task and it was a great job and after that I never ever worked rather as great as that a person and I no longer might afford my home and I did have cost savings and for a couple of months I was able to get by on that but I was basically out of work so I can have a concept of what that seems like for individuals that have actually lost their tasks and they have lease and they have mortgages and they feel so overwhelmed right now despite the fact that it was so tough for me I had the ability to make it through and it takes some time however it occurs you'' re able to be resistant enough to find methods to improve your scenario the thing I understand now that I want I knew then is that although you need to prepare for'your future that ' s really essential future planning attempting to help yourself and leave the circumstance I want I didn'' t sit and fret excessive about my future because it caused me a lot of stress and anxiety and tension so if I can make any recommendations to anyone watching with a challenging situation attempt to reside in that present minute try to do the best you can each and every day and slowly and slowly that'' ll start to construct and things will start to improve I'' m telling you all of this since I went through this and it took a lot to get out however I am doing okay I discovered a lot which'' s the thing sometimes you have to go through things to find out some things and right now I'' m doing alright and I believe a lot of it relates to what I learned back then just try the very best you can don'' t be too tough on yourself and benefit from what they'' re offering right now there ' s the 2.2 trillion stimulus bundle that'' s going to help a great deal of Americans and'if you don ' t know this currently if you ' re self-employed they ' re going to be providing offering some help to those individuals which in Prior times typically you didn'' t get any help and if you were self-employed so if you are self-employed definitely check out what you have readily available to you and if you'' re one of those individuals that are doing alright today and you have a little to extra consider contributing to a food bank a lot of individuals believe you have to donate actual food but many food banks take financial contributions that you can contribute online which can assist a great deal of individuals that are going through tough times it'' s people that were going through difficult times and for you can think that there'' s going to be even more people now that might utilize assistance while there are people that have entirely lost their jobs or are underemployed there are real individuals that are working even more than they had before and you might be doing well and to you men I want to say thank you since not only the people in the medical field because they'' re doing an outstanding task what is everyone else it'' s everybody else the vital employees that are going to their tasks every day and you are keeping America running so thank you ok so how are you doing how are you getting through this hard time have you come up with some techniques and suggestions to help conserve cash like I really have one whenever I require to get something I go to the Dollar Tree first everything at the Dollar Tree is a dollar due to the fact that they offer a great deal of things that you might most likely get that will conserve you cash and after that after I would patronize the Dollar Tree and I had one time I think I bought about 18 products and I believe if I bought them at the actual grocery shop it would be 25 to 30 dollars so I understand by checking out the Dollar Tree I conserved some money so after I completed shopping at the Dollar Tree I'' ll go to my real supermarket and finish my shopping there fine we'' re talking about grocery shops and if you have relative or neighbors over the age of 65 you might wish to ask if they require any aid with grocery shopping because if you'' re going to the store currently they may have a few items that they require and you could help them out a lot all right so I'' m going to show you my predictions about credit cards and I believe I'' m going to be pretty precise because I lived through a similar time I have been marketing charge card since 2002 I are among the first charge card marketers I have actually literally assisted thousands of individuals get approved for credit cards now when I state this I have been telling individuals about charge card because 2002 so I'' ve technically been among the very first influencers if you want to use that term about charge card I began in 2002 with websites and actually my first video about credit remained in 2008 the first video I did on credit on this channel remained in 2009 and if you really wish to see it you can see how scared I looked I appeared like my family was being held for ransom and I needed to do this video in order to free them that'' s how scared I was and clearly now I feel quite comfortable doing credit videos but I attempted doing them a couple of times in 2009 and you can take a look at how excellent they ended up you can apply for a card for people with less-than-perfect credit now if you don'' t have any recognized credit or you'' ve had a little bad moves along the way these kind of cards are great option initially they will charge a couple of costs in advance but if you consider the savings you can experience years down the line they are worth paying so then you'' re probably wondering fine then what altered from that time to this time well I learned how to be less shy and I started doing videos in 2018 and I'' ve been making them considering that and I value everyone that'' s viewed them and I appreciate all my customers due to the fact that I truly can'' t think that I ' m at a point today that I have more than 3,500 customers and it means a lot to me so I'' ve been in this area a long period of time and I'' ve seen a great deal of things and I informed you a lot my story about having a house and losing my task essentially 2 weeks after okay so technically this is what I implied when I said I lost my task what occurred was I was marketing charge card and my earnings depended upon people getting and using authorized for charge card but what occurred after the housing crisis was that the banks started to take up on credit approvals and when that happened it implied I earned less Commission'' s and I no longer might afford my home I believe this is in fact going to happen all over once again and I really know when I'' m talking in basic when I'' m talking in generalities like this it'' s due to the fact that I do understand a lot of individuals in the market so I can'' t exactly tell you what I know but I'' m going to inform you it'' s a mix so what I ' m going to inform you is stuff that I'' ve heard directly from the industry and what I understand myself to have actually taken place and what I'' m going to inform you today the approval rates for candidates are going to dramatically drop you might be making an application for credit you will not get authorized for you will got a difficult query you won'' t get a charge card and it ' s going to be because banks are going to increase their requirements in order to get an approval and it makes ideal sense because there ' s going to be a great deal of individuals that are going to obtain credit today'and they ' re not in a good monetary state right now so they'' re going to be very careful on just how much gets authorized another thing that I believe that can take place is that particular banks will suspend all charge card applications so this is an example I'' m going to use state if you have outstanding exceptional credit I indicate superior credit and you'' d have no issue getting approved for the Sapphire Reserve card now you may not get authorized for a card like that I actually heard that travel charge card are probably the worst charge card to look for right now especially because none of us are truly going anywhere so that'' s one factor'however it ' s a harder credit card to get you truly require excellent credit to get this card which ' s going to be an issue so a person that has excellent credit like that would be better off obtaining a card that has a simpler approval like the Capital One Quicksilver card they'' ll probably have no problem getting authorized for a card like that now the other thing that I think is going to take place is that if you can get approved for charge card your credit line are going to be lower so for instance that person that individual that might have had the Chase Sapphire Reserve card now obtains the Capital One Quicksilver card prior to that person may have been able to get authorized for a $12,000 credit line let'' s just toss that out as a possibility now I believe that the credit line approved will be lower and it may be something like $2,000 you still get the credit you'' re just not getting the very same kind of line of credit as you could have two months ago that is my forecast client service is going to be impacted in all industries not simply credit you need to think about it by doing this you have call centers these call centers are filled I would state a minimum of 40 people addressing calls and now with this all occurring whether the call centers are based in the United States or globally a lot of those are going to be shut down my theory right now that numerous companies not just credit related business are rushing right now to put up an infrastructure to allow their staff members to operate at home by doing this it'' s going to permit us to speak with someone if we require to now they ' re going to allow individuals and command-d banks already doing this and another bank that I bank with the first First National Bank of Omaha they'' re doing this they ' re helping out their clients when if they'' re having trouble with paying the something I think that is not going to be impacted that much our protected cards and that is for an apparent reason you need to put a down payment so the bank has no concern that they'' re going to lose cash on this account so if you need a charge card today and you have less than ideal credit I would state proceed get one of those deals because this is going to assist you develop credit you wish to be doing something favorable that you can spend these months affecting your credit favorably so that you'' re going to prepare yourself for your whole monetary life so this will provide you some months to work on it another number of credit cards I wear'' t think are going to lower their rate of approval it'' s going to be organisation as constantly would be credit one and the Indigo and turning point credit cards they will practically most likely approve at the exact same rate however that all stays to be seen there will be and you might even seen this with a couple of banks perhaps your city banks or possibly a much bigger Bank some banks will opt to not even accept credit card applications at this time at all so it depends on a lot of aspects on what people are going to be doing and what the decisions are going to be made however if it was my theory today they are currently starting to increase the requirements of what individuals need to have as far as a credit score in order to get authorized another theory I have and it'' s not based upon my previous experience with a housing crisis I do think that credit cards are gon na take a lot longer to get to you as soon as they are approved or if you have a credit card expiring it depends upon the credit card company but how necessary is a center that produces charge card I wear'' t understand which may actually take longer now they may have to have shut down production so you may be waiting on a charge card for a really long time if you are someone who just recently made an application for a charge card I'' ll leave a remark listed below if you were able to get it right away or not I'' d be interested in knowing I know this is a lot to take in and you'' re probably wondering what sort of credit card if you need it you can potentially solve now so I'' ve recently updated my homepage credit quick comm so I am highlighting deals and methods that assist individuals have the best possibility possible to get approved for credit during this time and like I said if you need to rebuild credit I really wouldn'' t wait till things improve you'' re probably much better off just doing what you would have done prior to so check credit quick comm from time to time to assist you discover a charge card provide right now if you have actually gotten credit cards let us understand in the comments since I know people here are going to be extremely interested and understanding what took place with your application if you had the ability to get approved or not and what charge card it was this can help individuals a good deal if you'' re among the Americans that are going through severe economic hardships I would at this time prevent entirely getting credit cards due to the fact that it'' s just going to contribute to your difficulty it'' s not a great time just try not to I guess you'understand I don'' t know what ' s going on in your circumstance but if you can avoid it I would not look for anything right now fine so another charge card I believe that won'' t be affected too much by all of this is a store card provided by community bank and that is the Carter'' s keep card now this card is for moms and dads that have young children and the good aspect of this card is that it offers rewards and totally free shipping we can all use free shipping right now also on that review post I left the application link if you'' re interested it'' ll direct you straight to the Carters site I do not get any kind of commission for this I just believe this is a good charge card deal that some of you could take advantage of so you'' re probably asking what I'' ve been doing during this time naturally I'' m spending a great deal of time with family and friends however also I have been dealing with my site credit quick comm I'' m making enhancements to that website I really handled that website myself I don'' t hire anyone out to do that so there are upkeep things I need to do month-to-month so I'' ve had the ability to catch up on a lot of that since I have all this totally free time now or I wouldn'' t say all this spare time however more than I'' ve seen in a very long time I'' ve taking this time to find out brand-new abilities that can help me when whatever the worst is previous and that'' s what a great deal of individuals are doing right now there ' s a great deal of online courses that can assist either help us find out brand-new skills to get brand-new jobs or to improve what we'' re doing already in our professions I put on'' t know oh yeah oh yeah I forgot I worked with an assistant he'' s an extremely capable gentleman this man he like works for absolutely nothing and I literally feed him bread crumbs so I'' m going to introduce you to him now I understand hahaha however he is entertaining and I understand everyone right now we'' ve got our animals they truly do cheer us up I hope you people are all succeeding I understand that this is an extremely difficult time for numerous of you I hope you can continue to hang in there so I wish everyone the best right now and I hope we get out of this quickly make sure everyoneAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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