Applying for Multiple Chase Cards at Once | Reviewing Chase’s 2/30 Rule

caption Hi, it'' s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this
video, we'' re reviewing another Chase guideline understood as 2/30 and sharing some
several Chase cards at the same time. When it, considering that Chase has some of the strictest guidelines.
comes to using for cards, I thought I would talk about among their lesser-known.
rules which is the 2/30 rule.This informal rule essentially says that you.
can be approved for no more than two Chase cards within a 30-day duration. I.
needs to caveat this by saying that none of these guidelines are official, but more.
based upon the collective experience and insight from those in the travel and.
points community. You might know someone who in fact got 3 Chase cards in a.
month with no problems, but for the majority of people, this appears to be the basic rule.
of thumb from Chase. So, if you'' re chasing (no pun intended).
several chase cards at when, and understanding that it'' s possible to get 2 cards.
within 30 days, should you make an application for 2 at the exact same time? In my opinion, most likely.
not.Even if you can get two Chase cards within a month, you desire to keep track of.
whether you fall within the Chase 5/24 guideline. Also, I still seem like it'' s dangerous.
to make an application for more than one card from the very same company at the exact same time. I believe the.
When they see people applying for a lot of, issuers get a little bit anxious.
credit at the same time. You can typically hide that you'' re applying to multiple. companies by utilizing the “” app-o-rama”” method, but if you get multiple cards.
from the same company, they'' re going to see it. If you'' re not familiar with the “” app-o-rama”” method, see our Credit Card Tips and Tricks”” video for more.
information. Some individuals may disagree with me, however I personally recommend.
applying for no more than one charge card from the same provider within 90 days.
I might be excessively cautious, however I likewise think that this hobby is a marathon and.
not a sprint. While you wish to have the ability to get the.
best uses, I also think that there are new and better deals.
To come.In fact, rules alter so much in this video game, you can never ever get too.
comfy with your card technique and technique. Still, if you'' re determined to.
get two Chase cards at when, here'' s what I would recommend.
Number 1: Check your 5/24. status. Chase is infamously stringent about the variety of cards that you have used.
for, specifically within the last 2 years. , if you require help determining how to.
examine your status, see our video on it. Keep in mind that not all cards are.
Chase cards like the Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Ritz Carlton,
. I'' ll include a link in the video.
description to a post with the full list. Number 2:.
Map out your card strategy. While you might be excited about getting a card.
now, feel in ones bones that each card will make it harder to get a future card,.
particularly with the 5/24 guideline. Make certain that you have a plan for what cards.
you plan to get. Feel free to use the one if you require a credit card tracker.
that we'' ve created.I ' ll include a link in the video description. I suggest.
leaving a bit of buffer in your card applications in case an unbelievable.
offer is around the corner. You wear'' t wish to lose out the next time a 100,000.
points card offer is released. Number 3: Make sure your first application.
is authorized. If you'' re obtaining numerous Chase cards, then you'' ll wish to. If the first one is approved immediately, proceed with the 2nd application just.
The factor for this is that it'' s unlikely that your 2nd application.
will be approved instantaneously if your first one is under evaluation or being.
processed. I personally wouldn'' t desire two pending approvals at the very same time, as I.
think it might be a red flag to the provider. Once again, I might be overly cautious,.
but I think it'' s much better to be safe than sorry.
Have you had luck getting two or more cards from Chase within a month? Let.
us understand your experience below.Also, let me understand if you think I'' m being too.
careful about looking for more than one card at the same time from the exact same.
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You can often hide that you'' re using to numerous. Chase is notoriously rigorous about the number of cards that you have used.
Chase cards like the Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, Ritz Carlton,
. I'' ll include a link in the video.
I personally wouldn'' t want two pending approvals at the same time, as I.
think it might may a red flag to the issuer.