All My Credit Cards – How Many Credit Cards Do I Have? Part One


Five years I didn ' t have a credit card and you can live rather quickly without them but like I stated, you never ever.
It is actually the credit card I have with the lowest credit limitation. That'' s what a lot of these cards do. It was the only store credit card that I had out of all.
Amazon Visa Card to do this, you simply need a credit card, in some cases they use an unique $10 credit if you buy a $100 gift card, so rather of getting $100, you get 110. – Okay so I have this channel CreditFast, talking everything about charge card but the number of credit
cards do I really have? Well that'' s what I ' ll. be speaking about today. All my credit cards. So this is going to be a two-parter since I have more than simply a few. (bangs) (light music) So these are all my charge card. Up till doing this video, no one knew the number of credit.
cards I had, including myself. I in fact believed I had 13 charge card. Someplace along the way I lost count since my actual number.
of credit cards are 15 and because of that I'' m going to separate this video into two parts. So this will be part one and I'' m going to be speaking about the first.
6 credit cards that I got. I always approached it in this method, I just got cards that I in fact needed or desired for a specific reason. Of my credit lines, 14 out.
of the 15 have no annual fee and they have some sort of advantages or benefits attached to them.So I have a clear reason.
on why I got these cards. I believe that if I didn'' t. have this channel, the number that would
. most likely be a natural number for me to have would be about 8 cards however due to the fact that I need to talk about different charge card business, I did get more than I probably would have if I didn'' t have this channel. Still, these cards
. for the most part I utilize. My recommendations to people on how.
many charge card they need since that is a topic.
you discover on the internet that people look for. Due to the fact that along the method you, at the extremely least have one credit card so you can construct some credit.
put on'' t know what you have in shop for your future and you might need to have some. kind of recognized credit.But I think a most likely a normal quantity for the majority of Americans would be 3 to 5. And after that some other.
individuals they really like having various kinds of credit cards and I guess I fall under that due to the fact that each card has.
different benefits and advantages and I know how to use them to get a lot of benefits.
from these credit cards. And I'' m going to be talking. about my first six charge card that I got after I went.
through my foreclosure and I had to rebuild my credit again. So I have actually talked from time to time that I did go through a foreclosure and a lot of people probably think given that I'' ve been involved in. the credit industry given that 2002 that I'' ve always been. really into credit cards but after my foreclosure I. didn ' t have a charge card for about five years.I was frankly tired of it and I wasn'' t going to get a house so I didn'' t see a point. in having a charge card. And I even had a friend who'said like, “Why aren ' t you restoring your credit? “You ' re still even in a little method, “” you'' re still involved with charge card. “” Why aren'' t you doing. what you speak about?” And that honestly I didn'' t want. a charge card at that time and it was about 5 years where I didn'' t have a charge card at all.'And I didn ' t even want. to go through the procedure of getting some kinda.
large fee protected card to rebuild my credit.
because at that point, I simply actually didn'' t care. I had it. 5 years I didn ' t have a charge card and you can live rather quickly without them but like I stated, you never ever.
understand what you have actually prepared in your future so you.
should make it a point to have at least one credit.
I couldn'' t believe it.
it out, see what takes place. And sure enough I got authorized for it. I in fact got a Capital.
One Platinum Mastercard for fair credit, no annual.
fee, and no security deposit. This was my very first credit.
card after my foreclosure. Now having this card.
2 or three months in, I had a customer care concern and I needed to call client service, and this is something I talked.
a lot about in my channel. If you get the Capital One Platinum, I inform individuals that.
Mastercard, you can upgrade it. At the end of that call, the consumer service.
representative asked me if I desired to update my card to the Capital One Quicksilver card, the one without any yearly fee. Clearly, I stated yes to.
that and I got this in the mail. And this is one of the.
cards I use the most.I like it since it'' s just pretty much straightforward and easy. In some cases with cash back charge card, you have to make a particular quantity before you could redeem.
your money back rewards. With this one, I can take any amount out. So if I desired to redeem $5 I can do that, or what I can do is if I.
had an odd amount like $83, I can utilize that entire amount, I don'' t have to take cash.
rewards in increments of $20. So this one has constantly been very simple and uncomplicated for me, and I still use this one a lot today. Okay, so six months later on, I got another letter in my.
Mail box, an invitation offer, and it was for the.
National Bank of Omaha, which probably a great deal of you don'' t have but I had this one as my 2nd card. The thing about this card, much like the Platinum.
Mastercard from Capital One, it doesn'' t have any benefits, or at least it didn'' t start with rewards.One time I did call my customer.
service representative about something and I most likely stated something like, “” Well, I actually like this charge card, “” regrettable it doesn'' t have rewards.
” The customer service “. representative stated, “Well, with this card
you. actually have a choice “to earn rewards.”” There is a benefit.
system with this card, you can make benefits with this card, you make one point for each dollar and then you can redeem it for various merchandise in a catalog.So I thought that was really good to have some sort of reward.
program associated with it. It made me use this card a little bit more than I would otherwise. If you, like me,.
begun out with this card and you believed it wasn'' t a reward card, call consumer service, there is probably something.
they can do about that. I would say one week.
after getting the letter from the First National Bank of Omaha, I got a another letter from Capital One for the Capital One BuyPower.
Card, which is the GM card. With this, you can earn.
5% refund towards a new car. I'' ve had this for a while now. I actually'like it but it ' s kind of strange. It is really the credit card I have with the most affordable credit limitation. I understand I wear'' t actually talk. about my credit line on this channel however I started with a $300-credit limit with this card and after that after six months, they.
I asked when or two times previously. If they give me one day, that'' s fine, however as it stands this just.
has a $500 credit limit.And the interesting.
thing about this one is that every once in a while.
they provide special promotions. Among the intriguing promos.
they had with this card was they would offer you $100 rebate if you spent $125 eating in restaurants.
throughout the vacation season. That was extremely easy for me to get done. I spent about $125.
on a couple of dinners and I got a $100 rebate. So that'' s what a great deal of these cards do. Outside the normal structure.
of making rewards, there'' ll be some kind of special that they ' re offering where. you can make a lot more than the routine benefit rates. A $100 for spending $125 that I was gon na spend.
anyway is a great offer. But outside of that, you.
earn 5% and they do cap it. This is a good card to have, I recommend it if your.
next cars and truck will be a GM. Now I have had what'' s. now the Quicksilver Card from Capital One for one year, the Bank of Omaha Visa for 6 months and the Capital One BuyPower.
Card for six months.So now I understand I have developed my credit to a good credit rating. It is December now and I decide that I want to open two.
new credit lines, and they are the Best Buy Visa.
Card and the Target RedCard, and I did that all in one night and that'' s one suggestion that.
I can offer to you, and a minimum of I discovered some success with it. If you'' ve waited some time and.
you'' ve developed your credit and you sanctuary'' t requested anything, so you understand your chances. are going to be excellent to get a charge card.
that isn'' t too tough to get approved for, which the very best Buy Visa.
Card and the Target RedCard, they'' re fairly easy to get authorized for, what you do is, if you are.
certain you want these cards, obtain them both in the exact same.
night which'' s what I did.I first gotten the Best Buy Visa Card and truthfully, if you.
need to know the fact, this could possibly be my.
favorite charge card that I have, simply because, I similar to.
The problem constantly was I.
couldn'' t afford pay for things and that ' s where the Best. Purchase Visa Card came in for me since it enabled me to buy things and then rate my payments out and as long as I made.
the payments on time, I paid no interest. So that was the manner in which I'' ve been able to manage to purchase a lot of the equipment that I use to film my videos.So the Best Buy Visa.
Card is practically one of the most essential.
charge card that I have. You have to truly.
comprehend if you have this card that you need to pay the total off by the time the promo is over, because if you wear'' t, all the interest that you didn ' t pay will be. added on onto your next bill, and that could be a lot of money depending on how expensive the product was. So usually I will purchase something and then pace out my payments. And the latest thing that I.
bought was an Apple Watch, and there'' s no method I could.
have actually bought an Apple Watch if I didn'' t have a Best Buy Visa Card.And the promotion they had was, it was a special Apple occasion recently and it was 2 years.
zero interest funding. With 2 years of.
zero interest financing, I decided I desired to get this watch and how I make it make.
sense for me is that I plan to pay $50 a month every.
month till the watch is paid. Which'' s more than enough to get this watch paid.
off prior to two years.So that'' s how I have actually set it up for myself. This is the watch, this is not the band that it came with, but one that I purchased off of I actually purchased 11 various bands, they all ranged in between $5 and $20 for the leather type bands.
This was so much enjoyable since the different bands make it a completely various watch. This was the most recent band that I purchased but I have another one here, but I'' ve connected the two.
bands I'' ve revealed you today in the description below. So if you want to check.
This is the Target RedCard store card. It was the only store credit card that I had out of all.
the charge card I had for the longest time. About a half and a year earlier, I got a letter in the mail asking me if I wished to transform.
this card to this card, and I accepted that offer.Now I did a video on it and I discussed how it was strictly.
an invitation-only deal that you made it through the.
mail, it was not something you could call Target about and ask for. Recently, I talked to.
a Target RedCard associate on the phone and they told me that right now they have actually not been providing the Target RedCard Mastercard. Wear'' t concern, they ' ll. probably do it again where they ' ll use the Mastercard, but right now they'' re not. Since there are
no, and you ' re not losing out too much. benefits to this Mastercard. The only benefit is that you can use this.
card outside of Target. The Target RedCard is really one of my favorite credit cards because we all need to purchase.
things, everyday things, and with Target, you get a straight 5%.
off all your purchases, even if the products are on.
clearance for 75% off, trust me I know, 75% off,.
you'' ll also get an extra 5% off, so this makes it a great card.I know a lot of you guys.
like the Walmart Store Card and if you'' re a routine consumer there, it'' s probably gon na be.
All right, so the last credit.
card I will be speaking about, the sixth charge card I got.
was the Amazon Visa Card. and I didn'' t intend on getting this one, I had currently simply.
applied and got authorized for the very best Buy Visa.
and the Target RedCard, I wasn'' t preparation on getting anything, I was gon na put a time out but I required to buy something on Amazon.
and it was type of expensive and when you apply and get approved, they give you a major discount rate, so I went on and I obtained it.Now there is a thing that.
individuals learn about with Chase, it'' s called Chase 5/24. Guideline, where you can not obtain five credit cards within 24 months, if you try to request.
particular Chase cards, you will not get authorized, 5 charge card within 24 months. So this is the intriguing.
aspect of the Chase 5/24 Rule, is that I'' ve checked out a lot.
about it on the web and now it'' s beginning to get hazy because some websites will state, “” Okay, this charge card is not affected “” however this Chase charge card is.”” I'' ve been hearing things about.
the Chase Amazon Visa Card that it is impacted by Chase 5/24 Rule but I'' m holding it now, this.
was credit card number six.So for me the Chase 5/24 Rule.
When I applied, did not use. (chuckles) One thing I wanted to.
mention about, and you wear'' t require an. Amazon Visa Card to do this, you just require a credit card, in some cases they use a special $10 credit if you purchase a $100 present card, so rather of getting $100, you get 110. I recently took benefit of this, they offer this from time to time, so I did it this time.
and it was really simple. So it'' s like getting 10%.
rewards on purchasing $100, so you'' re getting 110 for spending 100. I just wished to let you know that and you can use any.
charge card to get this. You put on'' t need to utilize.
your Amazon Visa for it. Those were the first 6 credit cards that assisted me restore my credit, and they'' re some of my.
favorite charge card that I still utilize today. So what charge card do you have in your wallet today.
that are your favorites? Inform us in the remark section below and inform us why we ought to get these cards. Thank you a lot. Till next time. As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.