Citi Double Cash Credit Card | Should You Get It In 2020?


What's going on everybody David here today We're gonna talk about the city double cash card But first off on this channel, we talk about inspiring people to travel more using points if that sounds like something interesting to you Please hit the subscribe button. Don't forget. It's a little bit more fication so you can get future updates on my videos. Ok So the city double cash card, we're going to talk about this card for 2020. We'll see if there are any changes This is really a good card for When you're just starting out, even if you're not into travel credit cards or anything like this is a cash back card But it's a great card to start off with if you want to work with the city ecosystem So the first thing I always look at is the annual fee the annual fee on this card is zero So there's no annual fee So that's good zero annual fee cash back card Now looking at some of the other things like the Earned possibility on this card you're looking at it's very simple it's like the venture card where you're getting two points for every dollar spent on all purchases across the board and that's Unlimited and basically the way that this works so it's a little different than the venture card world The venture card will give you two points every dollar spent This one will give you one point when you make your purchase and then one point when you pay at least the minimum balance So that's how they work this out This is I mean, it's you should be paying your credit cards off in full every month and so don't even think about just doing the minimum if that's What I tell people when it comes to these cards when it comes to rewards credit cards cash back Travel travel points and miles and all that stuff You'll want to make sure you pay it all off because if you're paying any interest with this card You're just paint you're just giving them all these points that you're earning.

You're just giving it right back to them So you want to make sure you don't fall into the trap and you notice that it says the minimum amount, right? You just need to pay the minimum amount. No, you need to pay the full amount Okay, whatever posts that's what you need to pay. So Now you get two points every dollar spent. So I think that's a real good benefit there You also get a zero percent intro APR on balance furs for eighteen months now I do not recommend doing this unless you absolutely have to If you're really trying to pay down a credit card, then it makes sense to do that But you should kind of stay away from that You don't want to get stuck because you look at the interest on this on these this card It can be from 15% to 25% So if there's any situation where you cannot pay that all off Whatever that transfer balance is Well, then now you're looking at a hefty interest that you need to pay back on the on the card So and then again, we're looking at that same situation where you're earning points on the card and then you're just giving those points away because You're paying all this interest So just something to think about make sure you're able to handle that balance transfer before you make a big decision like that So now I want to talk a little bit about Redemption So the options to redeem And this is where the card really shines because in the in the past it was just a cash back card right So you can do cash back direct deposit or check But now you can convert it to point so you can convert it to thank you points, which I think is really good So now if I have a city premier card or a city prestige card I can transfer my points from the double cash card up to one of those accounts of one of those thank-you points Accounts, and now with the thank-you points, I can use the transfer partners in the travel portal So that's something that is really good that that that city is now doing it's much like the the chase of freedom and the chase Freedom unlimited cards or you can do the same thing You can transfer those points up to the chase a fire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred So it's good that that city is now doing that and this is an excellent card for for that So that really that really works out I mean in my mind, this is a better car than the chase of freedom unlimited I still like the chase freedom card only because you get the five Five point categories and it rotates so I do like that But this is definitely a car that if you do spend a lot you don't have to worry where you're spending that money where if it's at a grocery store if it's at the gas station or or what-have-you You're gonna get two points as long as you make your payments on time some of the other features that they talked about here So you have the contactless pay which you're gonna pretty much see on all credit cards now Digital wallet so you have that in 24 hour customer service customer service is a key That's really big.

Especially if you're traveling outside of the country you want to make sure? You have that 24 hour 24/7 customer service. So if you do lose your card or something like that, you can you can call them and then have them You add a new card? So it's good to see that they have the 24-hour customer service and I'm not I haven't used city in a while I do. I did have a couple of city cards. I have one city card right now But in my experience in the past when I did have I had the city premier card back in the day? Customer service was not that good. So I'm hoping that their customer service is better now But yeah, it's definitely good to see that they do have customer service 24/7 okay.

Citi Double Cash Credit Card | Should You Get It In 2020?

So my overall opinion when it comes to this card. I think it's a great card Especially like I was saying earlier if you're a beginner if you're just starting out This is a definitely a good card to get it's a good cash back card It's a good card to have in your wallet regardless of if you want to travel or not So I think it's good for that. I do like the two point Categories where you don't have to really think about it. You can just go ahead and spend your money. So that's good and then the fact that Last year they changed it to now they're working with the with the transfer partners where you can transfer your points up to the city premier city procedure I think is an excellent option for People especially if you just start out you can get this card Use it earn all those those points and then jump up and get the city Premier or the city prestige card and you'll have points with it with a double cash card that you can transfer up in User for trip.

So I just think that's great. But more importantly I want to know what you guys think So, please let me know what you think about the double cash card. Do you have the car do you like it? Do you dislike it? Please? Let us know down below. If you like this video. Please. Give me a thumbs up Please subscribe for more and I'll talk to you in the next one. Bye You.

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