Citi Double Cash Back Card: Best Cash Back Credit Card (What you need to Know 2019)


Among the simplest and most rewarding
money back cards is the citi double money card now this card offers you two
opportunities to earn cash back one percent where you buy and after that another
1% as you pay to provide you an overall of 2% cash back it'' s filled with a lot of
gems however it does have a couple of duties to it I'' m gon na take you through a complete evaluation
of the card and assist you decide if this card is for you and if the gems surpass
the doodoos hey ker it'' s tri what type of cash development Academy where we
debunk individual financing streamline charge card and multiply your incomes
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great one and make certain to subscribe we require your love guys so first of all who is.
If you love money back with no yearly charges then the citi, this card even for well.
double money card is gon na be the card for you and there'' s no need to fret. about whether you'' re getting maximum value from your points in miles given that.
you'' ll just earn cash back as an examined statement credit present card or.
deposit into your banking account now there are a great deal of pros or well employ.
this evaluation fitness centers for starters there are no annual costs now a lot of times with.
money back cards you'' re gon na get yearly charges connected to them and my concerns with.
those are if you aren'' t spending sufficient cash and the fee eventually surpasses.
the benefits so keep an eye out for that when you'' re checking for cards guys but you.
wear'' t have to even stress over that with this card invest as little or as much as.
you want the appeal of this card is its simpleness the structure is basic you.
get two percent money back for each purchase so let me break it down again.
it'' s 1% when you purchase and after that 1 %when'you pay your costs there ' s also no. rotating categories like many money cards and no caps to how
much you can make. back it ' s merely just 2% back all the time on whatever now I like it because.
you won'' t end up standing at the checkout counter attempting to fumble.
through your cards to figure out what cars and truck to use based upon what category it is.
the month'' s investing limitation astrological positioning in the Solar System or any.
Due to the fact that the cash back is, of that other crap and I especially love this card.
easy it doesn'' t take any challenging algorithms that need you to have actually a.
calculus degree to find out the number of points or miles you have now another.
cool thing is they do offer an introductory 0% APR for 18 months on.
balance transfers so if you have other cards with high.
APRs it might be wise to transfer those balances to this card now all balance.
transfers do have to be completed within the first 4 months of opening your.
card and need a fee of 5 dollars or three percent of the balance you.
transfer it now and that'' s whichever is higher so the.
typical APR in this car is fifteen point seven 4 to twenty five point seven.
4 so if you do move your high entryway balance to this card make certain.
you'' ve planned ahead so you can make the most of the 0% APR and pay off your.
balance within the very first 18 months and simply a direct on that balance transfer.
You put on'' t get too fired up you won'' t earn any money back on balance transfers.
all right and if you transfer a balance interest will be charged on your.
purchases unless you pay your whole balance by the due date each month now.
with that being said we'' ve got some other cards that we'' ll be talking about.
in other videos that will be coming out so you desire to make sure to subscribe.
and truthfully out of the other cards that we'' ve took a look at that deal 0% APR on
. balance transfers Citi double money card uses among the longest initial.
0% APR periods for balance transfers and an incredible 18 months men now when.
you'' re ready to make an application for this card it is recommended you have a great credit.
card score so they'' re searching for around a six ninety or greater so do keep that.
in mind with this card now it also does include some advantages such as the truth.
that your very first late payment will be waived now at cash growth Academy we.
constantly encourage you being accountable and paying on time but it'' s a great perk for. an emergency situation because no matter how well you prepare emergency situations do.
eventually wind up taking place even to the most ready so it'' s a nice part. If you like bargaining finding deals or, another perk you might take pleasure in especially.
clipping out vouchers I was not a coupon user I am so proud I might bust finding.
discount coupons is simple because they'' re all over open up your eyes because.
you'' ll discover places and discount coupons you aren'' t expecting clipping out coupons is.
the city price it rewind now if you register your purchases online they'' ll. notify you of lower rates on those items and reimburse the difference.
which is super good you can read all the details of that down below in the link.
now you also get access to citi private pass deals which is unique access to.
entertainment offers and tickets to unique occasions and you do get automobile rental.
insurance coverage with this card too now most likely 2 of the finest benefits that come.
with the citi credit card is their damage and theft.
detection and their extended warranty the damage and theft defense covers.
approximately have thousand dollars for each product and $50,000 in a year and this.
covers purchases within 120 days now you might have heard me speak about this in.
the Apple credit card video the prolonged service warranty that citi offers when I.
compared the two cards and you can take a look at that video right here actually now.
the cool thing is the prolonged two-year guarantee begins after the.
maker'' s guarantee ends so let ' s state you purchase a laptop computer from Best Buy.
all right and the producer'' s service warranty is two years the Citigroup guarantee will.
trigger after that bringing your total service warranty to four years and to clear.
things up the extended warranty covers makers and flaws so if you.
mistakenly dropped a phone or computer it wouldn'' t be covered unless it.
occurred with in the very first hundred twenty days where you could claim it.
under the damage strategy and that'' s my bad for any confusion that caused in the.
Apple charge card video in the pin come at the top of that video though I.
mentioned how I inserted the incorrect clip so I desire to make certain you get that cuz.
a lot of people got fired up about that I swear by the action in the remarks.
you truthfully would have believed I dedicated the world'' s biggest sin so.
When it comes to, simply just be aware of that with how that guarantee works now.
security the card does have 24-hour scams defense so you'' ll get informs if.
anything uncommon appears so all right so out of all the gems we simply went over.
what is your favorite we spoke about the benefits program the simpleness of.
the cashback percentages the balance transfer offer the waving of the late.
feed damage and theft security extended guarantee people leave a comment.
down listed below I would love to see what is crucial to you guys in a credit.
card all right enough with all the great things let'' s get into some of the doodoo. of the card to begin the one most credit Turner ' s are gon
na hate is the no. signup bonus but no requirement to go nuts due to the fact that a lot of cashback card perks for.
being honest normally aren'' t high anyways all right usually a one hundred and fifty.
dollars or less so actually with all the pros it'' s nothing to flip out over.
you'' re also restricted to just two percent benefits I understand double money on all.
purchases is definitely terrific however it doesn'' t technique the 5 percent back.
you can get on some costs if you'' re happy to invest more effort by using.
cards with quarterly categories for instance.
which I dislike now another thing is the foreign transaction charge on this card is.
insane 3% a lot of cards out there don'' t even have foreign fees so this is
. certainly a do and you'' ll wish to leave it in the house when you'' re travelling.
abroad which is a downer the balance transfer charge is 3% is common for 0% APR.
card uses however regardless the charge is still uncomfortable simply for point of view on a.
$ 10,000 transfer that cost totals up to $300.
all right there'' s also a reward expiration date set so cash benefit.
balances do end if you don'' t earn cash back from purchases or payments for.
12 months so make certain to redeem your rewards or continue to make Meijer.
purchases within the year so you don'' t lose those now another thing is I'' m not. a big family cards have redemption minimums so a number of cards like the brand-new.
Apple credit card they allow you to redeem benefits in any quantity at any time.
which I love for this card though you got to have at least $25 in rewards.
before you can redeem which equals to $1,250 and purchases so you got to hit.
that before you can pull cash out all right out of all the responsibilities which one stinks.
the most we discussed no signup benefits restricted to 2 percent rewards.
hi foreign cost transaction balance transfer costs reward explorations and.
redemption minimums so leave a remark below so we understand what bugs you guys the.
most now with those gems and duties in mind if you'' re trying to find a cash back
. charge card with no yearly charge no dumb turning classification rewards or caps the.
city double cash card is a difficult one to beat it'' s gon na be best for those. wanting to get an optimum amount of benefits without needing to put in a lot.
of effort to attain those results it'' s truthfully a Swiss Army knife charge card.
if you might only have one but as excellent as this card is it does have some.
competitors though so make certain to subscribe so you can see how this card.
compare to other automobiles such as the chase liberty endless the Capital One.
Quicksilver cash rewards the fidelity Rewards Visa signature card and the.
Alliant cash back visa signature card so make sure to also have a look at a few of the.
other videos right here and subscribe men see you later on.
a lot of people are disappointed with the Apple credit card and they might.
have an excellent factor to be today I had a look at the terms.
and conditions and really took a look at the great detail and after looking at it guys.
you might not want to choose up this car I'' ll tell you precisely why with all these.
reasons here now ideal out eviction is the card for everyone understand the cards are.
not for everybody all right so how about the banquet because that was a huge point.
that they talked about on this phase was no fees is that real.
let'' s take a look at the small print so there is a catch later missed payments are gon na.
result in additional interest towards your balance so you won'' t ever get a.
$ 25.00 late cost however it will be added to your interest okay and that'' s something.
to pay attention so Apple is simply not providing away totally free cash without any.
repercussions that cash instead of being a late cost is simply gon na roll over to.
end up being extra interest on your balance now here'' s the intriguing thing.
that we wear'' t know will that rate of interest that they ' re charging be temporary.
until you settle that specific balance right there or what took place be that.
your rate of interest overall is gon na increase so let'' s say I ran out 13%.
you know APR with the Apple charge card and I had a few late payments throughout the.
year you understand I'' d miss paying those back however I eventually got it done does that.
imply for the following year or the following months that they'' re gon na jack.
up my APR each year to now be instead of 13% to be like 15% As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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