Apple Credit Card?! ? Apple News+ and Apple TV+!


You just kind of brush it under the carpet and act like it never took place, however we understand, we know it'' s there.It ' s somewhere. I haven'' t even signed up yet, however I ' m going to right now. I still feel like there'' s a lot of information that they sanctuary ' t revealed. For places that wear'' t take Apple Pay, that ' s where that optional. (audience applauds) (audience cheers) It'' s, uh … (audience cheers) – It'' s, it ' s Oprah.

– What is right here? There is something right here. It'' s a fracture in the table. Hmm? I'' m still uncertain how I. feel about the dark table. I'' m thinking I may require to get something a bit lighter. Whatever is still a work in development. Anyhow, hey there, pals, how are you? I'' ve been implying to make.
a video as a follow-up to the event that happened.
at Apple recently. And I had so much fun, '' cause my sibling and.
I went up for the day. We got to go to Cupertino. We went to the Steve Jobs Theater, and going there is such.
an incredible experience, because whatever is just so beautiful.We truly lucked out,.
since the day that we went, it was supposed to be.
Okay, so Jenna'' s shooting for me, so I got ta tie her shoe (laughs ). He ' s so incredibly.- Oh my gosh, it ' s cold!
the weather with me, once again. – You do this every time.
– Every single time. – [Justine] Have you been to it yet? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah.- [Justine] What? Oh I'' m so thrilled for you. -I understand. My very first time – Isn'' t it beautiful? – How cool is that? -Take it all in, simply delight in. Do you desire an image? – I do actually.- We are outdoors of the Steve
. Jobs Theater, today. I am so excited to be here. Saf is over there, gettin''. some images taken. Jenna is recording for me. And we'' re about to head in for the event. I'' m so excited to see. a few of my tech friends and to see what statements.
they have for us today. So this time, for the.
occasion, I brought a backpack that likewise functions as a roller bag. So I'' ve got my tripod. I'' ve got all my gear, and whatever fits well inside of here, and I put on'' t need to put it on my back, because I'' m so weak, I.
can'' t ever bring everything.This is the This is the.
Insta 360 ONE camera, and I have actually definitely been.
Consumed with this cam. If there'' s one electronic camera that.
you guys require, it'' s this. This thing is so cool. I'' ll reveal you guys the shot that I'' m gon na get, around the theater. Right now,'I ' m inside.
I'' m going to stroll out,
. The occasion is about to start. (upbeat music) And now we'' re back.
interesting Apple event, due to the fact that generally what.
Individuals were calling it was a two-hour Apple commercial for things that are not out. Generally, a great deal of times, at these events, they'' ll reveal things, and it ' s offered right away after or within a month or if you'' re AirPower, it simply generally never comes out. You simply sort of brush it under the rug and act like it never ever occurred, but we understand, we know it'' s there.It ' s someplace. We all have high hopes that AirPower will one.
day make its appearance, but till then, let'' s talk. about some of the things that they did announce. First, starting with Apple News+, it'' s generally a subscription. that gets you access to over 300 magazines,. digital publications, newspapers
and all kinds. of things like that.
Generally taking magazines. They made a reference in the keynote that if you were to subscribe.
to all of the outlets that you get with a.
9.99-a-month membership, it would end up being like $8,000 a year or something crazy.Granted, I wear'' t think any person.
would ever actually register for all of those publications. I'' m sort of thrilled to attempt this out, since I used to read.
I'' m not really sure why. I still do check out Wired. That'' s most likely one of the.
reminds me of my grandma, but I get to read all.
And that'' s essentially the only thing that they have readily available (laughes), is the News+. I sanctuary'' t even signed up yet, but I ' m going to right now.
So you have. to ensure that you upgrade to the current iOS. You ' ve got Popular Science,.
Entertainment Weekly, Time, People, Vanity Fair, Wired, my only publication subscription.That does not look like Taylor Swift. National Geographic, oh this is interesting. It'' s cool, since they'. stated that they ' re gon na have like animated covers, like look at that! This is generally kind of.
just transforming the manner in which magazines are shown. Take an appearance at this. Wow. This is really quite neat. Okay, all right, National.
Geographical, I'' m into it. Let me see'something else. Okay, let ' s do People Magazine. Let ' s see what this resembles. Britney Spears, so People. Magazine absolutely isn'' t too developed as National.
Geographical, that'' s for sure. Generally,'it ' s curating.
Another cool thing is. a lot of these features that'they ' re including, all of.
these different services, is they are readily available.
to your entire family. So if you do have a family plan, with other individuals underneath.
of iCloud account, they'' ll also have access. to the subscriptions. Mentioning memberships,.
I believe what they ' re attempting to do is additional push the iOS advancement. By having Apple Arcade, it appears like Apple'' s
And then you'' ll have gain access to. This is something I think.
is gon na be intriguing to see how this plays out. Will there suffice games that.
it keeps individuals coming back and wishing to subscribe for more? I'' m not actually sure how. this is all gon na work, so I feel like we don'' t. actually have adequate info or sufficient titles or enough.
video games to really be able to see how this is all gon na play out.I do believe it'' s an excellent thing especially for kids and families. , if you simply want to play.
a bunch of mobile games, you'' ve got a subscription. and unlimited access, well, I guess it ' s not 'that endless, ' cause I
think there ' s only. 100-plus games right now, and I think what ' s been happening in this free-to-play market is, yes, a great deal of these games are totally free to play, however to really play them, you have to spend so much money, buying materials, purchasing power-ups,.
buying all these add-ons that by the time you get.
sick of playing the game, you'' ve wasted a lot money it'' s insane.And I understand this, since.
I'' ve definitely made a lot of errors on some of. these free-to-play video games, like even Clash of Clans, and FarmVille, back in.
the day on Facebook, I invested a lot money on.
FarmVille, I'' m ashamed. When I consider it, I'' m disgusted. I still feel like there'' s a lot of details that they haven ' t revealed. about Apple Arcade, like how do designers submit their video games and things like that,.
so that'' s gon na be cool to see how that all plays out, since they basically. are offering a platform for indie developers to truly.
get their games out there, and I believe that is something.
that is so crucial, due to the fact that there'' s a lot of incredible games.But it'' s like how do you. get people to play them? I'' m certainly excited to try that out, and after that when I want to sign up for all of these subscriptions, I can utilize my brand-new.
Apple Card (laughs). What? Apple has a credit card now. Can you even think it? I mean, I sort of believe it,.
however I also wear'' t think it, and this was honestly one of.
the last things that I thought that they would have ever.
revealed at this event. And when it appeared.
I didn ' t even understand what to think. It likewise offers you cash back daily. A lot of credit cards, you.
need to collect points, and after that you can use it for other things, and you need to cash them in. Well, every day, no matter what you invest, you will get money back. You get 2% cash back on.
things that aren'' t Apple associated, 3% cash back on things. that are Apple related.And I think you get 1% if.
Like, look at this. This is the Apple real credit card.
whatever generally is supposed to occur on your phone. So you put on'' t actually have. a credit card number.'You wear ' t actually have an expiration date. So on that card itself, which by the method, is freaking titanium, with your name laser-etched.
How Apple of you. I ' m gon na have to do an unboxing of my Apple credit card( laughs).
What I do truly like. about this is the manner in which they ' re gon na be. arranging all of your costs. A lot of times, when you look.
at credit card transactions, they were stating that a lot of the names, you don'' t even
understand what the. heck you purchased half the time or where that purchase was made.Well, using Apple Maps, they'' re going to figure out the place,. the time, the date and after that try to give you a sense of where you really bought something. And just by looking at.
a few of these mock-ups, I believe it'' s an actually. great concept, to be able to have all of your spending.
tracked in this way, especially for end-of-the-year taxes. My only issue is, for me,.
is I have a business account.So things tend to run a.
little bit in a different way, but maybe for my individual costs, this can be a really cool card to attempt. Something that they didn'' t reference in anything was what.
the rates of interest were. If you check out into the fine print, it states that the variable.
APRs vary from 13.24, 24.24 based on your credit reliability. So Credit Karma reports that the typical yearly portion rate for all credit cards from.
banks in 2017 was 12.54, which is in fact, I suggest, that'' s lower than what this rate is, however obviously, that was also in 2017. So I think a rate between.
13 and 24 is not that low, I indicate, if you have excellent credit, and you'' re on the lower side. I would love to know what you guys consider the Apple charge card. I was seeing a lot of.
individuals discussing this, and some individuals were.
like, this is so cool. Some individuals were like,.
this is so not cool. I think the most significant takeaway from all of this is the.
actual charge card itself doesn'' t have your credit. card number on it, no signatures, no expiration dates.I believe everything.
generally, primarily is supposed to take location on your phone. For locations that put on'' t take Apple Pay, that ' s where that optional. physical card is available in. It ' s also cool because all. the purchases are protected.
Whatever happens. And undoubtedly, you need your.
Touch ID or your Face ID to in fact make those purchases. One of the highlights,.
though, of the event, clearly was the Apple TELEVISION+. I suggest, I think this is.
where you people saw all of individuals talking, due to the fact that.
Oprah came out on phase, well, actually, they.
opened the entire occasion with an actually cool,.
wonderfully shot trailer of all of individuals that.
they'' re dealing with, like J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon. They all discussed the.
shows that they'' re dealing with and what it'' s like to develop.
and some of their enthusiasms, and it was just an actually well-shot video.I mean, that'' s one thing. that Apple does right, is those promo videos look remarkable. Once that video ended,.
it was sort of crazy, since the whole theater.
As I had actually thought, in my forecasts video, I feel like it'' ll probably. I think they'' ll most likely have a lot of truly cool people out.
(audience praises) (audience cheers) It'' s, uh … (audience cheers) – It'' s, it ' s Oprah. I wear ' t care who you are. If you are in a room with Oprah, you'' re just gon na be like( spaces) shocked.
things is the majority of the shows that they were discussing, they'' re not all set yet.I mean, they didn'' t actually even. have full trailers to reveal. They did have one.
trailer that they showed. They kind of pieced.
together bits and pieces of the programs that they are working on. I believe that this is.
something that is expected to be releasing in the fall. I feel like leading up to that,.
we'' ll certainly hear more. It was simply so interesting, due to the fact that they keep calling it the platform for creative storytellers. So it seems like they'' re actually attempting to set whatever this is.
going to be way far from like Netflix or.
Hulu or something else. We comprehend you'' re gon na. be enjoying your Netflix, however hey, we'' ve also
got. these incredible people with curated, high-quality.
content, over here on Apple+. (significant music) Also, in addition to all of this, they also spoke about Apple Channels. Generally, you'' ll have the ability to subscribe to specific channels, so HBO or Starz or any of the other networks.
that they have offered. Rather of simply subscribing.
to a whole cable plan, I think you'' re gon na be subscribing to iCloud, Arcade (laughs), TV+. I'' m not even sure. I have so lots of subscriptions. It'' s so overwhelming when.
I simply consider it. Either way, I think that the Apple TV+, the streaming service,.
is gon na be really cool. If there'' s something. that Apple does right, that is developing content. Now I just keep thinking.
back to Planet of the Apps. That was simply a fluke. I don'' t believe that is anything. that we can even compare to what this is gon na be like.Seeing J.J. Abrams up there on stage, I don'' t believe you men understand. I'' m a big J.J. Abrams fan, like enormous. I seem like we are so just.
saturated with content, to be able to see some programs that are extremely high quality and produced by actually amazing people, and clearly, they'' ve got. huge budgets behind, that'' s something that I can'' t wait to see, because clearly (laughes), I suggest, I believe our YouTube material, I indicate, I invest a lot of.
I'' m sitting in a space alone. I'' ve got my birthday.
card, my knife, my water, ChapStick, an additional microphone,.
one yerba mate from today, the other day'' s yerba mate( laughs ), the thing that I unpacked. a few days ago (laughs), AirPods, more ChapStick (sighs), my iPad, oh, and a sim card. I also have this amazing.
LightMat light, which is fantastic. And I likewise have this light here. Only the finest for you men. Well, I just desire to do a quick wrap-up, due to the fact that I didn'' t get a chance. to finish shooting this video when I returned from the occasion, due to the fact that it was so late,.
and I was really tired.I said, you know what,.
I'' m gon na go to bed, and I'' ll make this video later on. And then rather of doing.
that, I unboxed the AirPods. If you guys sanctuary'' t. seen the AirPods unboxing, I'' ll put a link in the.
description and an annotation, so you people can go inspect that out. I'' m really liking the new AirPods, not that it makes that.
much of a difference, since they sound, I mean, I wear'' t believe that I can even inform the difference between the old or the brand-new, however having that charging.
case is so remarkable, simply being able to put.
it on my cordless charger and simply ignoring.
it, it'' s pretty great.Well, that'' s it,
I will see. you guys in my next video. I anticipate recording.
some more fun things for you. Let me know in the remarks.
listed below what you thought about the event, what you'' d like to see me make videos about next, and I believe that'' s it. I ' ll see you men later on, bye. (bright music). As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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