Apple Credit Card?! 💸 Apple News+ and Apple TV+!


– What is right here? There is something right here. It's a crack in the table. Hmm? I'm still not sure how I
feel about the dark table. I'm thinking I might need to get something a little bit lighter. Everything is still a work in progress. But anyway, hello, friends, how are you? I've been meaning to make
a video as a follow-up to the event that happened
at Apple the other day. And I had so much fun, 'cause my sister and
I went up for the day. We got to go to Cupertino. We went to the Steve Jobs Theater, and going there is such
an incredible experience, because everything is just so beautiful.

We really lucked out,
because the day that we went, it was supposed to be
an 80% chance of rain, and it didn't rain at all. It was so beautiful. Okay, so Jenna's filming for me, so I gotta tie her shoe (laughs). We are at the Apple event. We're all checked in. Here's our credentials. Jenna's shoe is tied. Big news, it's also really
cold, like surprisingly cold. There's Saf. He's so super.

– I'm good.
– Good to see you. – How's it going?
– Oh my gosh, it's cold!
– Hey! You came prepared.
– Oh yeah. – I thought this is California. I don't need it.
(Justine laughs) Sorry, by the way, for bringing
the weather with me, again. – You do this every time.
– Every single time. – [Justine] Have you been to it yet? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah.

– [Justine] What? Oh I'm so excited for you. – I know. My first ever time – Isn't it beautiful?
– How cool is that? – Take it all in, just enjoy. Do you want a picture? – I do actually. – We are outside of the Steve
Jobs Theater, right now. I am so excited to be here. Saf is over there, gettin'
some pictures taken. Jenna is filming for me. And we're about to head in for the event. I'm so excited to see
some of my tech friends and to see what announcements
they have for us today. So this time, for the
event, I brought a backpack that also doubles as a roller bag. So I've got my tripod. I've got all my gear, and everything fits nicely inside of here, and I don't have to put it on my back, because I'm so weak, I
can't ever carry everything.

This is the This is the
Insta 360 ONE camera, and I have absolutely been
so obsessed with this camera. If there's one camera that
you guys need, it's this. This thing is so cool. I'll show you guys the shot that I'm gonna get, around the theater. So right now, I'm inside
the Steve Jobs Theater. I'm going to walk out,
and I'm going to walk around the theater, very quickly here. The event is about to start. (upbeat music) And now we're back. There were some announcements, and this was a very
interesting Apple event, because basically what
people were calling it was a two-hour Apple commercial for things that are not out yet. Normally, a lot of times, at these events, they'll announce things, and it's available immediately after or within a month or if you're AirPower, it just basically never comes out. You just kind of brush it under the rug and act like it never happened, but we know, we know it's there.

It's somewhere. We all have high hopes that AirPower will one
day make its appearance, but until then, let's talk
about some of the things that they did announce. First, starting with Apple News+, it's basically a subscription
that gets you access to over 300 magazines,
digital publications, newspapers and all kinds
of things like that. So basically taking magazines
and newspapers and articles and beautifully curating them
into very well-designed pieces for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, whatever. They made a mention in the keynote that if you were to subscribe
to all of the outlets that you get with a
9.99-a-month subscription, it would end up being like $8,000 a year or something crazy.

Granted, I don't think anybody
would ever actually subscribe to all of those publications. I'm kind of excited to try this out, because I used to read
magazines all the time, and then I just kind of stopped. I'm not really sure why. I still do read Wired. That's probably one of the
only magazine subscriptions that I have, 'cause my
grandmother actually gets that for me, as a gift, and it's so sweet, because it not only
reminds me of my grandma, but I get to read all
the latest tech news. And that's basically the only thing that they have available (chuckles), is the News+. I haven't even signed up yet, but I'm going to right now. Try it for free. So you have
to make sure that you update to the latest iOS. You've got Popular Science,
Entertainment Weekly, Time, People, Vanity Fair, Wired, my only magazine subscription.

That does not look like Taylor Swift. National Geographic, oh this is exciting. It's cool, because they
said that they're gonna have like animated covers, like look at that! This is basically kind of
just reinventing the way that magazines are displayed. Take a look at this. Wow. This is actually pretty neat. Okay, all right, National
Geographic, I'm into it. Let me see something else. Okay, let's do People Magazine. Let's see what this is like. Britney Spears, so People
Magazine definitely isn't as well designed as National
Geographic, that's for sure. Basically, it's curating
things that it thinks that I'm going to want to see and read. So that's Apple News+.

I'm excited about the magazines mostly. Another cool thing is
a lot of these features that they're adding, all of
these different services, is they are available
to your entire family. So if you do have a family plan, with other people underneath
of iCloud account, they'll also have access
to the subscriptions. Speaking of subscriptions,
in case that wasn't enough, later on, they're gonna be coming out with something called Apple Arcade. But I think what they're trying to do is further push the iOS development. So by having Apple Arcade, it seems like Apple's now
becoming a gaming publisher, so they're gonna be funding
these different games from different companies. And then you'll have access
to these exclusive titles under that subscription. So this is something I think
is gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. Will there be enough games that
it keeps people coming back and wanting to subscribe for more? I'm not really sure how
this is all gonna work, so I feel like we don't
really have enough information or enough titles or enough
games to really be able to see how this is all gonna play out.

I do think it's a great thing especially for families and kids. If you just want to play
a bunch of mobile games, you've got a subscription
and endless access, well, I guess it's not that endless, 'cause I think there's only
100-plus games right now, and I think what's been happening in this free-to-play market is, yes, a lot of these games are free to play, but to actually play them, you have to spend so much money, buying supplies, buying power-ups,
buying all these add-ons that by the time you get
sick of playing the game, you've wasted so much money it's insane.

And I know this, because
I've definitely made a lot of mistakes on some of
these free-to-play games, like even Clash of Clans, and FarmVille, back in
the day on Facebook, I spent so much money on
FarmVille, I'm embarrassed. When I think about it, I'm disgusted. I still feel like there's a lot of details that they haven't announced
about Apple Arcade, like how do developers submit their games and things like that,
so that's gonna be cool to see how that all plays out, because they basically
are giving a platform for indie developers to really
get their games out there, and I think that is something
that is so important, because there's so many incredible games.

But it's like how do you
get people to play them? I'm definitely excited to try that out, and then when I want to subscribe to all of these subscriptions, I can use my brand-new
Apple Card (laughs). What? Apple has a credit card now. Can you even believe it? I mean, I sort of believe it,
but I also don't believe it, and this was honestly one of
the last things that I thought that they would have ever
announced at this event. And when it popped up
on the screen, it was, I just, I don't know. I didn't even know what to think. The main selling points of
this credit card is the way that it integrates
perfectly into Apple Pay and into your Apple Wallet. It also gives you cash back daily. A lot of credit cards, you
have to accumulate points, and then you can use it for other things, and you have to cash them in. Well, every day, no matter what you spend, you will get cash back. So you get 2% cash back on
things that aren't Apple related, 3% cash back on things
that are Apple related.

Apple Credit Card?! 💸  Apple News+ and Apple TV+!

And I think you get 1% if
you use the actual card for places that don't accept Apple Pay. Like, look at this. This is the Apple actual credit card. This is optional, because
everything basically is supposed to take place on your phone. So you don't really have
a credit card number. You don't really have an expiration date. So on that card itself, which by the way, is freaking titanium, with your name laser-etched
onto it, of course. How Apple of you. Even if I don't use this credit card, I definitely, I have to get it. I'm gonna have to do an unboxing of my Apple credit card (laughs). What I do really like
about this is the way that they're gonna be
organizing all of your spending. A lot of times, when you look
at credit card transactions, they were saying that a lot of the names, you don't even know what the
heck you bought half the time or where that purchase was made.

Well, using Apple Maps, they're going to figure out the location,
the time, the date and then try to give you a sense of where you actually purchased something. And just by looking at
some of these mock-ups, I think it's a really
great idea, to be able to have all of your spending
tracked in this way, especially for end-of-the-year taxes. My only concern is, for me,
is I have a business account.

So things tend to run a
little bit differently, but maybe for my personal spending, this can be a really cool card to try. Something that they didn't mention in anything was what
the interest rates were. So if you read into the fine print, it says that the variable
APRs range from 13.24, 24.24 based on your creditworthiness. So Credit Karma reports that the average annual percentage rate for all credit cards from
banks in 2017 was 12.54, which is actually, I mean, that's lower than what this rate is, but of course, that was also in 2017. So I think a rate between
13 and 24 is not that low, I mean, if you have good credit, and you're on the lower side. I would love to know what you guys think of the Apple credit card. I was seeing so many
people talking about this, and some people were
like, this is so cool. Some people were like,
this is so not cool. I think the biggest takeaway from all of this is the
actual credit card itself doesn't have your credit
card number on it, no signatures, no expiration dates.

I think everything
basically, mostly is supposed to take place on your phone. But for places that don't take Apple Pay, that's where that optional
physical card comes in. It's also cool because all
the purchases are secure. So everything happens
locally on your phone, not on Apple servers, which means Apple won't
know what you bought, how much you've spent, and it's cool, because they also use
this one-time dynamic code to keep everything super secure. And obviously, you need your
Touch ID or your Face ID to actually make those purchases. One of the highlights,
though, of the event, obviously was the Apple TV+. I mean, I think this is
where you guys saw all of the people talking, because
Oprah came out on stage, well, actually, they
opened the whole event with a really cool,
beautifully shot trailer of all of the people that
they're working with, like J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon. They all talked about the
shows that they're working on and what it's like to create
and some of their passions, and it was just a really well-shot video.

I mean, that's one thing
that Apple does right, is those promo videos look amazing. So once that video ended,
it was kind of crazy, because the entire theater
just went completely black. And then a light just shined directly on the middle of the stage, and Steven Spielberg was standing there. As I had guessed, in my predictions video, I feel like it'll probably
be celebrity-driven.

I think they'll probably have a lot of really cool people out
to talk about the shows that they're working on. They did just that. But it was a really cool experience, because seeing Oprah onstage, she just has this presence about her, that it is just captivating. (audience applauds) (audience cheers) It's, uh… (audience cheers) – It's, it's Oprah
– Oprah! I don't care who you are. If you are in a room with Oprah, you're just gonna be like (gaps) shocked. I was actually shocked. One of the interesting
things is most of the shows that they were talking about, they're not ready yet.

I mean, they didn't really even
have full trailers to show. They did have one
trailer that they showed. They kind of pieced
together bits and pieces of the shows that they are working on. I think that this is
something that is supposed to be launching in the fall. I feel like leading up to that,
we'll definitely hear more. It was just so interesting, because they keep calling it the platform for creative storytellers. So it feels like they're really trying to set whatever this is
going to be way far away from like Netflix or
Hulu or something else. We understand you're gonna
be watching your Netflix, but hey, we've also got
these incredible people with curated, high-quality
content, over here on Apple+. (dramatic music) Also, in addition to all of this, they also talked about Apple Channels. Basically, you'll be able to subscribe to individual channels, so HBO or Starz or any of the other networks
that they have available. Instead of just subscribing
to a whole cable package, I guess you're gonna be subscribing to iCloud, Arcade (laughs), TV+.

I'm not even sure. I have so many subscriptions. It's so overwhelming when
I just think about it. Either way, I think that the Apple TV+, the streaming service,
is gonna be really cool. If there's one thing
that Apple does right, that is creating content. Now I just keep thinking
back to Planet of the Apps. That was just a fluke. I don't think that is anything
that we can even compare to what this is gonna be like.

Seeing J.J. Abrams up there on stage, I don't think you guys understand. I'm a huge J.J. Abrams fan, like massive. I feel like we are so just
saturated with content, to be able to watch some shows that are extremely high quality and produced by really incredible people, and obviously, they've got
massive budgets behind, that's something that I can't wait to see, because obviously (chuckles), I mean, I think our YouTube content, I mean, I spend a lot of
money creating my content, but it's my own money, so
it's a little different than having a company come in and say, hey, we're gonna give you $1 million.

What would you do with it? I'm sitting in a room alone. I've got my birthday
card, my knife, my water, ChapStick, an extra microphone,
one yerba mate from today, yesterday's yerba mate (laughs), the thing that I unboxed
the other day (laughs), AirPods, more ChapStick (sighs), my iPad, oh, and a sim card. I also have this incredible
LightMat light, which is great. And I also have this light here. Only the finest for you guys. Well, I just want to do a quick wrap-up, because I didn't get a chance
to finish filming this video when I got back from the event, because it was so late,
and I was really tired.

I said, you know what,
I'm gonna go to bed, and I'll make this video later. And then instead of doing
that, I unboxed the AirPods. So if you guys haven't
seen the AirPods unboxing, I'll put a link in the
description and an annotation, so you guys can go check that out. I'm really loving the new AirPods, not that it makes that
much of a difference, because they sound, I mean, I don't think that I can even tell the difference between the old or the new, but having that charging
case is so awesome, just being able to put
it on my wireless charger and just forgetting about
it, it's pretty great.

Well, that's it, I will see
you guys in my next video. I look forward to filming
some more fun things for you. Let me know in the comments
below what you thought of the event, what you'd like to see me make videos about next, and I think that's it. I'll see you guys later, bye. (bright music).

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