0 APR Credit Card Offers – 5 Tips to Get Out of Debt – 2 Deadly Landmines That Will Kill You!


I zero APR credit card offers stuff your mail box every day they seem ok but you heard nightmare stories many of them are true but you can use these same cards to quickly get yourself out of debt there are some extremely dangerous and tricky legal landmines to watch for however poet Robert Frost once said the bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain first I will give you the five tips that will quickly get you out of trouble using these 0 APR credit card offers they are get approved for one of these 0 April credit card offers for an amount no larger than 1 half of what they would allow for example if your lender says you could have 20 thousand dollars of credit card debt get a card that has a maximum of ten thousand dollars why it will become clear later in this article and it is critically important read the very fine print of the 0 April credit card offers and find out how long with zero percent is or on transferred in debt some places it is six months other places go for a year few cards go beyond 12 months what's the big deal knowing the length of the term helps you plan especially to plant went to start applying for a new one start applying for other zero April credit card offers well in advance of the cutoff date for the current 0 APR offering this may take several weeks and you don't want to be late this is where it is critically important that you didn't get the maximum more than half of what you are allowed with the first card I will explain the reasoning for this later in the article just before your first 0% credit time is about expired transfer the debt to the second card that you have standing by that you have chosen from all the other 0 APR credit offers the balance will be lower than when you started so you will right away see where this is leading perhaps you started with ten thousand dollars in debt and now you are transferring perhaps only nine thousand three hundred dollars of debt and quite possibly less depending on how much you are putting as a minimum monthly payment and close out your first account and plan when you will start applying for your next victim rinse and repeat keep a close eye on expiry dates and any possibilities there should be none if there will be you are better off to get another card at the beginning there should be plenty of 0 APR credit card offers to choose from remember the card companies are relying on you're forgetting about the expert date of the zero-percent offer if you forget you lose as there are usually penalties or fees if you transfer in time you win you get another six months or year of 0% borrowing that will allow you to pay the principal down quickly norman vincent peale once said empty pockets never held anyone back only empty heads and empty hearts can do that but money in hand never hurt either my quote here is an extra tip the minimum payment on your second card will be less than Don your first because it is for a smaller amount if you keep paying the higher amount every month that you are paying on your first card your balance will plummet and you will be free and clear of that debt much sooner again another benefit of the 0 APR credit card offers if used properly to your advantage now I will give you the tool and mines to stay well clear of after they have been explained to you you will understand why they are so important and dangerous don't get a 0 APR credit card that goes beyond half of what your bank will allow if the credit department says you should have no more than let's say twenty thousand dollars in credit card debt apply for ten thousand dollars maximum find out well in advance how long it takes your payment to be posted to your account via whichever way you choose to pay the monthly payment on your 0 APR credit card offers why Henry Ford it's not the employer who pays the wages employers only handle the money it's the customer who pays the wages that would be used the idea is to pay zero percent interest all the time you will not be approved for a credit card for the same amount as your first if you are over half of what you are allowed the lenders look at your total depth including unused credit card debt as your total debt here is how it works you can get twenty thousand dollars of credit card debt let's say you get twenty thousand dollars of credit at zero percent and all is well tuned it's 11 months down the road let's say and the zero percent cut off is a month away you happily apply for another twenty thousand dollars credit card so that before your original year is up you will transfer to the new card and get rid of the old one your application is rejected the letter standings that you are at your maximum right now they don't care and have no way of knowing if you would close the other account after transferring the funds many people get caught with this one maybe some of your original debt was at sixteen percent and now it could conceivably go to twenty nine percent only get a card that has a maximum of one half of the maximum you are allowed always the other land mine deals with how quickly your payment is posted to your account the credit card companies are just waiting drool slithering down their jaws just waiting for you to be late by even an hour why because in all the fine print you agreed to and the beginning is a clause stating that any late payment late by even the tiny amount is grounds for termination of the zero-percent deal and you will have to pay the regular amount from then on and that could be almost thirty percent in the case of department store cards even electronic payments may take a few days to post mail bin checks take much longer find out for sure they will show no mercy on this one many people get burned with this thinking they paid immediately online they go through the roof when they get the letter saying their payment was late and oh so sorry but now you have to go to our regular rate Albert Einstein not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted dealing with depth is incredibly frustrating especially when you see the banks being bailed out and they then adjust your charges upward I cannot stress enough to make a little more than your minimum payment well ahead of time this is where most people get burned and what the credit card companies and banks count on there is so much anger and frustration all this is made worse by uncertainty in our jobs and careers as we look over all these 0 APR credit card offers it's scary take your time and be wary but the end result is worth it the best ideas seem to come out of nowhere experience is so valuable some solutions are very simple yet we are not aware of them to create the central clearinghouse to help everyone either share new ideas experience repeat a horror story tell a story of success for whatever as long as it is connected to debt I have created a site where you can share and learn or just 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0 APR Credit Card Offers - 5 Tips to Get Out of Debt - 2 Deadly Landmines That Will Kill You!

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