Quicksilver Card


The Quicksilver card from Capital One
was my very first experience with cash back credit cards.
Duane here with how to build credit TV and in this video I'm gonna talk to you
about the Quicksilver card and show you how to redeem your cash back on your
Quicksilver card but before we get started I have a quick message. Once again my name is Duane with how to
build credit TV and on this channel we talked about everything you need to know
about credit, credit cards and how to make money using credit cards.

Here’s the Video Transcript:

As a
matter of fact I was able to make over $1,700 using one credit card. So if this
sounds like something which you're interested be sure to subscribe to our
channel by clicking the words subscribe below this video to the right and click
that notification bell so you don't miss a thing. Ok like I stated in the
beginning of this video the Quicksilver card was my very first experience with
Capital One. As a matter of fact the Quicksilver card was my second credit
card with Capital One. The very first credit card that I had with capital one
was the capital one platinum card. I had that card when I was starting to rebuild
my credit about 4 years ago. So that was a very first credit card that I had from
Capital One when I was trying to rebuild my credit and then after about a year or
so I got an offer in the mail from Capital One regarding the Quicksilver

Now when I got the offer in the mail I'm not even sure if there was a
signup bonus like $150 like you can get now if you sign up for the Quicksilver
card. But what enticed me about that particular offer was the fact that my
credit limit was going to be increased automatically after making five monthly
payments on time. So I was like okay I definitely want to make sure that I get
a credit limit increase. I knew the importance of having multiple credit
cards and certainly having a higher credit limit, so that was enticing to me
right out the gate. I was like okay cool after five months they're going to
improve or increase my credit line and I totally want to do that so that was kind
of the main reason why I applied for the Quicksilver card initially. I totally
don't remember if I had any idea about the cash back, the 1.5% cash back.

I had
never really dealt with cash back prior to that so I wasn't really worried about
it I was like okay cool credit limit increase that's right up my alley. And
real quickly there are two different Quicksilver card that capital want
offers right now. One of the Quicksilver card has no signup bonus and it has an
annual fee of $39 and the type of credit score that you need or credit range is
average credit. There's another Quicksilver card that has a sign up
bonus of 150 dollars once you spend five hundred dollars within the first three
months and that has no annual fee.

So once again there are two different
Quicksilver cards. I made a video talking about just that that there are two
Quicksilver cards and I'll go ahead and link the video at the top right of this
video and at the end of the video if you want to wait to the very end to check
that video out. Okay so I had my Quicksilver card for a couple of months
and I was just kind of like I say trying to get that credit limit increase
initially and of course I'm paying my bill on time and I'm starting to see
that I'm getting cash back.

And I was like okay this is kind of cool I'm
getting cash back. One of the things that I do like about the Quicksilver card and
Capital One using the app is that you're able to see your cash rewards as soon as
you make your purchase. So you make your purchase and then within a couple of
days whenever the purchase posts to your account you're able to see the cashback
that you've earned from that particular purchase inside the Capital One app. So I
totally like that a lot Capital One it's one of the few banks or
a few credit cards that allows you to see your cash rewards as they're coming
in while it happens as opposed to waiting till the end of the billing
cycle to see the cash back rewards. So I totally like that about Capital One.

I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna jump on my phone and start a screen recording
for you guys and share with you guys I'm gonna show you my Capital One account
with my Quicksilver card. And I'm gonna show you how to redeem the cash back
using your Capital One app. Okay so I started a screen recording on my iPhone
and I'm gonna go ahead and put that on the screen so that you guys can see. I'm
going to touch my finance folder and then I'll touch on Capital One and it's
gonna pull it up here I'm gonna put my touch ID so that it can unlock and enter
my password. Okay here we go so I'm doing that right now for you guys. Alright so
as you can see it's pulling up my account here eventually.
Alright so the Quicksilver card is the card that's at the top it says

Quicksilver Card

And I'm going to touch on it as you can see there's a balance on the
card right now of 46 dollars and 30 cents and you can also see my
cash rewards currently is $52.99. Now this cash rewards has been here or
rewards cash it's been here for a long time. I really don't use this card that
much this has accumulated and maybe a year and a half because I've really been
using my Discover card to get all my cash back recently. Because Discover card
matches your cash back for the first year of membership. So this has been here
a while so I want to go in to show you guys what happens when you're ready to
redeem your cash or use your cash on your Quicksilver card. So I'll go ahead
and touch rewards cash here on the screen and as you can see it's pulling
up what I can do it says redeem a purchase which is the same thing as a
statement credit.

I'm not sure why it says that but I guess it's more specific
to one purchase. You can you know apply that cash back towards that one purchase.
You can redeem for a gift card I'll go ahead and touch on that to kind of show
you guys what some of the options are as far as gift cards that capital one
offers that you can use your cash back to redeem. My phone is taking forever to
open this I'm sorry guys I'm on a iPhone 6s so not sure why it's taking forever.
Okay there we go finally okay so here are some of the things that you could
use a gift card you can redeem your cash back for a gift card which is pretty

Christmas is coming and you know Christmas, birthdays I mean there's all
kinds of reasons why you'd want to use a gift card or give somebody a gift card.
So there's Amazon, there's amc, there's iTunes, there's Applebee's, there's
autozone there's Barnes & Noble, there's bath &
Bodyworks, there's Best Buy so on and so forth. I'm just gonna scroll down here so
that you got some kind of see there's Buffalo Wild Wings, there's Burlington
there is outback steakhouse, flemmings or what is it
yes Fleming's, Carrabas, Dave Buster's, Domino's, Dillard's it Dillard's is still
out there. I'm not sure but as you can see here
there's quite a bit of gift cards that you can redeem using your cashback so
that's a pretty cool option if you guys would like to do that, just kind of show
you guys what's available here. So that's what you can do with your cash
back for me personally I'm going to pay my bill right now that I have sitting on
my account so I'm going to go ahead and click on credit your account.

Which I
normally don't do but you know I'm gonna do it because it's been sitting here for
a while. So I think my balance was 46 dollars and 30 cents. So I don't know
maybe it won't let me do it let's see let's see how close I can get 46 dollars
and 31 cents. Let's see what happens I'm gonna slide to redeem let's see if it'll
allow me to do that since it's actually 1 cent more okay cool it did.

So I went
ahead and did that and it's gonna show me my balance right now my rewards cash
balance is six dollars and sixty eight cents right now. And I'm gonna go back to
the home screen and eventually it will reflect on my account that I've use my
cash back balance to pay for my Quicksilver card bill which was forty
six dollars and thirty cents. Thank you so much for watching this video about
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