Fortiva Credit Card Review – Fortiva MasterCard Should You Apply?


I am reviewing the for TiVo credit card and I have mixed feelings about that [Music] I worked hard to rebuild my credit and I love making these videos and sharing my tips and tricks on how I was able to do that and I've shown you in the cheapest easiest way possible but today I'll be talking about the four-team a credit card and it is not the cheapest and easiest way to build a credit so are there any redeeming qualities to this credit card I'm going to go over that with you today we're going to look into this card closer to see if it is a viable option for you to rebuild credit did you receive an acceptance letter in the mail for the xiv of credit card well if you did later I will share with you a trick that could potentially lower some of the fees associated with the fourteenth of MasterCard honestly while researching to do this video and review article I have discovered that there's not that much love for the four-team of credit card so if you have this credit card let us know what it's like if you love it let us know if you hate it let us know now xiv of MasterCard is an unsecured credit card but there are so many fees that those fees will add up to about the same amount that it would add up to if you were going to apply and get approved for secured credit card so that's one of the main problems I have with this card I think that their fee structures way too high so this is the dreaded snapshot of the four Teva fee structure but like I said before earlier in this video I am going to show you a tip and trick on how to avoid some of those fees at least hopefully so you can see that there is a huge huge fees being charged on this card you get an annual fee and application fee and also monthly maintenance fees so keep in mind on what you could potentially have to pay in order to have the fourteenth of Master so if you've received a letter in the mail inviting you to apply for the fort IVA credit card and you want to do that I did leave a link in the review article the pros and cons review article so you can glance over the review figure out if this car is right for you and if you do want to apply there's a link that you can simply click on to take you over to Fort IVA and apply for this offer so when you go to the Fort evil website and you go to the area where you type in your reservation code this is basically what it looks like it's very simple and straightforward so a good thing about the 45 credit card is that it is a credit card that will report to the three credit bureaus the 14 of a credit card is a MasterCard so the 40 of a MasterCard will report monthly to the three credit bureaus and that will help you build your credit this is so much better to have than a prepaid card keep in mind prepaid cards tend to be just as expensive in many cases as the Fort Eva MasterCard the only difference is you will not build credit with a prepaid card so the 14 of a credit card can be a helpful tool with managing your finances you can use this to easily pay for your utility bills or other expenses you may have one thing that is nice that they do include with all of this is that they will give you credit monitoring included so that can be very helpful that's offered to you when you get the 44 credit card and you can closely monitor your credit and you can see how it is improving and it'll give you a good indication on when you should apply for your next credit card like we said before the 14 a credit card has higher fees so maybe after 8 months 10 months 12 months 14 months you can see how your credit score improved and you can try applying for a different credit card also I started a Facebook group especially for people with bad and fair credit if you're undecided on what direction you need to go with the types of credit card offers that you are planning to apply for I recommend joining this Facebook group I will always be posting any kind of information that can help you get better chances of getting approved easy credit approval is the name of the game on my Facebook group recently I did a review on the blaze MasterCard and the Avant MasterCard these are similar types of credit cards to the Fort Eva MasterCard if you're interested they are the links will be in the description below this video I recommend that you check it out this is will be a great way to compare to find the best credit card for you I've also left other fair credit card links in the description below including store cards and I just am about to start a fair credit card playlist and that will include every single video that is for fair credit and then whenever I do any future videos I will immediately add those videos to that playlist so you'll always get the most updated content for fair credit cards now one of the things I have against secured credit cards or I should say some secured credit cards is that the terms can be a little murky it is suggested that the security deposit is refundable it is a security deposit but certain secured cards do not easily refund your security deposit sometimes they only refund your security deposit when you cancel your account if that is the case and you decide to keep a secured card open you're essentially paying about the same fees that you would be paying with the 14 of a credit card so that's why I don't exactly think that the 40 of a credit card is the absolute worst credit card out there it can turn out to be the same exact thing if you pick a certain type of secured credit card to apply for now a while back I did a video on secured credit cards I talked about the five top secured credit cards and I talked about many aspects of these cards and who they're best suited for so it all depends on the situations you are in your life if you're in the middle of the bankruptcies some credit cards you should not apply for during that time and you'll automatically get denied I cover all of that in that video as well as covering which credit cards which secured credit cards will refund your security deposit without having to cancel your account so if you're interested in that I've left a link for that in the description below this video and you should check it out I've won one really bad thing about the 14th a credit card is how high the interest rate is charged there is a range but the top interest rate is 36% that is huge but if you watched my videos you know what I say time and time again most credit cards have high interest rates even ones that are for good credit so my tip always is pay your balances in full and the interest rate will not matter but I need to leave that out there at the taping of this video the top interest rate for the 40 of a credit card is 36% okay so now I'm going to share the passible tip that can help make the 14 a credit card just a little bit more affordable now from what I've been hearing online there is a way to get your fees 'lord at the time of application and simply what you need to do is fill out the complete application and then at one point they're going to ask you if you accept all the terms and conditions from what I've been hearing is if you say you do not immediately a little offer window will pop up offering you slightly better terms then everything I described to you today so if this tip does in fact work for you I think you should come back to this video leave a comment let everyone know they can save more money if they apply in this way and I do believe I would deserve that you smash that like button I saved you money okay so at the end of the day the four Teva credit card might possibly not be the worst credit card out there especially if you follow my tip today and get some of the fees that we've been looking at lowered so my recommendation is it would be better to have the 14 credit card then do nothing at all then not start building your credit today because the longer you are building your credit the better it will be the longer your credit history will be so if there's a choice whether to do nothing or to apply and get the 14 credit card I would say get the 44 credit card it will report back to the credit bureaus and that will start building your credit and later you'll be able to get much better credit card offers so basically we've come to that time again where I say goodbye but I'd like to say that if you really liked this video today I hope that you will hit the like button and if you want to see more of my videos on different reviews of credit cards please hit that subscribe button see you later

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Fortiva Credit Card Review - Fortiva MasterCard Should You Apply?