$900 Apple Credit Card WALLET!


– So you got your new Apple credit card and you can't put your Apple credit card in your wallet, or in your pocket, or anywhere that'll make it scratched. So obviously the next logical thing to do is to buy a very expensive wallet, to put your Apple card in. And of course, the company to do this, they make these absolutely,
ridiculously, expensive, but yet incredibly
engineered iPhone cases. I have made videos about these before, but now, they have come
along and made a wallet for, your Apple credit card. Is there anything more Apple than this? I don't even know.

Here’s the Video Transcript:

Here it is. It comes in three different variants. There's a titanium, there's
a stealth and a gold. There all machined from
aerospace-grade titanium, mechanically-textured surface finish and the gold one has a gold PVD coating. And do you wanna know how
much the gold one costs? (Justine gasps) $983! The good news is if you
have your Apple credit card, and you buy it with Apple
Pay, you can get 2% cash back. You're already saving money,
with your new expensive wallet, and expensive credit card. Let's open this up, I'm hyped. I don't even know which one they sent me.

Lemme put this in frame. It's the gold one. It kinda looks like it's rose gold, like this looks like it matches. Look at this, the carbon
fiber looks so good. And it looks like it has like this little like elastic piece here,
so that'll allow you to put more credit cards in than just your Apple credit card. Hold on, let's try it out. You've got a new home. So I'm basically just
gonna carry this around, just for my Apple credit card. Totally convenient. Totally normal. Very iJustine thing to do. So here's what it looks
like, inside the wallet. Oh look at this, how crazy. This is, it's just so silly.

It's so crazy, 'cause I definitely thought this had like two sides,
so it kinda tricked me, but it's just one side. How necessary is this? On a scale of one to ten. Let's see what else is in here. Look at this screw driver! This is nice. Let's see what's in here. Oh, a little card, what's this? This basically feels like
the Apple credit card. This talks about my warranty. This shows you how to use it. Pry open the wallet, so it
fits all of your cards access. Shows you how to use. There's actually directions in case you couldn't figure it out. Well I don't know. You figured out how to shop online for it. So I think you can figure
out how to use the wallet. Look at that. There it is. Came with a free screwdriver. Can you even believe it? So that's it I guess.

$900 Apple Credit Card WALLET!

That's the unboxing. I guess my question to you is, what is the most that you
would ever pay for a wallet? I mean I feel like I've definitely bought more expensive wallets, but I don't think I've ever bought anything like that. They have two other models. So there's only 50 of these
that have ever been made. And this is (Justine
gasps), it's number three. Look at that, can you see it? Number three engraved right there. So the stealth one which is
like a black matte finish is $737 and the titanium, without engraving, is $491. I mean if you pull this
out at the Apple Store, people are gonna be
like, wow, you're cool. Or they're gonna be like, why are you using your credit card here, when you could just use Apple Pay? Looks so good.

Like at this point in my life,
like I've already accepted that I'm crazy, obsessed Apple fan and I do know that this is
completely over the top. It's a little unnecessary. But the fact that at least I
know, does that make it better? I'm not sure. I like you guys so much for watching. This is pretty cool. I am such a huge fan of Gray and I think they've made some
really incredible products in the past and I love
like their engineering. Like everything just looks really cool. And it looks very futuristic
and I love the material.

Granted it is very expensive,
so that is something that is, something that is
a little hard to get past. But the fact that they
are really incredible, and it is a limited edition type thing. This is something that I've
talked about in the past, where it is sort of like a jewelry factor, like you buy necklaces, you buy rings, you buy that kind of stuff, that's kind of what you're buying with this. Like you're buying an
insane, crazy, titanium, gold-plated wallet for your
titanium Apple credit card.

Those are words that I never
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