5 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs! Part #2


don’t sign up for over a war it’s a
program that you won’t use i disagree my rewards programs have been
great i’d get wasted three five five five like seven ish heads so i have a
credit card is i don’t know at the credit for the target every time
you saw the target you automatically get five percent off totally worth it uh…


I have eighty five percent back so
the same thing we can get five percent cash back um… i have an orbits credit
card which and every time you buy so it’s like every
dollar you spend you two point main time you spend money on traveling down three points and then
you can like were turning your points for travel and then for a while and i
feel right now i also have the southern merrick and express card uh… met and before that the other hand this
estate because the car do this where they say if you sign up now we’ll give you fifty thousand points and low weight in the first year fee so i don’t know if this is a dare not but i sign up get the fifty thousand points get free
flights out of that or get cash out of it or late giftcards cancel the cart before the leafy cakes
and you’ve made money idea i’ve heard this can hurt your
credit score a however i don’t think that are public records clearly i hear
some of them okay i i have one credit card i think
that’s enough for me that’s a scary enough i did paradis claimed ideal paint my entire
bell every month high-tech if you’re not feel loved i mean i should clearview not
to get more than one credit card and you think
it is important to establish a line of credit so that would you down the road
you can get approved for loans and mortgages and stuff like that so one other thing i want to say if u what about this whole rewards big
on something that i realized i do you think if you’re gonna get a
credit card get one with rewards because why not you if you’re back if you are
being responsibly that things are gonna bite anyways he might as well be giving
cash back the airline miles are tricky because if
you calculate out how what much money you’re getting per plate you get last money eight if you spend those points on air
travel if that makes ends if you just at the moment if you just have got life you
can get like american express gift cards or or something like that so yeah so if
you just get the money you’re actually better off actually getting more money
for your points that if you’re spending on air travel
subject consider that’s when you’re i’m going to talk to the city’s idea who
threaten even had a rewards program are usually just get the cash for it deposit back in can’t wait to see what
i’ve got it will continue right after training
with since i need it uh…


5 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs! Part #2

Yeltsin proposed uh… no i i
think newser point another one of the printer treatment
like what they did nothing to do hyperbole i think that i would like to
have dinner with him down and out there don’t you in fact ok so again um… that
one thing i would say in terms of the board to mention billion for credit so
usually that some people will say with a different kind of a credit which makes
sense to do what’s right you know one of the forty in trying to
have seen that no credit history uh… but i think that weighing more
people going to it’s a little bit like credit and then ruin their financial stake in
the name of building up credit break and that is that’s a bigger threat i think because
you have some people can get the house that they want that sucks but some
people are twenty thousand isaac record at couldn’t afford a house even if they
had a good credit score incited that’s scarier as you move to college most people are
not to worry about their money and they’re going to leave constantly
artistically thousand-dollar your job i’ll be fine for most of us that it happens until end
up on the other people in your age group
worry about it a little bit now and then you can see the soft on some
rain future anything for not calling once called so obviously as this article show
there’s a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re considering whether or not
to get a credit card and i know i think this last time and i
didn’t do it but if you do you have questions please feel free to leave
those in the comments on this time i swear i’ll be better about knowing
third-hand and actually answering them i know i’m joking about i have seven
credit cards but i actually do have a good credit score is um…


and i was
looking up a bunch of articles about other things of what to keep in mind
what to do and what not to do so if you have any questions are thinking about
getting a credit card i promise us and i will be better if i
read through the content she says.

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