Balance Transfer Cards 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Best Credit Cards For Balance Transfers – Highest Rated?

So yesterday I was talking to a friend that got a credit card with a promotion on it, the deal was he had 18 months to pay it off interest-free. The problem is that now he owes $5500, and only has left 60 days before they charge him interest.

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1. What is a balance transfer Card
– These credits cards are designed with a special promotion to move debt from one party to the next
– And they compete with each other by giving you 12-18 months usually of free interest with those balance transfer
– Meaning the goal is to get you to move your debt from one party to the next

Why do they do this?
– Because they understand that it is very likely that you will not pay the credit card in full
– It’s also very likely you will start using the card also, and potentially even get a bigger balance
– This means they will make some money from you

For example:
– My friend with the 5,500 in debt on one credit card, wants to move it over to another balance transfer card with a special promo
– So he applies and gets accepted to the Discover it Balances transfer card ( he transfer the balance and now as 18 months to pay it off interest-free)
– If he does great but if he doesn’t they will make 24% a year from their investments.

2. The Truth ( nothing in life is free and neither are these transfers )
– Of course they will have certain fees involved but the fee is better than paying a ton of money in interest
– Those fees are really just a balance transfer fee that is usually going to be around 3-5% of the balance you are transfer
– But remember this cheaper than paying 24% in interest every year

So let’s go look for the Best Credit Cards:
– Citi Simplicity Card
– Discover it Balance transfer
– Citi Double Cash Card

Advice: pick a card that once you are done paying you can continue to just use with the one small method.

3. Here is Some Advice
– Use the one bill those with the credit cards and do not go back into debt
– You can also transfer Medical Bills and more with balance transfer (it’s not just credit card debt )
– But you be careful because if you’re not you will get hurt




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