Coronavirus Pandemic Free Money -Who Gets The Money, How To Get The Money And 1099 Workers Get Money


questions being asked right now about what Americans should be prepping for regarding stimulus checks that could be coming their way as well as mortgage relief that could be out there as well for more on that I want to bring on Jessica Menten from USA Today a reporter there and Jessica and we look at this once should Americans know I mean we’ve covered the stimulus checks in terms of how much you need to be making if you’re ranking more than about $100,000 you’re probably not gonna be getting a check but beyond that what else should Americans know about this the coronavirus have swept the nation and the world and our Congress and president have signed a bill to help people get relief and in this video I’m gonna highlight everybody that can get some money and it’s pretty much everybody in the United States we’ll break it down and I will leave links for you in the video description if you’re finding me for the first time please subscribe to the channel this is the Lamont Tyson channel we make life games up here and we cover finances and money Tesla Ted mu reviews TV show reviews we do it all to help you get those life gains if you have any questions or concern hit me on instagram because i’m able to get back with people pretty quick on DMS on instagram well it’s clearly a fluid situation right now since it still needs to be signed by President Trump but from the tax experts that I have spoken with it seems like those income levels that we’re aware of have remained the same but there are some technicalities that people should really keep in mind so say you have direct deposits set up with the IRS you should expect to get this refund in your account within the next three weeks but there are some problems when you think of okay well what if I’m waiting on a paper check to come in the mail and so there are some technicalities out there’s a lot of tax preparers I’ve spoken with have said if you haven’t filed your 2019 tax returns yet you should do that as soon as possible so that they can have the IRS can have the most updated address and direct deposit information because say for instance if you haven’t filed yet and they were going off of their 2018 returns they could have an old address or maybe a deposit account that you didn’t want to use so there’s a lot of technicalities when it comes to things like this if you haven’t filed yet you should really get on that as soon as possible first and foremost let me give you the rundown it’s a two trillion dollar bill that is going to basically say big corporation and this time try to say big America they’re going to be giving you $1,200 now how did you get that $1,200 ladies and gentlemen think about it like this federal minimum wage in America it’s $7.25 you do that times for our I mean times forty hours a week and at $40 to it that gives you $1,200 and I want you all to think about that the next time you get mad that we need an increase in the minimum wage because there are people living places like California and New York well that’s all they’re living off of and I can tell you right now twelve hundred dollars in a month don’t cover rent however it’s put in place to help people get by as we’re suffering so if you are a single person and you made seventy-five thousand or less and you have filed your taxes as of 2018 you’ll be getting a check if you’re a couple you made 150 thousand or less and file your taxes by 2018 you will be getting a check if you are head of household and you filed one hundred and twenty one hundred and twelve thousand dollars on your taxes or less five by 2018 you will be getting a check now a lot of people think that that’s it well that’s not it you will also be getting a reduced check if you’re a single person who earn between seventy five thousand and ninety nine thousand they’re going to send you a check but it’s going to be reduced and they didn’t say how much reduction it would be if you’re a couple and you made between one hundred and fifty thousand to a hundred and ninety eight thousand you will get a check that would be reduced five dollars for every $100 over seventy five thousand dollars for single adults and one hundred and fifty for marriage so that’s the reduction that you’re going to get laid and gentlemen and for those of you that want to know who doesn’t get a chat because there are some people that aren’t going to get anything single adults who make more than ninety nine thousand married couples who earn more than ninety eight thousand won’t get a check basically we just highlighted that those without a Social Security number and non-resident aliens those who aren’t US citizens or US Nationals and don’t have a green car or have not passed the substantial presence test you’re not going to get a check you’re also ineligible if your parents claim you as a dependent so for you grown-ass twenty two year olds you won’t be getting anything and for those same individuals who are married or single and you have kids that are 17 years of age or less you get five hundred dollars for each kid so keke Wyatt she’s about to be rich as hell because that chick got like nine kids so she got to get paid for my 1099 people my hairstylist my personal trainers my struggle youtubers my struggle rappers my struggle IG models you are all 1099 filers and people who do over and over eats of 1099 filers there’s money in there for you as well in the form of unemployment how much unemployment are you going to get the federal government is going to give you six hundred dollars a week and you’re going to get a state unemployment check and it’s all gonna last for seventeen weeks and you have to apply for this under your state unemployment program and I will leave links to all this in the video description for all the Federals $1,200 money you don’t have to do anything the government is gonna find you next for people who run small business and a small business typically is someone who has 500 or less employees the government has thought about you as well because you all truly are the backbone of America there are more you out there than any other business and they thought about you and they’ve got a loan for you and I know I want to roll my eyes too they on loan but you’re gonna be giving away money to the bigger corporation it makes me sick but some of you guys could use the help and we’re gonna see if we can help you get it so for small businesses they passed something called the SBA 7a loan program now your credit union or your bank might be eligible for it and the statistics are one and three banks are going to be able to get this so if your bait doesn’t have it keep digging to find someone who has the SBA 7a loan program how does it work the sealing for most businesses and what you can apply for is you can apply for up to ten million dollars in alone from this SBA program and over the first eight weeks of the program now this is the part that makes it good for you all over the first eight weeks once you put in your application you they’re going to subtract your expenses in terms of your mortgage or rent utilities and payroll from the loan but for the first eight weeks you will not have to pay that money back think about that that’s really that just giving you that first that money for the first two months and they put this in place so that you can hold on to employees pay your bills and not leverage all these commercial properties going losing money because people are having to move out because they can’t pay their rent however if you are a small business in this category you have to maintain keeping your employees and some employees you let go you can bring them back within that first eight weeks put them back on payroll and none of this is going to count against the loan so you’re basically getting free money for eight weeks the minute you apply for the loan so you all go out there and do some digging if you are a small business to see if you can get the seven eight SBA program to help fortify your small business as we go through this chaotic time next thing we’re going to cover is student loans student loans are deferred for six months and we’re gonna have to wait to see how our education secretary handles that because it goes to her desk next and she’s got to deal it out and I must say she hasn’t done best job ladies and gentlemen but the bill says you will not have to worry about student loans or interest until October which will be six months for those of you that haven’t filed your taxes yet you don’t have to worry about your taxes until July the 15 they’ve moved it from April to July give you some more time to get yourself around what has happened get your hands around this situation and put everything in a better perspective as we try to recover last point imma cover are those of you that are trying to get money back from airplanes leisure trips that you might have planned months ago and they’ve been giving you a hard time if you follow my channel for years you know I’m always telling people to use a credit card to pay for things because you have protections on the credit card that you don’t have on a debit card or giving people access to your bank account if someone you schedule the booking with cancelled it and you can’t get up with them or you for whatever reason can’t give them to give you a refund let’s say that’s trying to give you some damn credit or something but you want your money because you’re not going maybe you’re like me your wife is pregnant and you ain’t planning on going on no airplane or anywhere like that for the next month the next year anyway so that’s not gonna help you file a dispute on your credit card company they’re gonna give you your money back immediately and all you do is tell them look they counsel my service I said I wanted my money back and the only thing they said they would give me as an e credit well that’s not a refund of your money it’s not gonna benefit you so hopefully most of you that had these type of travel things in place you use your credit card because that protected you from having your money taken away and being stuck in there cabal’s in the form of e credit so ladies and gentlemen post all your comments down below I hope this video has helped you kind of understand where the money is and this coronavirus bill that has been passed maybe it can help you guys start the process of healing overcoming or getting in the right footing as we all try to wait for them to lacs up these lock downs so that we can get back out and get commerce going but more importantly we need people to heal we need people to be safe and for those you affected by the coronavirus my heart is with you first and formal here your family get healthy and commerce comes after that that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like my video please come and subscribe go get yourself that life game until that next sexy as hell life game video helping you make those games I’ll see you you

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