NCIX Bankruptcy Auction – Day 1


We'' re gon na go in, we ' re gon na see what ' s what, and then we ' re actually gon na come back tomorrow. That ' s my s ** t I'want that', and I ' m sure I ' m gon na find some other stuff too. No, no, it'' s not, okay, so not whatever, but a lot of things. I may be much better off Just informing you men go subscribe to Linus cat pointers, attempt and get another twenty thousand subs over there get a feline ideas play button It'' s been a long time given that I ' ve been here So it wasn ' t the best relocation ever, however yep. People if you dislike this video you can hit that button But if you liked it, struck like, get subscribed or perhaps think about inspecting out where to purchase the things we included … I put on'' t understand this auction will be over by the time you watch this Don'' t concern about it Also in the video description is our merch store, which has cool tee shirts like this one and our neighborhood online forum, which you must absolutely join.

Video Transcript: It is main, my friends. The bankruptcy auction of my former employer,, has actually started. It'' s today. I ' ve got my voter card- this is my registration. It ' s the previewing day. We'' re gon na go in, we ' re gon na see what ' s what, and then we ' re actually gon na come back tomorrow. The NCIX Tech Tips gold play button is in there. That ' s my s ** t I'want that', and I ' m sure I ' m gon na discover some other things too. Examine this out: For any unfilled orders, please contact your charge card business to charge back. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We'' re done. We ' re f ** king done. All right, let ' s go. Synergy 2 lets you perfectly share a mouse and keyboard between several computers. Inspect it out at the link below. So I'' ve been to auctions run by these people before, and it was at their facility, and everything was sort of, like, put into bins and carts.But on location, the rules are a little different. Like, even at the check-in desk. The computers here, they'' re up for auction. You just – you go ever – like, is this toilet plunger up for auction? No, no, it'' s not, alright, so not everything, however a great deal of things. In here is where they utilized to assemble all the NCIX PC computer systems. I was in fact in here should have been a month or 2 ago, and I was talking with the owner – previous owner – I don'' t know how that works, however I remained in here, and it was like crazy, like generally Screwdrivers down it looked like everybody went home for the day And then simply never ever came back so they'' ve they ' ve sort of staged things a bit make it look a bit more you understand auctiony it looks like any machines that remained in the procedure of being built and or like this one'' s got a great deal of dust in it take a look at this And or I wear ' t know possibly we ' re in for Repair, or were being utilized as demonstration systems have simply kind of been set up all along the counters here For individuals to bid on them some respectable things in here So the method that these auctions work is whatever is kind of grouped into Lots So you can'' t simply bid on this sapphire HD 2600 XT as though you would desire to, you got to buy this uh One terabyte two and a half inch hard disk drive This test blank.No way There is a lot like impressive loot here take a look at this Alienware Compu 2000 stress balls This is doing absolutely nothing for my stress today You might simulate a techie Archaeological dig in this location which was already real when I left five years ago Please keep this door closed. What are you gon na do about it? Alright ok this is enjoyable. We discovered a house for the tension ball I found on the flooring. Stress, tension is all gone now, and we'' ve got some other excellent things here, too So this was my bad like 8 years ago.I cut a PO for this This is the mountain mods. It'' s UV green acrylic Stylish that remained stylish UV green acrylic and it'' s an external radiator install with like these manages on the top So you would generally like separate them, and after that you would screw in your radiator on both sides And you might just mount the radiator and simply stick it down on your desk Needless to say that idea didn'' t truly take off and making matters worse if you were to buy one of these today I hope you have a thermo chill PA series radiator due to the fact that otherwise it won'' t fit and those have been discontinued for over half a years so Sorry NCIX I done goofed on that one.Another thing I purchased that never ever offered, These that mod smart these were the primo chill guys Sometimes they moved ok some colors, though Not as effective as others. More danger den things Oh no an AM2 hold down for the Swiftech storm. Oh, oh ok here'' s another excellent one. I ensure you I purchased this too Apogee GT, yup So I actually cut my teeth as a product supervisor on the water cooling classification Because no one else wanted to do it take a look at that yellow label there, baby.This is the DB one from D Tech do you people keep in mind D Tech? I didn'' t think so Danny from D Tech. Hero excellent person, guy. They made the finest Barb'' s in the video game back when barbed fittings were cool This is a fun bin if you want some genuinely tradition things like this looks actually great But this is a gtx 760 and this doesn'' t even look excellent But it ' s like funnier than it than it looks it looks like a bad graphics card.Uh-huh it'' s a PCI card This is a Phys X card, Phys X by Ageia. (Phizz X) This is the future Okay, I need to discover out how much the minimum quote is due to the fact that like I just desire to do a retro unboxing of office XP experts still sealed Adobe Illustrator CS2 like plainly unworthy anything however Oh, its an upgrade … You have to have CS1 … Terrible. Now that is a dead operating system if I'' ve ever seen one. Hey, I'' ve got an iPad 2 … Here'' s a pink case for it as long as I ' m going to purchase 30 of them and also holy crap There'' s like a couple hundred cases for the Galaxy Note Not the note 3 or keep in mind 5 or keep in mind 8, the original Galaxy Note Oops. That wasn'' t me. What is this stuff? Okay, so the method these things work like Everything is as is where it is so a box like this might be a treasure trip Oh check this out.This is X270 something- no X99 not Z270. Like whatever is in here is in here Huh likewise not Z270, that'' s another X99 board it'' s got like laptops laptop computers for days in here And boxes for like phones and stuff too like is this a blackberry phone? No, see empty box. However this feels like there might be a P9 Plus inside … and there isn'' t. You'go you ' re gon na go through this stuff pretty thoroughly one thing I know for sure however is that Craigslist is going to be flush with hardware deals, hardware offers for days on Craigslist with markup after this auction I suggest it is kind of depressing to think about it being minimized to this like to the point where Your advertising pens are in a bin for auction [ one day this might be us] Now this kind of stuff is sad like I keep in mind Irene I worked with Irene she doesn'' t work anymore Yeah, she was really nice.I guess I didn'' t actually have anywhere to go with that … Yeah, no I really have nowhere great to opt for that. That'' s kind of a disappointment. Wonder what Irene'' s things remains in here. A Sears bag and some gloves Holy s ** t Is this all of the customer records? This isn'' t for sale, right? Get rid of, okay? Yeah good. Shred ideally … Ok so here'' s all the excellent stuff Here ' s a lot of like present motherboards X370 pros like here'' s a rampage 5 Edition 10, it'' s like a 600 700 dollar board Here'' s all the graphics cards that are worth anything also, so your 1060'' s, 1070 ' s. I suggest this ought to offer you some idea how bad the GPU scarcity was that a retailer went out of company and had actually 20 graphics cards in stock … Oh wow, they'' ve still got among the water-cooled FX processors ooh, and a Core i7 extreme from like four or 5 years earlier. Ouch. You can purchase all the lunch space chairs lunch room microwaves mini-fridge. this is the aquarium as I called it or the boardroom. I simply felt like I seemed like a fish being in here. This was the CEOs office. so Apparently he set it up with a projector at some point. It wasn'' t like this last time I was hanging around here but I'' ve had a number of,'in fact I ' ve had a number of extremely tense conferences in this room so Someone had informed me that the gold play button was in the CEOs workplace, but I didn'' t see it there Do you understand if the gold YouTube play button is here, all right? I'' m messaging my old manager due to the fact that I really desire that gold play button But in the meantime we did get some information on this one There is an auction lot for it, but here, get wide because there'' s a lot of things I got to reveal here to buy it.I have to buy all of these awards all of this crap this dinosaur this basketball signed by Dirk Meyer This TELEVISION this stand and these two plants over here Really? For a silver button? I might be better off Just telling you men go subscribe to Linus cat ideas, try and get another twenty thousand subs over there get a feline pointers play button It'' s been a long time since I ' ve been here So it wasn ' t the wisest relocation ever, however yep. It was my call to do half of the space Green screen green and half of it So this is really the original chroma key blue And then they repainted this one for when the other team moved over here after they got booted out of their previous studio If we uh, the concept was we'' d have the ability to blue or green screen in this space, but what happened in practice was We simply ended up with a lot of green cast on everything that we shot on the blue wall This will be the last time I ever strolled through here.I sanctuary'' t been here in like Well over 2 years, three years … Huh Well, I think this is as great a place as any to end our trip I think we'' ll be back tomorrow with Bidding what are we gon na, purchase? Tunnelbear is the VPN that makes it simple to be safeguarded online Instantly your online activity is kept private from marketers, Your web service provider or anyone who'' s wanting to track you or earnings from your information. Tunnelbear has clients for PC, Mac Android, iOS, they'' ve even got a Chrome extension and all you need to do is go to Linus We'' ll have that linked listed below, and you can attempt it for totally free That'' s Linus. Men if you dislike this video you can hit that button But if you liked it, struck like, get subscribed or perhaps think about examining out where to purchase the stuff we featured … I put on'' t understand this auction will be over by the time you enjoy this Don'' t concern about it Also in the video description is our merch shop, which has cool t-shirts like this one and our community forum, which you ought to absolutely join. [Subtitles/CC by robotprobot] As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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