How to remove a BANKRUPTCY from your credit report 2019


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Below is the Video Transcript;

hi my name is Shonda I am from rode to 750 where credit repair is made easy today we’re going to discuss how to effectively effectively get rid of a bankruptcy off your credit report in 2019 so there are five companies that the credit bureaus go to to verify any public records those companies are LexisNexis ARS and know this pacer and say stream all of those are third-party collection agencies that are used to verify public records in increase of these five third-party collection agencies they are not allowed to use your full social security number in fact there was an amendment passed in 2003 I believe it was December 2003 that stated according to the Federal Rules of bankruptcy procedures so this is directly for bankruptcies that result in a mini pass as a result of a lawsuit that states that no third-party collection can have a consumers for Social Security number so they can only have access to the last four digits of your social security number there are X billion people in this world or even in the United States I’m not even sure the exact amount however there’s a lot of people in the United States and the only identifying information that they’re allowed to have legally is the last four of your social security number there is no way possible that they can be used that should be used or by law or by our Fair Credit Reporting Act that’s that’s a substantial evidence of properly identifying me so we use that to our advantage we use that to our advantage now this law like I said it has been around since 2003 however it has not been enforced this entire time as most recently there was a lawsuit in 2018 at the end I believe it was in October or November of 2018 that was one in the consumers favor of enforcing this law because up until November October in November of 2018 this amendment was not enforced so now that it’s widely enforced and widely acceptable this is where we come in and use it to our events the ovens at this point you’ve probably done a ton of research on removing bankruptcy then you were probably led down a million directions the most popular one that you’ve probably heard is freezing all of these third-party collection agencies in in hopes of having the bureau try to verify it and them kind of running into a brick wall because the consumer reports are frozen now this is not effective and it’s not effective because what most people won’t tell you is that according to the FCRA if a bureau and I’m using this and I’m saying this in my terms but if a bureau has previously verified an item with the third-party collection agency they don’t have to go back and review fine all they have to do is tell you that it’s verified because it was verified in the past so this is why a lot of times when you dispute a bankruptcy especially after freezing lexisnexis or pace or save stream you’re gonna get a verification or you’re gonna you’re gonna not get good results based on the fact that you think because you froze it they can no longer do anything and that is not true that’s no longer an effective way to dispute a bankruptcy it does not work and just like the consumer has rights the credit bureaus have rice as well and under their rice they don’t have to constantly keep verifying information with the same source if they already have it on file that they’ve verified it before now in the same breath what has to happen is we need to find out their method of verification so the very first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to request a method of verification from the credit bureaus this is TransUnion Equifax in experience those are the three major credit bureaus and these are the Brewers that we need to act for the method of verification for the bank now this is completely different from cinema six or nine letter or send in a 611 letter a debt validation letter or any letter that you probably have sent in the past this is a complete different method there’s a letter that has to legally incorrectly request these sorts of information that the credit bureaus are using and you should in my opinion in you should include the right so you should include the proper loss section the correct wording and I can also draft up a template if you’re confused in regards to it however you need to first request method of verification they cannot deny that to you in fact how and how a credit bureau has 30 days to get results back to you when it comes to disputing a lot of people don’t know that when you request verification they only have 15 business days so you cut the thirty in half they only have 15 business days to get the method of verification to you if they fail to send this within 30 business day I’m sorry within 15 business days you can use that as a method of deletion also if they fail – if they neglect to give you the information that is the direct violation of your rights and you can actually use that for as you can follow cfpb report you can actually sue them don’t be afraid to sue them the laws are on our side when it comes to the FCRA you request their method of verification that’s the first thing that you need to do is request the method of verification so now you sent the method of verification letter to the bureau’s and they either respond one of three ways the first way they’re going to respond is telling you that the courthouse is the data furnishers and they are the ones that they use for their source of information there are they want to respond that one of the five third party collection agencies are what they use for their source of information like pacer ARS they stream you know lease or LexisNexis they’re going to respond tell you that one of those was their sources of information well the third way that the bureau can respond is not responding they can neglect your request for information and then that’s where you immediately fell as he appeared PB report and you also threatened to sue them you send them a legal letter so that’s we’re gonna take that away so they respond to tell you because it is not likely that they will respond and let you know that your method of verification has been denied because they are very well aware that that is the part of our rights as a consumer to request that information so they’re it’s not likely that they will respond that way the two ways that they will likely respond is one telling you that the courthouse is there data furniture and the one that they use for their source of information if they respond this way what you need to do is you immediately I’m a pon receiving the letter and you need to do all of this process within 15 days you need to go down to the courthouse or either write a letter to the courthouse but when you go down to the courthouse you ask them do they verify information with the credit bureaus they’re going to tell you no because by law they cannot verify this information with the credit bureaus and they don’t so they will tell you no you just request a letter with their letterhead on it telling you that exact information another easy way to get this information is to mail the courthouse that they’re claiming that they use to verify your identity a self-addressed stamped envelope they will not mail you back if you do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope once you have that letter from the courthouse verifying that they do not even share or disclose these information with the bureau’s what you’re going to do is send the letter that the courthouse gave you and you’re going to send the method of verification letter that you receive from the bureau’s so right there right then and there you’re completely completely dismissing everything that they have told you if they told you that their source was the courthouse and you swanned that the courthouse doesn’t verify this information you have completely dismissed everything that they claimed so that should be an automatic deletion right there based on your rights and if there’s not being these file reports and things of that nature but there should be an automatic dismissal the second way that they will respond is telling you that one of the five reporting agencies are the source of information now in the past a lot of credit repair thought that if we send the courthouse letter without the courthouse that is saying they don’t send these informations to the bureau’s that that was sufficient enough to get a bankruptcy deleted but upon research I realized that if you don’t ask for their method of verification first then the courthouse letter means nothing because they can always come back and say that they did not verify it with the courthouse what we’re trying to do what the goal is is to catch the bureau’s and a lie or bet them against the wall if they’re if they’re telling you the verification is a and you you have completely dismissed the truth of a then they can no longer use pain you already have it in writing that they stated that this was their source of information so now when you file a complaint you have all the proof that you need to show exactly how the credit bureaus lied to you and that’s really essentially the entire just of a bankruptcy because it is an item that cannot be verified legally you use it to your advantage credit bureaus are so so notorious for telling you I think the courthouse verified this or the the third party agencies verify this that’s because like I stated a a month probably four months ago it was not enforced this law was not enforced especially the method of verification you you do need to request the method of verification this stuff is so little and so my new Tucson but it is crucial in the in the whole deleting a bankruptcy portion and I’ve done this five times so far and I’ve only tried one bureau at a time because I always like to test the waters and I’ll put results out insert results of a few of them that I’ve gotten deleted and this is recent this is after I’ve learned of the method of verification enforcement and things of that nature this simple thing is getting rid of bankruptcies left and right and that’s only because you’re backing the bureau’s against the wall you’re completely dismissing their method of verification and you’re proving in black and white showing showing them that you’ve done your research you you cross all your T’s and dot all your eyes and now they’re gonna have to present something way more than just telling you that they’re going through third parties are going through the courthouse to verify your bankruptcy because you’ve already eliminated that portion so they can’t even use that anymore so now you’re going to send the letter to the credit bureaus to let them know that you have completely exposed their lie you have completely researched your rights researched the previous losses and things of that nature this letter has to be super forceful you have to you have to threaten lawsuits you have to thread in complaints they have to know that you’re serious when it comes to them getting this deletion because a lot of times there’s a Senate to eat ice currently Oscar will automatically in you being verified or they won’t delete it or they’ll even try to update the file which is definitely not what we want because what happens when they update it they can basically go back and claim that this was it all along so you want to back them into a corner demand deletion demand that if they’re not deleting it within 15 business days that you will file a lawsuit or you will file a complaint and be ready to do this by the way if they haven’t deleted it within 15 days you need to be filing CFPB report and the reason why it’s good to five people you report at this point is because you have all of your evidence you have everything that proves that you’ve done your research you like I said it that is your eyes and cross all your T’s at this point they have no choice but to delete it absolutely no choice before this little loophole which is the method of verification which to a lot of people it may seem small it’s so it’s everything but small in a sense though it’s nothing more than a consumer using their rights against the credit bureaus which that’s what our rights are for they use stuff against us all the time yes you may have filed bankruptcy we’re not even denying that yes you may have had those accounts but it is not the burden of proof is on the bureau and not only you you don’t have to prove that it wasn’t you but they have to prove that it was you if that makes sense that is the whole game when it comes to getting negative items deleted or getting changes on your credit report the burden of proof is not only you as a consumer it’s on the credit bureau so after I recorded edited and nearly uploaded the video I realized that I did not do an outro and I understand it that’s what proper youtubers do is do an outro I wanted to come in and check in and let you guys on I definitely appreciate you for watching the video if you’ve gotten to this point why which I appreciate I put a lot of work into the video because I wanted to fact-check every single point that I made show effects on every single point so I definitely hope that you learn something if you are confused about a certain subject and want me to explain it in layman’s terms because I believe as though I can explain it like I’m talking to my friend so it’s a little easier to understand because credit repair is already just so complicated so I try to uncomplicated and make it easy I’m definitely willing to talk about anything and everything that you hear from me like I stated before it definitely would be fact-checked I will try to include any fact that I mentioned in the video I’m very big in fact so I want to learn about something or confused about something when it deals with credit repair or credit building comment below let me know subscribe for more videos as we have more common as far as inquiries and everything so thank you so much again this is Shonda for Road 750 signing off 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