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hi my name is Shonda I am from rode to 750 where credit repair work is made simple today were going to discuss how to effectively efficiently get rid of an insolvency off your credit report in 2019 so there are 5 business that the credit bureaus go to confirm any public records those business are LexisNexis ARS and understand this pacer and say stream all of those are third-party debt collection agency that are used to verify public records in boost of these five third-party debt collection agency they are not allowed to use your complete social security number in reality there was a change passed in 2003 I believe it was December 2003 that stated according to the Federal Rules of insolvency treatments so this is straight for personal bankruptcies that lead to a mini pass as an outcome of a lawsuit that specifies that no third-party collection can have a customers for Social Security number so they can just have access to the last 4 digits of your social security number there are X billion people in this world and even in the United States Im not even sure the exact amount however theres a great deal of people in the United States and the only recognizing info that theyre allowed to have lawfully is the last 4 of your social security number there is no chance possible that they can be used that need to be utilized or by law or by our Fair Credit Reporting Act thats thats a considerable proof of properly recognizing me so we utilize that to our advantage we use that to our benefit now this law like I said it has been around considering that 2003 nevertheless it has actually not been enforced this entire time as most just recently there was a lawsuit in 2018 at the end I believe it remained in October or November of 2018 that was one in the consumers prefer of implementing this law because up until November October in November of 2018 this modification was not imposed so now that its commonly enforced and extensively acceptable this is where we can be found in and use it to our occasions the ovens at this moment youve most likely done a lots of research on eliminating bankruptcy then you were most likely led down a million directions the most popular one that youve most likely heard is freezing all of these third-party debt collector in hopes of having the bureau attempt to validate it and them kind of encountering a brick wall because the consumer reports are frozen now this is ineffective and its not effective due to the fact that what most individuals will not tell you is that according to the FCRA if a bureau and Im utilizing this and Im saying this in my terms however if a bureau has previously validated an item with the third-party debt collector they dont have to go back and examine great all they have to do is inform you that its validated because it was validated in the past so this is why a lot of times when you challenge a bankruptcy particularly after freezing lexisnexis or rate or save stream youre gon na get a verification or youre gon na youre gon na not get excellent results based upon the truth that you believe because you froze it they can no longer do anything and that is not real thats no longer an effective method to challenge an insolvency it does not work and simply like the customer has rights the credit bureaus have rice also and under their rice they dont have to constantly keep verifying details with the same source if they already have it on file that theyve verified it prior to now in the very same breath what has to take place is we require to find out their method of confirmation so the very first thing that were going to do is were going to request an approach of verification from the credit bureaus this is TransUnion Equifax in experience those are the 3 major credit bureaus and these are the Brewers that we need to act for the approach of confirmation for the bank now this is entirely different from cinema six or 9 letter or send out in a 611 letter a debt recognition letter or any letter that you most likely have sent in the past this is a total various technique theres a letter that has to lawfully improperly demand these sorts of information that the credit bureaus are using and you should in my opinion in you need to consist of the right so you should consist of the correct loss section the correct wording and I can also draft up a design template if youre confused in regards to it nevertheless you require to very first request method of confirmation they can not reject that to you in reality how and how a credit bureau has 30 days to get results back to you when it concerns contesting a lot of individuals dont understand that when you ask for verification they just have 15 service days so you cut the thirty in half they only have 15 organisation days to get the approach of confirmation to you if they fail to send this within 30 service day Im sorry within 15 organisation days you can utilize that as a method of removal also if they fail – if they disregard to offer you the details that is the direct infraction of your rights and you can actually utilize that for as you can follow cfpb report you can actually sue them do not be afraid to sue them the laws are on our side when it pertains to the FCRA you request their technique of confirmation thats the very first thing that you require to do is request the method of verification so now you sent the method of verification letter to the bureaus and they either respond one of 3 ways the first method theyre going to respond is informing you that the court house is the data furnishers and they are the ones that they utilize for their source of information there are they desire to respond that a person of the five 3rd party debt collector are what they utilize for their source of info like pacer ARS they stream you understand lease or LexisNexis theyre going to respond tell you that one of those was their sources of info well the 3rd way that the bureau can respond is not reacting they can neglect your demand for info and then thats where you instantly fell as he appeared PB report and you also threatened to sue them you send them a legal letter so thats were gon na take that away so they react to inform you due to the fact that it is not likely that they will respond and let you know that your approach of verification has actually been rejected since they are extremely well conscious that is the part of our rights as a customer to request that details so theyre its not likely that they will respond that method the 2 manner ins which they will likely react is one telling you that the courthouse exists data furniture and the one that they utilize for their source of information if they react in this manner what you require to do is you immediately Im a pon getting the letter and you need to do all of this process within 15 days you require to go down to the court house or either compose a letter to the courthouse however when you decrease to the court house you inquire do they validate information with the credit bureaus theyre going to inform you no because by law they can not verify this details with the credit bureaus and they dont so they will inform you no you just request a letter with their letterhead on it informing you that specific details another easy way to get this information is to mail the courthouse that theyre claiming that they use to validate your identity a self-addressed stamped envelope they will not mail you back if you do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope when you have that letter from the court house verifying that they do not even share or divulge these info with the bureaus what youre going to do is send the letter that the courthouse offered you and youre going to send out the technique of verification letter that you receive from the bureaus so right there ideal then and there youre completely entirely dismissing whatever that they have actually informed you if they informed you that their source was the court house and you swanned that the courthouse does not verify this details you have entirely dismissed everything that they claimed so that must be an automatic removal right there based upon your rights and if theres not being these file reports and things of that nature however there ought to be an automatic dismissal the second manner in which they will respond is informing you that a person of the 5 reporting firms are the source of info now in the past a lot of credit repair believed that if we send the courthouse letter without the courthouse that is saying they dont send out these informations to the bureaus that was adequate to get a personal bankruptcy erased however upon research I understood that if you do not request their approach of verification first then the court house letter suggests absolutely nothing because they can always come back and state that they did not verify it with the courthouse what were trying to do what the objective is to capture the bureaus and a lie or bet them against the wall if theyre if theyre informing you the confirmation is a and you have entirely dismissed the truth of a then they can no longer utilize pain you currently have it in writing that they specified that this was their source of information so now when you submit a complaint you have all the evidence that you require to reveal exactly how the credit bureaus lied to you whichs actually essentially the entire simply of a personal bankruptcy due to the fact that it is a product that can not be confirmed lawfully you utilize it to your advantage credit bureaus are so well-known for informing you I believe the court house validated this or the third celebration firms confirm this thats because like I specified a month most likely 4 months ago it was not imposed this law was not implemented specifically the technique of verification you do require to request the technique of confirmation this stuff is so little and so my brand-new Tucson however it is vital in the in the whole erasing an insolvency portion and Ive done this five times so far and Ive only attempted one bureau at a time due to the fact that I always like to test the waters and Ill put outcomes out insert results of a few of them that Ive gotten deleted and this is recent this seeks Ive learned of the approach of verification enforcement and things of that nature this easy thing is eliminating personal bankruptcies left and best and thats only because youre backing the bureaus against the wall youre entirely dismissing their technique of confirmation and youre proving in black and white showing them that youve done your research study you cross all your Ts and dot all your eyes and now theyre gon na need to present something method more than just informing you that theyre going through third parties are going through the courthouse to verify your bankruptcy because youve already gotten rid of that part so they cant even use that any longer so now youre going to send out the letter to the credit bureaus to let them understand that you have actually completely exposed their lie you have totally investigated your rights investigated the previous losses and things of that nature this letter needs to be incredibly forceful you need to you need to threaten claims you need to thread in problems they need to understand that youre serious when it pertains to them getting this removal since a great deal of times theres a Senate to eat ice presently Oscar will automatically in you being confirmed or they will not erase it or theyll even try to upgrade the file which is certainly not what we want due to the fact that what occurs when they upgrade it they can generally return and declare that this was everything along so you want to back them into a corner need removal demand that if theyre not erasing it within 15 business days that you will file a suit or you will submit a problem and be ready to do this by the way if they have not deleted it within 15 days you need to be submitting CFPB report and the factor why its good to five people you report at this point is due to the fact that you have all of your proof you have everything that shows that youve done your research study you like I said it that is your eyes and cross all your Ts at this moment they have no option however to delete it definitely no choice before this little loophole which is the approach of confirmation which to a lot of individuals it might seem small its so its whatever but little in a sense though its absolutely nothing more than a consumer utilizing their rights against the credit bureaus which thats what our rights are for they utilize stuff versus all of us the time yes you may have filed personal bankruptcy were not even rejecting that yes you may have had those accounts but it is not the concern of evidence is on the bureau and not just you dont need to prove that it wasnt you however they need to show that it was you if that makes sense that is the entire game when it concerns getting unfavorable products erased or getting modifications on your credit report the burden of proof is not just you as a consumer its on the credit bureau so after I taped modified and nearly submitted the video I realized that I did not do an outro and I understand it thats what appropriate youtubers do is do an outro I wanted to can be found in and inspect in and let you guys on I absolutely appreciate you for seeing the video if youve gotten to this point why which I value I put a great deal of work into the video due to the fact that I desired to fact-check each and every single point that I made show impacts on every single point so I certainly hope that you discover something if you are puzzled about a specific topic and desire me to describe it in laypersons terms since I believe as though I can discuss it like Im talking with my good friend so its a little much easier to understand since credit repair is currently so complicated so I attempt to straightforward and make it simple Im definitely ready to discuss anything and whatever that you speak with me like I mentioned prior to it absolutely would be fact-checked I will try to consist of any truth that I discussed in the video Im really big in fact so I wish to learn more about something or puzzled about something when it handles credit repair work or credit structure comment listed below let me know subscribe for more videos as we have more typical as far as inquiries and whatever so thank you a lot once again this is Shonda for Road 750 signing off [Music] .

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