Boys Scouts of America files for bankruptcy 2021

caption you know I believed possibly this is just how the Boy Scouts run possibly this belongs to ending up being a guy David is among numerous previous Boy Scouts who formerly told us their Scout leader sexually abused them from the mid 1960s to the late 1980s they claimed the Irving based organization knew that its members were using their positions to groom and to sexually abuse kids now a minimum of 15 states have recently unwinded their laws enabling victims to take legal action against the scouts years after the supposed abuse took place and as a result Boy Scout filings show hundreds of lawsuits have been filed and there could be as lots of as seventeen hundred more in the pipeline in addition a variety of former Boy Scouts executives have taken legal action to protect their pensions today” s insolvency filing states the Boy Scouts has actually invested more than 150 million dollars in legal expenses because 2017 and continuing to resolve abuse lawsuits on a case-by-case basis is unsustainable this is not the end of the road attorney Michelle Simpson toogle who represents lots of previous Boy Scout states victims will still be able to seek payment but the procedure will be different and I think that will probably be a sexual abuse insolvency case that has never ever been seen before in the size and scale of it the Boy Scouts state insolvency will not stop them from continuing their programs or paying abuse survivors today leadership released an apology to victims and stated scouting is more secure now than ever before I think it is a substantial caution to these companies that if they don” t proactively avoid sexual abuse then they will actually be shut down or be pushed into bankruptcy in Dallas I” m Charlotte HuffmanAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License