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https://www.youtube.com/embed/kvrxRKaRDUI we are you feel the breeze family and
our dream is to circumnavigate the world to discover the appeal and explore of
Environment to in the end discover our home somewhere on this fantastic planet we made
it our objective to influence others to live the life of their dreams and we do this
cancer after i survived cancer I chose
to end up being a millionaire before my 40th birthday and to sail around the globe so I set up 3 business and sold one for millions and 3 years ago I got
bankrupt so I lost everything I lost the boat
I purchased I lost all the money however the most crucial I lost my mind as well
and then I met Rianne and that is where the magic began [music] hi my name is Rianne and I'' m born
and raised in Friesland I got my law degree on the University and ended up being effective legal representative and had the ideal life I was in a relationship for 9 years and after 8 months of being married whatever collapsed I was absolutely not delighted and everything I found out how to be happy and I did I believed I need to do didn'' t make me delighted at all ant than i made huge changes I started thinking of what my dreams are and how I wished to attain them in the end I transferred to Amsterdam and that is where Gerben and I fulfilled and our realtionhsip started [music] [music] Benjamin is born here in Amsterdam and for the very first three months of his life we lived here and after that we went to the boat the boat was in Valencia Spain and for eight months we began sailing the Mediterranean towards Turkey luckily for us this little guy loves cruising so we can continue our journey worldwide we will set cruise again in March from Bodrum Turkey approaching the Canary Islands our last location before crossing the Atlantic Ocean initially we will sail south along the Turkish coast towards Cyprus and then Israel from there we will continue our journey to the Greek and Italian islands to come back to the gorgeous Balearics after that we will go to Morocco and sail through the strait of Gibraltar towards our final stop however before all of this we begin with some serious broad works and upgrades to prepare the perfect sense for our experience worldwide so at completion of this year we were all set for our extremely first Atlantic crossing this channel has to do with exploring the world discovering our alternative lifestyles and having a great frame of mind to attain your dreams so if you liked it offer us a thumbs up subscribe and we want to see you there.Feel the Breeze. As found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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