Second Charge Business Loans


Here’s the Video Transcript:

Below is the Video Transcript:

hello my name’s Dave farmer from line consultancy and this short video is all about what to do if you’re looking at taking out a business loan secured by second charge over your home now written I say this is in the last few months we’ve seen some really strange policies come out for some very reputable lenders when it comes to granting a second child now for the layman you may think that if he were to come he’s got a first on TV property well what are they worried about they’re always gonna sit first well that’s very true and that really should be perhaps how then is look at it but on these days are looking it from a regulatory perspective and certainly they want to check but all on lending is affordable to you and therefore they looking at existing lending and a new lending before favor on a second charge as I say we’ve seen some really strange qualities come out and it’s caused a few clients a few problems so my advice to you is if you’re looking at taking a second to ality of property but business borrowing speak to your lender first just sound them out about it don’t give them any chat details find out what their criteria is and how they approach it because if you do that then it helps structure of a second charge borrowing to make sure that it goes through in a manner that it should and it makes your life a lot easier it’s a simple tip liberabit work upfront it will save you time they don’t I promise you any questions that business finance you know where we are always happy to talk follow us on social media and inquiries get in touch you


Second Charge Business Loans

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