My Credit Journey from 498 credit score to a 725!! (Fix My Credit Friday Episode #3)


Now I ' m on myFICO, I ' m signed up for the. As I'' m going through this type, I
' m like,. Now I'' m in the 700 ' s, due to the fact that I had these. That'' s why I ' m here. That ' s why I ' m on Instagram every day, and.

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It'' s your woman Bella, how are you? I'' ve had this YouTube channel for about a.
year now, and I figured now is the time to tell you guys people about myself. Let'' s rewind time a bit, and go back to 2013.
I was ready to buy a home.Luckily for me, I have some really fantastic people.
in my circle who enjoy realty, and they had the ability to put me in contact with a.
really excellent loan officer. Then the process begins. The first thing, obviously, is they want your.
income, W2'' s, pay stubs, and then they run your credit. Yikes. They ran my credit. Of course there were things on there that.
I knew were there. There were bills that I hadn'' t paid, or I. forgot. There were things that'I didn '
t even understand. about, that we needed to wind up challenging. We ' ll enter into that later on. Yeah, it resembled, wow. Of course, you can'' t be authorized for. a mortgage unless you clear all of these things up.I struck the ground running. I called numerous financial institutions. I had a medical costs that I needed to pay. I ended up doing a pay for delete, so I paid.
in full and they took it off my credit report. I had 2 impressive charge card. They were actually little that have entered into.
collections. I needed to pay those off. I had actually owed money to my grad school, where.
I opted for my MBA, and I had to pay that off.It was a great deal of budgeting, a lot of fussing.
and combating and sobbing and stressing out. How am I going to pay you all this things to.
get myself going? But I figured it out. I did it step by action. It definitely took several months to get.
all this together. However I did it, and then shit hit the fan. Oh my God. As I mentioned before, I have my MBA, so like.
everybody else, I have a lot of trainee loans exceptional. There were 10 different accounts, because.
I'' ve never ever consolidated my accounts. Don'' t ask me why. Hindsight'' s always 20/20, and all 10 accounts.
were reported as 90 days late. I went from a 620 to 630 credit scored range,.
The whole offer basically fell apart. I was working with a credit repair work firm.
or whatever, and they were attempting to repair the 90 day lates with Nelnet since I had actually used.
for a deferment, and it was expected to look after the 2 payments that I lagged.
For whatever reason, I'' m not sure what. When my third payment came due, and I. didn ' t pay that, since the deferment was expected to cover those 3 payments, actually,.
I wear'' t know what took place. It didn'' t repair it. Then they were reported 90 days late. The credit repair agency took the letter that.
Nelnet had sent me to verify my deferment, and we tried to contest it, and it did not.
work. It was just actually bad. I was so upset. I was so depressed, and after that other things.
broke down with the deal as well.The seller did not have a certificate of tenancy.
for the deck. Then there was a church being constructed throughout.
the street, there was an empty lot across the street, and there was a church being constructed. Absolutely nothing versus churches. I'' m simply stating I wanted to live on a.
nice great peaceful. Once you have a church there'' s a lot of foot. traffic and cars and trucks, and occasions, weddings, and'I didn ' t desire to live throughout from a church'. Don ' t judge me.So numerous things break down with that deal. Of course, I wasn'' t going to tell anyone that.
it was due to the fact that of my credit. I just told a really little circle of individuals.
that that was one of the huge reasons that the offer broke down. I informed everyone else that, the seller didn'' t. have a CO, the church throughout the'street, I didn ' t desire that anymore, so I strolled away.
from the offer. That'' s what the outdoors world understood. Not 100 % truthful, however no one desires to talk.
about bad credit. No one wishes to admit they have bad credit. No one wishes to speak about the problems on the.
credit report, and I absolutely was among those. I was not sharing my service with the world,.
beyond my really little circle of close pals and household. Truly at that point in time, we were talking.
about, now we'' re in 2014. A great deal of backward and forward with attempting to get.
things repaired, and back and forth with the seller.We'' re at 2014. At this moment, the offer is totally off the.
I put on'' t understand, it just really
hit strike like I. failed at something, and I was so depressed. I was so upset at myself for letting all this.
crap occur, due to the fact that a great deal of it might have been prevented if I was a bit more.
proactive with my credit. I was never actually somebody to check my.
credit. I understood I had decent credit. I'' ve constantly had the ability to purchase a car. I'' ve constantly had the ability to rent a house. I'' ve always been able to get a mobile phone. I'' ve always been able to get a task. I knew I had decent credit. I just didn'' t understand exactly what my scores.
were, but I was like, they'' re good enough. 2014 was the time where I resembled, I'' m done. I ' m made with being ignorant. I'' m finished with the tension. I don'' t wish to discover myself in this position.
ever, ever again. So I signed up for, which altered.
whatever for me.I began to find out about usage, and.
how credit report are calculated, what to do to assist your credit. There are a bunch of forms on there where.
you can help of other people to select their brains, hear their stories, their experiences. That absolutely did a lot for me. Now I wish to say around 2015 … Well, let'' s. backtrack a bit. 2014, I likewise proceeded and requested two.
Don ' t quote me on that. Anyhow, I applied for two safe credit.
cards, one with Bank of America, one with Capital One, since I actually want to begin.
restoring my credit. My scores were so-so. But I needed to get my ratings in a better.
place. The 90 day lates with Nelnet definitely did.
not help.But anyway, we'' ll enter into that in a bit. I was truly trying to be bit more proactive.
with my own finances and my own credit. In 2015, I decided to call Nelnet.
myself to dispute the 90 day lates. I wrote emails, I made phone calls and I.
was able to get a case open, and within, I want to say 60 days, they lastly erased.
those 90 day lates. It was such a terrific sensation. I didn'' t need a credit repair companies to.
do that for me. I actually did it myself. I put in the time, I took the effort, I was.
like, it may not even work, however what else do I need to lose at this point? It in fact worked. So within a number of months my ratings begun.
to go back up. Now it was back in the 670, 680 range, which.
is truly, really excellent, and really made me feel like finally my tough work was beginning.
Now I ' m on myFICO, I ' m signed up for the.
I simply absolutely did refrain from doing myself. I was actually more thorough with my credit.
and taking note of it 24/7. I was borderline obsessed with my credit and.
my credit scores.Then now 2016, I'' m back on the market to buy.
a house and then I go back to myFICO, and I fall upon the credit card form area. I'' m not exactly sure why I did that, but I did, and.
it opens a whole new world for me. It was insane. There'' s a section therein called charge card.
approvals, and in this section people give a little bit of info about the last.
credit card they made an application for and were authorized for. They'' ll offer you their earnings, their credit. scores, their average age of accounts, their utilization and all available credit line.
amongst all their cards. As I'' m going through this type, I
' m like,. my ratings are equivalent or much better than this persons, or my earnings is similar or better. than that persons.Why can'' t I? I could get a card then. However I had actually had bad credit for such a long time,.
that I didn'' t think those chances or those products were meant for somebody like.
me. Why? When my credit, I had bad credit and perhaps.
was much better, I still didn'' t believe those things were for someone like me. I thought those type of cards and products.
were for individuals that had 750 ratings, 800 scores, and I was 670, 680. Good, however I didn'' t think those items.
still were for somebody like me. So to see people in this type, who were in.
the same situation or even a little bit of an even worse situation, usage appropriate English, were.
getting authorized for these cards. I'' m like, why can ' t I look for these cards? I did.
I looked for a lot of cards, probably too. numerous, and all of an unexpected my scores increased a lot more. Now I'' m in the 700 ' s, because I had these. cards, but my utilization was low, like zero. Some of the cards, I wasn'' t even using or.
I was using and paying them off in full.So with no balance reported. We'' ll go onto the credit card part later.
bad credit is not a life sentence. I know when you have bad credit, or you have.
difficulties, and the bills are accumulating, and you'' re like, I'wear ' t understand how the hell I'' m. going to do any of this. If I can just assist one, I ' m just here to say. individual today, that ' s really the point of my video. You can absolutely do it.Is it hard? Hell yes. Are there days you wish to quit? Definitely. You need to keep pressing. You have to keep trying. You have to keep fighting. You put on'' t fight, nobody else is going to fight.
Now I'' m here today in my house. I'' m in my beautiful house, that I closed on.
with my now hubby in 2016. At the closing table, they offer you these.
sheets, and they have your credit report, and my credit rating ranges were 715 to 725. That was such a terrific feeling, because just.
three years prior to that, in 2013, my ratings were 498 to 512. Like I stated in my introduction video, I have actually been.
through it all, and I'' m here as living evidence that you can do it. You can absolutely do it. You simply have to battle, you need to push,.
you have to work at it. There are no quick repairs. I understand there are business out there that.
in some cases oversell and under provide, but if you want to put in the work, you.
can definitely repair your credit.That'' s why I started my channel. That'' s why I ' m here. That ' s why I ' m on Instagram every day, and. putting out more videos, due to the fact that I'' m truly here to inform and help. Since I understand if I'' ve been through it, there'' s. somebody else out there who'' s likewise going through it and simply attempting and battling to find a.
method to survive it, so I'' m here to help. That'' s pretty much it. Thank you guys so much as constantly, for listening.
and tuning in. , if you desire to share your story with me and.
you can either comment below, or send me an email. I'' ll post that up here when I modify my video,.
or you can DM me on Instagram. All right. Thank you so much, men, for enjoying, and.
wear'' t forget to strike the like button, and wear'' t forget to subscribe. All ideal people? Thank you so much.Talk to you later. Bye. As discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License.

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