Kohls Credit Card Application – Kohl’s Charge Card Review / Kohls Cash


do you like shopping at Kohl's but you're not quite sure if you can get a proof of their Charge Card if you'd like to know a fast and easy way of applying for the Kohl's Charge Card and not even receiving a hard credit inquiry on your credit report stick around [Music] today I'm going to talk about the Kohl's Charge Card and I don't receive any kind of referral commissions by promoting the Kohl's Charge Card offer but I just want to talk about it today because I think it's a great way of getting a new line of credit an easy line of credit especially if you don't have the best credit again there is no impact on your credit score just for applying so if you get approved you'll receive 30% off your first purchase plus having a Kohl's charge entitles you to 12 special offers a year and of course most people have heard of Kohl's cash where you earn $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 spent Kohl's offers a lot of reward benefits to its customers like Kohl's cash but if you have the Kohl's Charge Card you can earn even more rewards for shopping at Kohl's you'll get another 15% off discount when your Kohl's charge card arrives in the mail plus you can combine Kohl's cash with Kohl's charge discounts in this chart in more detail explains how cold cash works and how to get the most benefit out of Kohl's cash in the comments below if you applied through the Kohl's charge card using the link that I provide where there is no hard credit inquiry leave a comment below on how it worked for you remember if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping but don't worry if you spend less than that you have the option a free store pick up all items qualified for free store pickup will be shown as an option on the right side of your screen coal's also offers the Kohl's app to make shopping at Kohl's even easier so whether you have the Kohl's charge card or not it's something to consider downloading this is the rate of interest charged at the time of taping this video please keep in mind just like the majority of all store credit cards the Kohl's charge card charges a high rate of interest so it is important to pay down your balances in full each month to avoid that interest I'm not a big fan of store credit cards mostly because many people get them and they get lines of credit to stores they never go to but if you're a regular shopper at Kohl's it makes good sense to get the Kohl's charge card honestly I'm not going to apply for this credit card because I don't shop at Kohl's often and I have a decent credit score but if I didn't have the best credit score maybe due to bankruptcy or some other reason I definitely apply for this store line of credit because it doesn't hurt me either way I could apply for it and I either get approved or I don't and it won't lower my credit score because this is not a hard inquiry so I hope you find my video on the Kohl's charge card interesting it's not only for people to consider if they have less than perfect credit it's a useful store line of credit for people of all credit types so thank you and until next time oh and don't forget to hit the like button and the subscribe button of course you

Kohls Credit Card Application - Kohl's Charge Card Review / Kohls Cash

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