Let ' s keep that in mind. Every time somebody checks your credit score.
If you don'' t pay your bills on
time the credit. This dings your credit extremely to the point.
That'' s all I got for you today men. In this video I'' m going to show you five simple
ways to assist increase your credit history. Stay tuned. Welcome
back to WhiteBoard Finance where I assist you master your cash and build your wealth. My name is Marko. And today we'' re going to be speaking about
five various ways to assist increase your credit history All of us understand that having a high credit rating.
Let ' s keep that in mind. State for example every time you go to a.
car automobile or you go to a shop store a mortgage home mortgage you'' re looking to rent an apartmentHouse Every time somebody checks your credit rating.
that causes a ding so be cognisant of that men. Getting rid of these multiple credit checks will.
really help increase your credit report over the long term. Number five. Pay your expenses on time. This should prevail sense men but I know.
in some cases there'' s a little bit more month at the end of your money.And I understand times can get tight in some cases. However this is the single biggest aspect.
in increasing your credit report. If you wear'' t pay your bills on
time the credit. bureaus get reported to and they know that you'' re not paying your bills. This dings your credit exceptionally to the point.
of even ending up being not even credit worthy. And after that you have to see my previous video.
on how to stablished credit once again. All joking aside men ensure that if you'' re. paying expenses at the end of the month make sure that the bureaus are reporting them on.
time. If you have a costs that'' s due on the 30th.
of the month. Try and get that paid about a week previously. It provides everyone time to get reported to.
properly and ultimately your credit history will never be jeopardized. So please keep this in mind guys pay your.
costs on time. Combining all of these tips are an ensured.
way to increase your credit score. I assure. There is no magic tablet we'' re going.
to need to be disciplined consistent and deliberate in all of your actions and particularly with.
what I mention here today in order to profit of a greater credit score.If you people got any value out of this video.
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out of it. That'' s all I got for you today guys. Have a thriving day. Hey is this huge Bob Chevrolet Yeah. Yeah I saw your ad on TELEVISION for the no cash.
down high credit establish credit special Yeah. What.
Oh and age 50. I'' m like a 570 is can I still qualify.Hello.