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https://www.youtube.com/embed/XK4xe9_Ujpg Home Loans! this is Chris Trapani the
home mortgage Pro. individuals ask me about downpayment support programs from all
over the country and I lastly discovered one that I'' m actually happy to provide to you.
See most of the problems with the deposit assistance programs are
they'' re really regional or state by state and this one will cover almost the
entire nation most states are covered and maybe if you'' re a broker and we ' re. not in your state hey we might be able to help you out there too so you can.
things that a person by one I'' m gon na explain to you why this is the very best program out.
there okay credit rating this is a big one with.
downpayment help many of those programs work 640 they.
were just recently raised to 660 and now with the kovat 19 infection the threat has gone.
up many of those programs are 682 even 700 well this is another reason this.
is remarkable just a 620 credit rating to secure free.
cash alright so the grant is 3 and a half percent of the loan quantity and that.
can be utilized for either your deposit which is a basic FHA down payment.
three and a half percent and on a four hundred thousand dollar loan.
yeah that'' s$ 14,000 free cash it'' s your cash so that ' s a truly huge offer it ' s. totally free money why wouldn ' t you purchase a house when you gon na get totally free money okay so what else is a huge deal
well. number four there are no liens on the title except for your very first home mortgage in.
most of these programs they put some sort of lien hi if you don'' t do live. there for five years you got to pay it back.
there are no liens on this program it'' s a grant your money reason number five.
this is awesome most of those downpayment assistance programs need.
a debt ratio optimum of 45 percent a few of them are going down to 43 percent.
this enables you to go to 55 percent financial obligation ratio yes that suggests if you have that.
additional vehicle payment or those extra charge card those other programs won'' t let
you. certify you qualify here and you get complimentary cash factor number 6 this is pretty.
amazing most programs will just permit this for a single-family home or.
condominium well this will permit you to purchase a one two 3 or 4 system house.
and you get to purchase it with a free downpayment what does it mean free it.
doesn'' t mean you wear ' t need to put a downpayment it suggests you get totally free money factor number seven why this is a big.
deal a great deal of those programs have income limits and some of them are respectable.
and some of them are actually low that you say these though people can'' t imply to
. survive on that never ever mind buy a house no income restricts to get free cash factor number eight many of those.
programs need three years income taxes and the reason they want three.
years earnings taxes they desire to make sure you'' re a first-time buyer and have. not owned a home in the last three years well you wear ' t need to be a first-time.
homebuyer you could have sold your home last month.
and get free money with this program today item number 9 why this is an.
remarkable program is the majority of those programs need a secondary.
underwriting after you'' re made with underwriting it needs to go to another.
department or the county or the state you are whatever company and they.
reenter write it and figure that'' s another 2 three 4 five six 10 days.
there'' s no underwriting necessary on top of the normal FHA underwriting free.
cash it'' s free cash why wouldn'' t you buy a. home when you gon na secure free cash item number 11 is because it'' s not alone and.
you use it towards a down payment you have instant equity of three and a half.
percent in your house so if you'' re buying a $300,000 home and you'' ll get in at. ten thousand 5 hundred dollar grand you simply got 10 thousand 5 hundred.
dollars in equity I think that'' s a big deal since you ' re getting totally free cash hello factor number twelve after six.
months if the rate of interest decrease you can re-finance see on those not complimentary.
money programs you need to either pay them off or sell your house or do.
something due to the fact that then are disappearing well considering that you got 3 cash if rates.
decrease you refi after 6 payments hey factor about 13y this is definitely.
remarkable is the program could go across the country I put on'' t care what state.
you'' re in if we'' re not in that state we ' ll find a method to get in your state. simply connect to me Chris the home mortgage Pro go to fire your property manager dot info. click the apply button fill out the application so we can get you started on.
three money ok so this program is remarkable I believe you got the essence of how.
it works and just how amazing it is you understand the CEO of the Dreamhouse.
structure jeremy turner an incredible person call me I'' ll put you in touch with him.
if you are a broker and require to put some pieces together and if you''
re a. potential home purchaser who desires free money connect to me go to my site.
fire your property manager info not calm dot details fill out an application click the.
use Now button it'' s simple let ' s fire your proprietor youAs discovered on YouTube – Creative Commons License.