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caption credit cards after insolvency are you aiming to develop your credit fast after bankruptcy or you simply have bad credit then this video is for you alright so this video is created for people that have actually gone through insolvency I'' m talking about 9 friendly charge card uses that help people that have actually gone through recent bankruptcies but this information also uses to people that need to rebuild their credit so the different charge card I'' m discussing today will permit applicants that have gone through insolvencies to request new lines of credit when I was researching this video I kept stumbling upon the exact same thing over and over once again credit card business will say they are friendly for people for requesting these cards however they constantly are suggesting that you talk with either your insolvency lawyer or your credit counselor on when is the correct time to make an application for credit cards for instance to highlight this when I was doing my research study I was asking self the credit home builder loan company some concerns and they offered the exact same suggestions that I see all over the internet consult your insolvency attorney or a credit therapist prior to you choose to apply for credit so basically what you wish to do is make sure your personal bankruptcy is complete which it is a great time for you to look for credit and if it is here are some suggestions I have on constructing credit a common recommendation that individuals might provide you after personal bankruptcy is that you ought to use for the find its safe card now well I don'' t think this is a bad idea I put on ' t think it ' s the best concept when you consider what is the possible result now there are people that certainly do get approved for the find is protected card after personal bankruptcy which is the very best charge card to have after insolvency but a lot of people get rejected for it when individuals look for the discover its secured card after bankruptcy some will get a some will not it all depends upon whether you can fulfill the requirements and just all charge card companies in general have different requirements at various times and if the requirements is more limiting and you may not meet certain credentials like income you might not get this offer likewise remember you get a tough credit questions when you request the Discover it'' s protected card one suggestion I can make if you choose to get the Discover it'' s secured card and you get rejected there is something you can do about it I'' m popping this card right up here from what somebody tried and succeeded at you can find the number this person calls it the backdoor number however normally it'' s the number that you find in the letter that you get after you'' ve been rejected for the credit card so essentially what this individual did was they called the number and asked to be reevaluated and they succeeded so if you choose to choose the Discover it'' s secured card and you don'' t get it try calling and see if you can get approved also I read the bulk of all the remarks in the comment area and what I'' ve seen lot of times is that a person will apply at the very same time for the discover its safe card and the Capital One protected card so what ends up taking place is they make an application for both cards they get rejected for the Discover it'' s secured card however approved for the Capital One secured card and in some cases not even for the complete $200 deposit perhaps they only need to put $100 deposit so another recommendation besides the Discover it'' s secured card is the Capital One protected card alright so this is a really good point in this video to inform you that I have YouTube review videos on all these credit card provides I'' m talking about today including the Discover it'' s secured card and Capital One secured card if you wish to learn more look in the description below this video I likewise if your appearance for the benefits and drawbacks evaluation articles for these credit cards you can go to credit fast calm in the search box just type in the credit card offer and you can check out the full evaluation by doing this you can be absolutely sure which charge card you desire to look for when you'' re rebuilding after insolvency charge card after insolvency I'' ll be talking about credit cards that will assist you rebuild credit quickly after personal bankruptcy but if you'' ve gone through bankruptcy yourself let us understand in the comment areas which charge card you had the ability to get and use approved for because there are numerous individuals watching this video that would enjoy to understand how you had the ability to get credit after bankruptcy the next charge card I'' m going to be speaking about is the Merrick Bank secured Visa card now this is a good charge card to start with after personal bankruptcy and it is really comparable to the open sky Visa credit card however there is a difference between these 2 charge card the Merrick Bank secured Visa Card does do a hard credit query on your credit report but the open sky Visa card does not so if that'' s essential to you I would consider the open sky Visa card you can prevent a difficult credit inquiry but the factor I raise the Merrick Bank protected card is that it uses something special the double your line deal so generally what that means is whatever your security deposit was when you opened your account you will get a credit limit increase equivalent to that after seven months of on-time payments so you'' re probably asking yourself can I make a $200 deposit to open the account and then 3 months later make a $200 deposit and then have an $800 credit line no it doesn'' t work that method whatever your initial down payment was will be what is matched so if you put 200 when open two hundred at some point in the middle and after that it'' s time for your increase you will have a line of credit of 6 hundred and not eight hundred so an idea that I have for individuals just who can manage it is that they need to consider making a 5 hundred dollar deposit for this secured card so that after seven months you'' ll have a thousand dollar line of credit but if you can'' t manage it don ' t worry simply make that 2 hundred dollar deposit to begin you ' ll have a four hundred dollar line of credit after seven months and that'' s ample to help you rebuild your credit likewise you'' ll desire to remain due to the fact that in this video I have an useful comparison chart that will show you the differences between the nine charge card offers I'' ll be talking about I truly seem like asks of you at this moment since asks uh B is known for making charts to help his viewers make notified choices when they'' re obtaining credit cards so this chart can assist you choose what your best choices are after bankruptcy and how you can develop your credit quick another excellent alternative to rebuild your credit and just if you can get this to work is the shopping cart technique the shopping cart trick has actually been known to help people with really bad credit history and people that have actually gone through bankruptcies get store lines of credit and those store credit lines get reported to all 3 credit bureaus and the benefit with that is there are no yearly cost or upkeep charges related to these accounts the only charge that you could potentially be charged is a late payment charge now these are great credit lines to help rebuild after personal bankruptcy or if you just have bad credit so a couple of weeks ago I talked about the shopping cart technique and how you can get these deals and the great aspect of it is that there are no card credit questions with this so if you wish to restore credit without hard credit inquiries you certainly need to check out the shopping cart trick fine so if you wish to discover more about different charge card and how to build your credit quick ensure you hit that subscribe button and the bail notice the next credit building deal I'' m going to discuss is self is in fact a credit home builder alone and why you desire that is that it will offer you a variety a mix credit mix on your credit report a charge card is a revolving credit line and gets reported as revolving and a self credit builder loan gets reported as an installation loan so right there you will have credit mix I use self myself to reconstruct my credit I saw over a hundred point increase in the one year that I had self and it'' s an extremely fascinating idea on how it works to start with you begin a self home builder account it is a protected account but you never ever need to make an in advance deposit your loan is protected and as soon as you begin making payments you'' re making payments towards your loan quantity so if you have a $500 loan you'' re paying twelve regular monthly payments towards that $500 when you'' re done with your self loan you will receive a check in the mail for your $500 back another main factor I recommend it is what they began last year is the self secured Visa card and I'' m going to talk a little bit about that and why it could be handy how you get the self Visa secured card is with your self credit contractor loan you need to make three payments on time they wear'' t requirement to be consecutive if you'' re wondering if you miss a payment one month you can be on time the neck month so you can still get the self Visa card so if your 3 out of the 4 months on time you are still able to get the self visa protected card as long as you wear'' t have any charges that are not paid and you need to put down a minimum of $100 security deposit in order to open this account and it is taken directly from what you'' ve paid already through the company so you'' re not sending out $100 so you'' re simply taking it from what you'' ve currently paid so what you can do is if you have the $500 loan and you desire to use $300 towards a deposit for the secured card you can do that now the thing that you need to know which'' s most likely the next concern you'' re asking what occurs after twelve months I have this $300 line of secured credit and I'' m done paying my credit home builder loan what they will do is they will refund what you have paid and sanctuary'' t used as a down payment so what will take place is if you have a$ 300 secured credit card$ 300 will not be repaid to you after your loan is finished it'' ll be whatever the amount is mine hon – $300 is what you'' ll be returned so as long as you have the self Visa card open that $300 is utilized as a security deposit you can get that deposit back if you cancel the card and as soon as you cancel the card then the $300 will be reimbursed back to you now the other thing you need to know is in order to have the self Visa card the yearly cost is $25 and when you think of the benefits you can have with restoring your credit I put on'' t think $25.00 is a high annual fee so this is another alternative to use when reconstructing credit start with the self credit contractor alone then go on to the self Visa secured card you'' ll have two different trade on your credit report together with any other accounts you have which will assist you construct your credit rating a little much faster so the next 2 charge card provides I'' m going to talk about I put on'' t highly recommend them but I kind of advise them and they are the credit one visa and the Indigo mastercard these are cards that people frequently use to rebuild credit after insolvency and this might be an option for you and I do advise that you check out them a bit more in my review videos I have done about these cards I had lots of audiences leave comments about how they exactly felt about these credit card offers so if you wish to get a sense of what it would be like to be a cardholder absolutely examine those videos out and check out the comments and then you'' ll make a notified choice on whether you desire to get among these charge card uses charge card after personal bankruptcy I provided you 9 solid options to reconstruct your credit after insolvency if you like this video today don'' t forget to hit the like button and think about subscribing thank you so much and until next timeAs found on YouTube – Creative Commons License

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