Best Credit Cards For Bad Credit Without Credit Check 2020


Best Beginner Credit Cards 2020 (Bad Credit Score Credit Cards)

what’s going guys is Jake here and this video I’ll be talking about some of the best beginner credit cards for 2020 so when I’m making this video it’s early 2020 and just so you know sometimes some of these credit cards I’m mentioning in the video do have some sort of promotions when you sign up and spend a certain amount or like if you pay back your credit card and a certain amount things like that but these promotions may not actually be available at the time that you watch this video either way getting right into it so some of the best credit cards if you’re a beginner for 2020 so some of these cards on this list are specifically if you have a relatively low credit score or maybe you just haven’t really ever had a credit card before and you want to start building up that credit and I’m not gonna go all Dave Ramsey on you but it is somewhat dangerous to have credit cards right I mean obviously if you get into a lot of debt that can be pretty dangerous and really bad for your financial health but having normal credit cards that you’re not getting a whole lot of debt incurring on to them and you are paying them off regularly and only using them for you know certain purchases here and there you can be okay and I’m not anti credit card person or anything like that I have plenty of credit cards that I use and like the rewards I get from them the first credit card on the list and just overall this company has a ton of really good ones whether you’re beginner or not is Capital One and specifically probably the best credit card for a beginner who hasn’t had really any credit card history or this might be your first one is going to be the Capital One platinum so with this card if you probably do a quick google search of the best credit cards for beginners or best start a credit card this is probably going to be the first one on everyone’s list because overall it honestly is really great so with this credit card it has no fees but they don’t really have any rewards at all which kind of sucks if you’re looking for the rewards portion but don’t worry I’ll talk about different credit cards with better rewards and in terms of that that’s just simply because this is more used as a credit builder so this card is literally designed for people who are just starting off because it doesn’t have a fee it doesn’t really have any rewards and it can be used as a credit card builder because you know you want to get that credit you want to start making payments you know just overall start doing things that is good for credit of course I go saying in the beginning you definite have to pay off this credit card and actually have to use a responsibly in order to get better credit cards and maybe perhaps even some of the credit cards I mentioned later in the video so with Capital One they really have a bunch of other great cards and when talking about another one just after this but one thing I also really like about it especially for beginners and just for overall credit card users is that their app interface on their web website interface is super easy to use with Capital One it like you probably see the commercials for it actually and I personally use Capital One so you with the app it’s super easy to use it’s super easy to pay it alerts you of anything like some fraudulent behaviors going on which is a really nice feature and overall just the overall usage of it is really really good a plus so another Capital One credit card that I personally have and it’s actually right here is going to be the Capital One saver and no I’m not going to turn around the card for you guys because this is actually my card so with the Capital One saver card this card right here it’s meant for entertainment and food and similar to the Capital One premium it has no fees but this one has much much better rewards and I think it still is a pretty solid beginner one because I actually got this credit card one of the first it was one of the first ones I got and I didn’t really have that great of credit or anything like that but they did give it to me so with this one you get 3% back on food entertainment it also has other rewards that are pretty good they have 1% back on everything and from time to time they do have specific especially like restaurant and entertainment places they do have very specific rewards so you know sometimes wealth like 10% back at like Starbucks or Burger King McDonald’s places like that and with those credit card like with the other one as well it’s super easy to pay off the app is super great it’s super great with notifying you in terms of privacy or fraudulent things and maybe going on you know if they think something like fishy is going on with that I’m super great with that overall and in my opinion one of the better ones out there especially if you are doing things like just simply going out to eat a lot I like this one a lot too because with the rewards you can get like cashback on the Amazon which I use a lot you can also get cash back in terms of gift cards which I personally like doing that but it’s really up to you what you do in that case but I really do like the rewards quite a bit and overall if that one it’s one of my favourite ones and I use it a lot especially when I go out to eat with like friends and family because even if their you know the bills big rather than splitting it up I always say let me put it on my credit card so I can get the rewards you guys paying me back later moving on to the next credit card and the next set of credit cards I should say is pretty much all of the basic discover cards so discover if you are a beginner or if you actually if you are a student has really good credit cards in terms of that so if you just get the discover it card which is like their basic card for beginners this one has no fees 2% back gas and 1% restaurant but I have seen people actually get denied for this card if you are a student and you’re in college and you know or I guess it doesn’t even matter if you’re in college of your student in some way or another you can get the Discover student card and it basically has all the same rewards no fees everything like that but I believe they do give it to students with worse credit scores so if you are a college student that does need a credit card or wants to start building their credit that Discover student ones really solid as well its 1% everywhere else and similar to the Capital One credit cards the discover cards do have certain promotions where you get 5% or 10% back at certain places which is really nice as well and then another card that I actually have for discovery is the Discover it miles so with this card similar to the other travel cards that you’ll find out there it has 1.5 x miles no blackout dates kind of like all the basic stuff you would want for a good solid travel credit card and also one thing I like about this as well similar to the Capital One has really great app works well easy to pay off things like that so that’s also nice to have and then with this one also they do actually have a promotion at the time that I’m making this in your first year they do match your miles that you earn so that is a really nice feature as well so with the miles won it might not necessarily be the best beginner one but definitely the basic discovery card is really solid for beginners and also the discover student if you are still in school and with the discover miles won as well that one’s just super solid it doesn’t really have any other rewards besides miles so that would be only you’re looking for a travel car moving on to the next set of credit cards is going to be Amazon credit card so this one I find actually isn’t in a whole lot of list for best beginner credit cards or best just like overall credit cards and I think the biggest reason is just simply because you obviously need to use Amazon a lot to be useful with this card or go to Whole Foods a lot so I have the Amazon Prime card I pay for prime because I pretty much buy everything off of Amazon it’s super useful in my eyes and I really do I don’t really shop at Whole Foods a lot but I do pretty much buy everything Amazon so it really is helpful in that regards so with the Amazon one you get five percent back at Amazon and I literally buy so many things online now I pretty much rarely go actually into stores to buy things so with that it is super nice and you also get five percent back at Whole Foods I will say Whole Foods is getting better in terms of pricing like they have been able to slash a lot of their prices especially in the produce which if I do go to a grocery store and actually buy food myself I typically do buy just like produce it’s not really much else besides that and one really nice thing about it as well that I like with the five percent back is I actually typically when I buy groceries or any groceries at all use some sort of delivery service and with Prime you actually get free two-hour delivery if you live in certain areas which I do so I absolutely love that because I get free delivery on my groceries dorm to pay for and I do get five percent back besides that they also have two percent packet restaurants gas stations drug stores one percent back on all other purchases no annual fees or anything like that the only possible annual fee you could have is this the fact that you are paying for an Amazon Prime membership but they do have a normal Amazon credit card you just get a slightly less percent back on Amazon purchases which you know that still is good but obviously five percent is better than which the normal one I believe is at three percent back in the Amazon which still is pretty solid and one thing I like about this as well is that cashback you can spend right on Amazon which I opted to with that overall it’s good for starters good for students who might be getting the prime discount and they’re likely you know going to be buying books online or things like that so I think this one’s actually really soft for beginners our is also really sad for a student because I know a lot of students who use prime and use it at a discount because they get the student rate so this definitely could be quite helpful and last but not least on the list I wouldn’t necessarily consider this the fourth or the worst credit card on this list but I do think that it doesn’t have the best rewards but it is super easy to get and this is going to be the Apple card so I actually did make a video on my channel talking about the Apple card and one of my favorite parts about this card is that it is simply super easy to use it’s given very very easily to iPhone users so literally if you have an iPhone and you don’t have like any other credit cards this card it will likely give it to you right away so what the Apple credit card it has 3% back at Apple which in my opinion is a completely useless reward unless you’re someone who’s buying an iPhone every year they have 2% back Apple pay which in my opinion is actually a pretty decent reward then 1% have for your era which is pretty normal so with the 2% back Apple pay I actually do use Apple pay quite a bit and when I do use it I do use my Apple card and why this makes sense is because obviously if you’re using Apple pay or if you’re using just your phone just hooking it right up you know paying at wherever it might be that would make much more sense to be getting that 2% back if you’re not you know if you are regularly using Apple pay which I know a lot of people are now a clear Khan of the Apple card is that the high reward system the 3% back at Apple and even at some point 6 percent that is pretty much useless to everyday users but with the 2% back out buffet in my opinion is really good and they pretty much are giving this card out to everyone but one thing to be very careful about this card specifically is that they’re pretty much giving it to anyone and it seems like they’re giving them like crazy amounts of credit so definitely definitely be very careful with that other than that guys it’s really it for this video so in this video I talked about Capital One credit cards Discover credit card Amazon credit card and Apple credit card and I am going to leave in the description a list of these cards and maybe even websites on where to sign up for them but other than that that’s it for this video if you enjoyed definitely feel free to that like button it really helps a lot with the YouTube algorithm and also if you’re new to the channel definitely subscribing I talked about stock market investing personal finance things like that very interested and that kind of stuff definitely consider joining in on the community and also in the comment section if you know of any other good credit cards that are out there that maybe perhaps you have feel free to let me know and let the viewers know because I obviously didn’t mention every credit card out there and I’m sure there are some other good ones and also let me know in the comment section if you like videos like this typically on my channel I’ve mainly been talking about the stock market and investing but I do like talking about personal finance and just finance overall as well but other than that guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed [Music]


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